7-22-2013 | Dream Fragment | My Aunt JE Asks For Something

W. S. Penley as the original Charley's Aunt, a...
W. S. Penley as the original Charley’s Aunt, a play that broke all previous theatrical records. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I forgot all of my dreams that I had last night except for part of one dream, and I barely even remember part of that dream; and so this will be very short.

I had more dreams but I can not remember them, I just remember part of one dream that took place during the day in D, and my family & I went to the G House for some reason(s) that I can not remember.

We had some food/desserts and/or something else at some point, we went outside the G House, and at some point my aunt JE walked over to us; and she asked us for something, some of the food/dessert/whatever that we had earlier that I thought was gone now, and so I told my aunt JE that we did not have anymore.

My mom answered yes instead of no, so I reminded my mom that it was gone, but my mom told me that she had saved some to my surprise; and in my mind I wanted to keep it, but I got it from my mom & I handed it to my aunt JE.