A Man & His Son Go Rock Climbing In Holland?

I had several dreams last night, but I only remember part of one dream, and I think that it took place in Holland during the day; and a slightly over-weight man with whitish colored skin had gone to Holland on vacation.

The man probably had a tour guide and the man probably was somewhat rich, and he asked his tour guide to find him someone to help him do some rock climbing/teach him some rock climbing; and so the tour guide found a man who might have had dark brownish colored skin who taught people how to rock climb & who assisted people at rock climbing for a fee.

The man had recently started learning a bit about rock climbing, and so he wanted to test his skills & learn more, and so the rock climbing coach took him to a small mountain/rock formation; and he told him that if he could climb down this mountain/rock formation successfully, then he would teach him/take him rock climbing, and either way the rock climbing coach would get paid whether he passed or failed.

The rock climbing coach had a helper & maybe a medical person with him & the tour guide might have been there.

The man got ready to make the climb down, and he got into position.

The rock climbing coach told him that his assistant was not done preparing the gear/rope at the bottom of the mountain.

When the assistant was done, the man started his climb down the small reddish colored mountain/rock formation as the rock climbing coach sat back doing nothing, and I noticed that the mountain had many easy ledges to climb on.

I do not think that I was in the dream, but I am not sure (probably not).

I remember seeing the man somewhat struggle making it down the mountain; but he did good enough to make it down the mountain, and so he passed the test.

The man’s young son came wanting to rock climb too, and so his dad agreed to let him take the test even though he had no rock climbing experience at all.

Which I thought was dangerous, and so they helped the young son put on the equipment & he got into position.

The rock climbing coach told him that he could start climbing down.

The rock climbing coach was still sitting back doing nothing while the other watched from the top of the mountain, and then the boy moved to start his climb down the mountain.

Instead of starting slow, the young son jumped or slipped, and he fell down the mountain through the air.

Fortunately, he was being slowed down by the gear/rope, and he hit the ground, hurting his arm/himself.

No one was down there to help him, and so the medical person/the dad/the tour guide/the rock climbing assistant had to run down the back of the mountain to reach the young son.

The young son was able to stand a bit, but he was hurt, not as bad as expected, but he still probably had some fractured and/or broken bones; and eventually the others reached him at the bottom of the mountain.

After they wrapped his wounds and put him on a stretcher to get him to a hospital.

I guess that I was in the dream now & I stayed there talking with the dad about how the rock climbing coach should have had better safety precautions like helmets, pads, mats, et cetera.

He should have watched/helped coach, he should have had someone at the bottom of the mountain, and he should not have let a young boy with no training try to climb down a mountain by himself.

I suggested that he talk with the rock climbing coach about this and possibly seek legal counseling if necessary to help avoid this happening to someone else, but I woke up.

The end,

  • John Jr

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