Hanging With Dashie (Charlie Guzman) & Tpindell & Accidentally Starting A Fire

I forgot all of my dreams from last night except for part of one dream that I can barely remember, and it took place at a fictional apartment-like building on the first floor in an apartment room.

Dashie and Tpindell from YouTube were in the room along with my brother GC & maybe a few other people & I.

At first, it seemed like the apartment room belonged to Dashie, and we were hanging out with him like he was having a small party / gathering / hangout.

I remember us having fun, and at some point someone mentioned ordering pizza.

Tpindell wanted more pizza for himself, so he recommended that my brother GC & I leave.

I was not sure if he was joking or serious, and I went to the bathroom.

My brother GC probably left, and Dashie & the others were gone as well except for Tpindell.

Before I could even urinate in the bathroom, I heard a woman and some kids enter the apartment room.

Some little kids who could barely walk entered the bathroom.

So I zipped up my pants, still needing to urinate, as the little kids walked around me.

The apartment room now seemed like it belonged to Tpindell, and it seemed like he had invited a woman he liked for dinner (probably pizza) here in the apartment room, but she had kids & brought them as well.

Tpindell and the woman sent the kids to another room of the apartment so that they could eat together at a table that they moved to the bathroom as I was about to try to urinate again.

So I had to zip up my pants up again, still needing to urinate.

Tpindell & the woman started their date in the bathroom.

I noticed a line of ants along the bottom of the wall & floor of the bathroom, not far from their table.

Tpindell noticed the ants too, but he did not want the woman to notice.

So he signaled for me to kill the ants quietly, and so I looked for some bug spray, which I found near the toilet.

I felt that she would smell the bug spray & turn around to see what I was spraying, so I chose some disinfectant spray instead.

I pretended to be deodorizing the room.

Somewhat to my surprise, the disinfectant spray was killing the ants.

So I slowly sprayed the line of ants, but the line of ants went further than I expected into another room.

Then an old woman & a middle-aged woman entered the apartment room.

They seemed to be room service for the apartment, they said that some renovations or something were about to take place in the apartment, so everyone needed to leave for now.

Tpindell, the woman, and kids left, but I stayed to try to wait for a chance to urinate in the bathroom without getting interrupted.

The old woman & the middle-aged woman walked into a room that was connected to the bathroom.

I looked at some photographs & old objects on the wall of the bathroom, waiting for a chance to urinate undisturbed.

I saw some familiar or almost familiar old photographs & other old objects.

One of which was an old black & white photograph of a man standing somewhere.

For some reason, one or more old objects brought back some memories that caused me to almost cry.

I stopped myself from crying, the old woman entered the bathroom at this point, catching me by surprise.

The old woman looked at some old objects, she started talking about them, and making comments about them.

We started talking about them and old memories.

Then at some point I told her about the ants, and she recommended spraying them with the bug spray.

Other workers started coming into the apartment as I / we sprayed bug spray along the bottom of the wall & floor from the bathroom to several rooms connected to the bathroom that went back three levels at least.

The other rooms had dark / brownish colored carpet.

When I got to the end of the last room with the bug spray, I felt heat in the corner, and I started to see smoke like the bug spray was being burned by fire.

The old woman pointed out a furnace / heater-like thing built into the bottom of the wall(s) that was on for some reason.

So I / we could see an orangish colored glow from a fire, I asked her if it was a water heater or something, but she was not sure.

We left the room to be away from the burning bug spray smoke as we passed workers who seemed to be about to start the renovations or whatever.

The old woman and I went back to the main room of the apartment, but then I decided to go back to make sure that a fire had not started.

Then I saw some workers with fire extinguishers putting out small fires along the walls & carpet in several rooms that had started when the bug spray started burning because of the furnace / heater-like thing that was built into the walls.

It seemed that someone turned on for some reason without warning us.

I felt terrible, I started to panic a bit, hoping that not much damage was caused.

I started wondering how would I pay for the damages because I barely have any money left & I do not have a job.

So I tried to ask one of the workers who was putting out the fires if they needed help.

I asked him what happened exactly, and I explained to him that it was me who had sprayed the bug spray that probably was the cause of the fire.

The worker was a man, and he was very angry & he was cursing.

He did not really want to listen or talk with me after I explained what happened, and he said that everyone was supposed to have been told what they were about to do in the building.

That they had warned everyone to keep flammable things away as they renovate / whatever the apartment rooms.

So I told him that no one had told me that, but he was too angry to listen to me & he was busy making sure that all the fires were out.

I walked into the main room feeling terrible and angry with myself for not being more careful and observant.

I thought about the situation, and how much it might cost to fix the damage.

I accidentally woke myself up over the fear of having to pay for the damages knowing that I can not afford it and over the disappointment with myself & I had to urinate in real life & in the dream.

Which never happened in the dream because I kept getting interrupted as usual, and for some reason I woke up with the song Born To Die by Lana Del Rey playing on/in my mind:

Lana Del Rey – Born To Die (Official Music Video)

After that or now, I might have also had part of the beginning of this monologue from the film Apocalypse Now on my mind as well:

Apocalypse Now: Marlon Brando “Horror”

The end,

  • John Jr

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