Going To A Brothel By A Hospital In D With My Former Classmate JC

I somewhat remember part of one dream from last night that took place in a slightly fictional version of D except for maybe the beginning of the dream, but I forgot most of the beginning and the middle of the dream; and so the dream is unclear, and so some important parts of the dream are missing.

I think that part of the beginning of the dream might have taken place at a college/hospital where students were training to become doctors/nurses/et cetera but I am not sure, all I remember is some people being chased by security/police/or some group like that and I guess they were being chased for supposedly doing something illegal but I am not sure, and I possibly was either helping chase the people or I was one of the people being chased or I was watching this happen as a bystander but I am not sure which; and at some point the people probably escaped and/or I escaped or I left, and maybe during this part I met a man who might have invited me and/or my former classmate JC (if he was in the dream at this point, but I am not sure) to his business.

The next thing that I remember is driving to a D Junior High School-like place where an event was taking place, my parent’s & maybe some of my brothers were there, JC was there, other people were there, and at some point we learned that the fair was starting in D; and that it would be in town for a few days, and so we (my family, JC, and I) were going to go to the fair at some point.

I think that JC and/or I came across a man either earlier in the dream or at this part of the dream or maybe not at all, I am not sure which but I think that we came across him briefly at some point, and I think that this man invited us to his business I think; and JC wanted to go to his business before going to the fair at some point, and so I drove in my automobile following JC in his automobile to the location of the man’s business.

JC parked his automobile first in the probably empty parking lot and so he walked ahead of me as I followed him, oddly it seemed that the apartment building was mostly empty even though it was in good condition, and it was a very basic apartment building.

The man’s business was in a small multi-story apartment building where the D Civic Center should be across the street from the BM Hospital, this part of the dream might have taken place during the evening but I am not sure, and we went inside the apartment building; and we went to one of the upper floors, we walked down the only hall for this floor and it was quiet with no signs of people living on this floor really, there were several brownish colored doors with probably goldish colored door knobs to several apartments on the floor, the apartment building had brownish colored carpet with brownish colored walls with maybe a brownish colored ceiling but I could be wrong, and the man’s business was in an apartment room on the left side of the hall located in about the middle part of the hall.

JC knocked on the door and someone told us to come inside, we walked inside the apartment into a living room/open room, and a man or the man from earlier greeted us coldly/meanly from a distance; and he looked somewhat like an over-weight version my former boss Mr. V.

JC probably reminded the man that he had invited us to his business, the man remembered us maybe & maybe he took a moment to decide if he could trust us or not maybe, and then two women who looked like they worked as prostitutes walked forward from the room where the man had come from to greet us; and the man coldly/meanly quickly gave us the rules which were basically: “Pick a woman, follow her to the bedroom, do your thing, pay, and leave; or get the beep out/leave now, and stop wasting my time.”.

To me the man looked & acted untrustworthy, sleazy, annoying, mean, cold, and like maybe he abused his employees; and so I did not like him or how he acted toward us.

Basically this place was a brothel but I am not sure if we knew that before we arrived, we probably did know but I am not sure, either way it is not like me to even think of going to a place like that; and so I am confused (in real life I have never seen a brothel or someone working as a prostitute, and I have never been to one & that is not something that I am likely to get involved with), and places like that & prostitution are illegal where I live in real life but in this dream it might have been legal oddly but I am not sure.

JC was standing in front of me because he had walked in first and so we now had to quickly decide to leave or stay, he/we decided to stay oddly even though I was uncomfortable being in a brothel or with the idea of having sex with a woman I do not know at all/I did not like the man who owned the brothel or how he acted & treated us/I was worried about sexually transmitted diseases (STD) & other negative things involving sex not knowing the types of protection that would or would not be used/and this went against me/how I would normally respond in real life since I would not likely put myself in a situation like this, and JC got to pick which woman he wanted; and there seemed to only be two women working at the time, one was a clean-looking attractive woman with whitish colored skin with long blondish colored hair, and the other woman was a somewhat dirty looking somewhat unattractive somewhat older woman with dark brownish or blackish colored hair with whitish skin who wore bad-looking makeup & who looked pretty rough like she used to work as a prostitute on the streets & like she might have an STD.

JC picked the attractive woman with blondish colored hair and they walked toward one of the bedrooms, and the brothel owner followed them; and so I had no choice but to either choose the only woman left or leave, I paused to think about the situation since I really wanted to leave even more now & was afraid that the last woman had a STD or something, but once again unlike me & against all common sense I went ahead & followed the woman to the second bedroom.

Both bedrooms were next to each other and on the right side of the bedrooms & connected to the bedrooms was the brothel owner’s office, where he could listen/see what was going on if necessary, but it seemed that most of the time he gave people privacy by staying in his office or leaving; but he seemed to be waiting to make sure that we would not harm his employees, since this was our first time there, and he did not know us.

JC and the woman with blond hair were already in their bedroom before the other woman and I got into the second bedroom, once we got to the second bedroom I hesitated & stalled with some small talk as we got into the bed still wanting to leave, and the brothel owner decided to leave to go somewhere since I guess he felt that we would not harm his employees now.

Oddly this dream censored itself because there was no shown nudity and there was no shown sex, I just remember talking with the woman until I got somewhat comfortable, maybe we got closer in the bed (still with clothes on) & she touched me on the shoulder, and then time jumped to later in the dream to possibly the next morning where it was implied that we had sex; and I/we had a good time surprisingly, and we laid in bed talking a bit but the brothel owner had not returned yet & so we could not pay or leave until he returned.

The woman with me took this time to have me fill out a form, probably a STD test form/form required for legal brothels for new customers, and maybe we both took an STD test kit; and then she either left to take it to the hospital and/or she left to take a break, and I remember thinking that it was odd/stupid to take a STD test after having sex instead of before.

Since the brothel owner still had not returned preventing us from paying & leaving, the woman with blond hair asked JC if he wanted to have sex again to waste time, and JC said yes so they both went back to the first bedroom; and then either a new woman was working now or the same woman who had been with me earlier came back, I am not sure because this woman had more makeup on this time & she looked like the other woman, but I am not sure if it was a different woman or the same woman but either way she asked me the same thing & I said yes as well & we went back to the second bedroom.

There was another censor/time jump without nudity or sex being shown, and the brothel owner finally returned; and so we paid double, and then the brothel owner had JC & the woman with blond hair fill out a form & maybe do a STD test.

I waited as they did this and I talked with the woman who was with me, but I woke up hearing and/or thinking of the song Obrigado by Isabelle Antena; and so maybe this song was playing in the background during the last part of the dream as I woke up and/or I was thinking about/hearing the song in my mind for some unknown reason(s).

The end,

-John Jr

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