A Normal Dream Turns Into A War Dream Because Of A Sickness / Whatever?

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I barely remember part of the end of my last dream, I forgot my other dream, and this dream is unclear & confusing; but I do know that the dream started normal and my family was in the dream at first.

We were in a fictional house or building but I can not remember the details, I just know that something happened to me, and I started feeling sick/strange; and so I think that my mom or parent’s got me some medicine/drugs to take: a large blue colored pill that I think was an antibiotic, a white colored pill that I think was a sinus medicine, and a round white colored pill that I think was some pain medicine but I decided not to take the medicine/drugs unless I started to feel worse.

Unfortunately I did start to feel worse, my vision & equilibrium/balance was messing up, my head was probably hurting, I could not walk straight or think straight, and the dream changed while this was going on; and my family was gone, and a war was taking place I guess & I guess I was supposedly a soldier.

The house or building was now being used by the military that I was in as a small base and they would interrogate/question people/enemy soldiers here, and I remember stumbling around still sick holding the medicine/drugs as I saw/heard people/enemy soldiers being tortured/interrogated by other soldiers in the military that I was in.

One of my fellow soldiers would put one or two rounds (when he wanted to cheat) in a revolver and he would give it to the person being interrogated, and he would make that person play Russian Roulette (they would have to put the revolver to their head & pull the trigger); and I stumbled around confused, but still disgusted by what the military that I was with was doing to people (torture).

I tried to tell them to stop this but they would not listen and I was still to sick/confused to communicate well, and so I finally took all the medicine/drugs except for the pain medicine; and slowly I started to feel better/see better/move better/think better.

While I slowly recovered, at least one or two people died from the Russian Roulette, and once I recovered enough I entered the interrogation room; and I picked up the revolver that had a normal looking .38 special round loaded in the chamber & it had a strange-looking long .22 long rifle-like round that was added by the interrogator to cheat, and I took the bullets out & I pointed out the strange bullet that was added to cheat to the interrogator & I told him what he was doing was wrong & why.

He did not see things my way and he was the cold-type of man who felt that the enemy/whoever deserved pain/death/torture, so there was no reasoning with him really, and many of the other soldiers seemed to support him; and so I had to be careful or I probably would be seen as an enemy, and so I figured out a way to make him take a break from torturing/interrogating people for a while.

During all of this I could sometimes hear gunshots & explosions in the distance, soldiers would come & go with news/reports of the battle, and communications would come in on equipment in the command room; and it seemed like the military that I was in had invaded another country, and so we were probably in another country during this part of the dream.

There was more that happened in this dream before and after this but I can not remember.

The end,

-John Jr