Traveling With Howard Stern On A Mop Bucket Cart

I barely remember part of the end of one dream that started in a slightly fictional version of D late in the afternoon or early evening, and I went to a class in part of a fictional building near where Walmart is or should be; and some of my former classmates were in the class like KM, A, et cetera.

I know that I talked with some of my former classmates and we probably had one or more classes, but I can not remember the details from this part in the dream except that I found a lizard or gecko-like animal in the classroom (this probably was inspired by me finding a gecko in the house before I went to sleep in real life last night).

I caught the lizard or gecko and after class when my classmates & I were leaving to our automobiles I found a place to let the lizard or gecko go, and then I started walking to my automobile parked on the quiet side of the building that looked like Walmart from this side; and I loaded up some stuff in my automobile, and I found some candy that I had earlier in the dream & so I moved it to the front passenger seat probably.

As I was doing this someone walked over to me to greet me and it was Howard Stern, and he started talking with me; and we ended up talking about my life surprisingly about how I did not finish college yet, how I did not have a job, my problems with social anxiety & depression, and some of my other failures/problems.

Mr. Stern mentioned a new reality TV game show or something like that the he was starting, and maybe he asked me to be the first contestant/star/whatever and/or he asked me to help him with the show but I am not sure exactly; and I just remember Mr. Stern seeing a yellow mop bucket cart that was in the back of my automobile, and he asked me about it & if it still worked.

I told him that it probably still worked or it worked the last time that I used it, which was months or a year or years ago & I had fictional memories or memories from a past dream or dreams of me riding/driving on this yellow mop bucket cart, and he asked me to test it; and so I stood in the mop bucket cart while grabbing the handle, I pumped the handle back & forth to make it go forward & gain speed, and it drove/moved like a somewhat slow vehicle but fast enough like a bicycle or faster.

Mr. Stern then asked me to drive him in the yellow mop bucket cart to L to a certain city for his new reality TV game show, and so I said okay; and I started driving him there in the yellow mop bucket cart, and so we traveled through the night until the next day passing various cities which was pretty nice.

It was fun/wacky/crazy riding/driving a yellow mop bucket cart on the road, but Mr. Stern probably wanted to use that to get attention for his new reality TV game show and to do something different from what other people were doing.

At some point we came across a man who we stopped to talk to, Mr. Stern asked him about his life, and the man mentioned wanting to go to college in a certain city nearby for a computer related degree or diploma (depending on what was available) which is what I might do if I ever get to go back to college again; and so Mr. Stern asked him to be on his new reality TV game show, the man agreed, and the filming of the TV show started (some filming probably took place of us during our travel for the intro/beginning credits for the show).

The three of us traveled in my yellow mop bucket cart as the man gave us directions to the small city/town that was nearby, we reached the city/town, and we looked around for colleges; and we decided to try the local L Technical College because it was probably cheaper & they have branches around L & maybe that is the college that the man wanted to go to.

We went inside the building where the offices were to talk with someone about what programs/degrees they offered & about the college, we talked with someone briefly at the front desk, and then Mr. Stern & the man went into an office to talk with someone while I looked around the hall; and I saw various people who looked/dressed/sounded/acted like stereotypical people in a small town like this, and I saw a plaque (I had to look online to see how to spell this 😀 ) on the wall that mentioned the name of this town which was Bayou South or something like that & there was a gold-colored fleur-de-lis that might have been a symbol for their town Bayou South.

At some point Mr. Stern and the man finished talking with the person in the office, and we went outside to talk about what to do next; and the man mentioned that he wanted to try the Computer Repair / Support program, and I felt that was a good choice.

We continued talking but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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