Zombie Hunting With Tate Langdon | Former Classmates Trying To Play Games

Dream 1

I barely remember part of two dreams from last night with the first dream taking place during the day in a fictional area at a multi-story apartment building, I was with some of my family and we came across a man who looked like a bit like a slightly older Tate Langdon from the TV show American Horror Story: Murder House & what was left of his family and/or people from his apartment building, and it seemed like most of the people in the area were dead or gone like a disaster of some kind had happened & part of my family & I were trying to find a safe place.

We came to this apartment building hoping to find safe shelter and Tate & the few people with him explained the situation to us, most or all the people in the building were dead or gone & maybe a few zombies/infected peopled/whatever were still inside the building, and so Tate asked me to help him search & clear the entire building of zombies; and I said yes & he gave me two pistols that might have been .45 caliber Colt M1911s, and he had a black colored 12 gauge pump-action shotgun that might have been a Mossberg 500.

Tate & the few people with him were either living in one small part of the building or a building connected to the apartment building, probably a small part of the apartment building that they sealed off to be safe, and so Tate & I left to search & clear the building of zombies; and the building was dimly lit so it was dark & quiet, so this was pretty scary, and we sneaked around very quietly & we even walked low to the ground to better avoid being seen.

At some point we temporarily split up or I walked ahead of Tate, I found an apartment room that caught my attention for some reason, and I went inside the apartment room to investigate; and the inside was pretty large with a sunken living room & a bar by the kitchen near a window/glass door that led to a small balcony & I felt that someone/something was inside of the apartment room, I saw signs of someone/something being there like dried feces on the ground & trash & objects that seemed to have been added recently, and then I heard a noise.

I started whispering for Tate to warn him that I thought that someone/something was in the apartment but he was too far away to hear me or see me probably, as I was whispering I guess whatever/whoever was in the apartment heard me because a literally dirty/messed up looking/somewhat scary looking girl with long literally dirty blond hair with whitish colored skin jumped out at me looking & sounding & acting like a wild zombie/infected person/possessed person/whatever, and I tried to talk to her to stop her from attacking me; but she ran at me crazily like she was going to eat me, and so I started shooting her with my pistols but they only staggered her & briefly stopped her temporarily to my surprise like pistols could not kill her or something like that.

Tate ran into the room after hearing the shooting I guess and I yelled for him to use his shotgun because my pistols were not working but he stood there not helping making a facial expression like he was worried or something like that & so I yelled for him to shoot her with his shotgun or give me the shotgun because my pistols could only slow her down, the girl was backing me toward the glass door that led to the balcony next to the bar by the kitchen & so I was trapped since we were on an upper floor, and I yelled at Tate again to do something because the girl was trying to kill/eat me; and I think that Tate finally said something & he yelled “No!” as I started trying to shoot the girl again as she ran at me again since he would not help me (it was like maybe the girl was his daughter who was a zombie now & maybe he had kept her in this room hoping trying to find a cure & maybe he would feed her people sometimes & so maybe that is what happened to some of the people in his apartment building, and so maybe his plan had been to feed me to her & maybe that is why he only gave me pistols because he knew that those could not kill her easily or at all), and he pointed his shotgun at me & so I ran to the balcony as he shot at me & as the girl chased me.

I was slightly surprised/annoyed/afraid/angry about Tate betraying me & by the zombie girl seemingly working with him to try to kill me, I closed the balcony door to slow them down, and then I jumped off the balcony to another balcony; and then I went into that apartment room which was on another floor, and I ran to try to get to my family before Tate could so that I could warn them about his betrayal.

I assumed that the people with Tate probably could not be trusted either, so I probably was going to have to warn my family quietly & escape with them or I/we would kill/fight Tate & the people with him, as I ran I thought about my various options & I was angry at being betrayed; but I woke up.

Dream 2

The next dream took place in a school or college/dorm and/or apartment that has been in a few of my past dreams, and I was there with some of my former classmates like MT, TC, et cetera along with various other students & teachers; and I guess that we were students who also lived at the school dorms or apartments that were in the school, and the building was dimly lit with no windows probably as usual.

I remember seeing and/or talking to some teachers & students, maybe we went to some classes but I can not remember, I think that maybe it was the summer semester but I am not sure; and at some point MT, TC, and some of my other former classmates & I were hanging out in various living quarters of the building & outside the building.

At some point I remember them wanting to play some games like card games, board games, et cetera; and so we went through some hallways with sitting areas trying to set up a place to play these games, but I think that we kept getting interrupted by teachers or something & so we went outside at some point through a door in one of the hallways that led to a courtyard that led to another school building.

Inside the building it seemed like it was night because it was dimly lit & there were no windows, but outside it was a bright/sunny day with nice clouds; and I remember recognizing this area & the school building across the courtyard from a past dream, I remember feeling positive, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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