Trying To Stop Some People From Attacking A School?

I had several dreams last night but I forgot almost all of them except for part of the end of one dream, but I can not remember most of the dream so it is unclear; and it does not make much sense without knowing the rest of the dream.

I think that the dream took place during the day but I am not sure because I was inside a school building I think that had several halls, and the gym/auditorium was the main part/center-piece of the building; and there were probably classrooms & other rooms in the halls.

The end of the dream took place on two hallways in front of the entrance of the gym/auditorium, an event was taking place inside of the gym/auditorium that probably had people who were dressed up nicely inside like there were high-level people in the town there and/or it was a banquet or something like that, and I went into the hallway or was in the hallway at some point to walk to the bathroom.

The hallway on the left had bathrooms for girls & boys, and the hallway on the right had bathrooms for men & women; but I did not know this at first, and so I went to the boys bathroom.

As I walked out of the bathroom I saw some gunmen wearing mostly dark-colored somewhat futuristic/modern light weight cool looking body armor & ski-like masks with expensive looking assault rifles probably, they were searching the rooms and getting into position like they were going to take over the school and/or attack it, and so I sneaked to the other hall on the right; and I found the mens bathroom, and I hid in there.

I can not remember if some of the gunmen went into the gym/auditorium, probably not because they seemed to be clearing the rest of the building first before carrying out their attack and/or take over, and so I decided to try to stop them; and I started sneaking around choking them unconscious and/or to death and maybe breaking their necks one-at-a-time quietly.

It was easy because they were focused on clearing the rooms while only a few of them would guard the halls, so I would choke out and probably kill the gunmen guarding the halls quietly, and drag their bodies somewhere where the others might not find it; and usually one of the gunmen would go to find the missing gunmen, and I would choke/kill them quietly from behind & drag their body away as well.

My hope was to take enough of them out to stop their attack and/or take over before it reached the gym/auditorium, the first group of gunmen seemed to be the clearing/guarding team, and I assumed that more gunmen would slowly arrive once they cleared & secured the rest of the building and/or as they did this; and I seemed to be correct.

The gunmen looked like somewhat futuristic private commandos/special forces/mercenaries and/or members of an advanced criminal/terrorist organization, but oddly & fortunately they were easy to take out/kill when caught by surprise.

At some point I saw a mean & attractive & thin woman with whitish colored skin with short light-medium colored hair wearing a solid colored military style muscle shirt with solid colored military style pants giving commands/orders to the gunmen, she seemed to be in command/charge, and so I decided that taking her out would probably help stop their attack/take over and/or make it harder for them.

She probably was sending some of the gunmen to find the missing gunmen while continuing their mission to secure the rest of the building before attacking/taking over, she was angry at the progress, and she was telling them to hurry before reinforcements arrived to start the attack/take over.

She was on the hallway on the left side at this point alone looking into one of the rooms, and so I sneaked up behind her to choke her/kill her probably but she moved suddenly causing me to have to use a strange choking position on her; but this actually helped me get a super tight choke that was so tight that I could feel her neck bone/spine, and she could not even make a noise.

She tried to fight but she was too small & weak compared to me & I caught her by surprise with a strange choke that was locked in very tight, I probably told her not to fight & that it would be over soon, but then I heard some people coming; and so I had to drag the woman while still choking her to the hall on the right, and it sounded like some people from inside the gym/auditorium going to use the bathroom & so they were going to go to the hallway on the right.

The voices sounded like women, and so I dragged the now unconscious or dead woman to the mens bathroom to hide because the women were coming to the womens bathroom on the same hall that I was on.

I did not want anyone to see me, and I tried to decide what to do next hoping that none of the gunmen would notice the women while they were still in the hallway and/or come looking for their leader; and so I hid in the mens bathroom with the probably unconscious woman/leader, I do not think that she was dead because I got interrupted, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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