Fire Wasps (Red Paper Wasps) And Robber Flies?

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Dream 1

I barely remember part of one or two dreams from last night with the first dream taking placing in D at my grandfather’s house, and some of my indirect family members had come to visit my grandfather I guess or something like that; and they were going to spend the night at his house, and for some reason some of my family & I spent the night at my grandfather’s house as well.

My brother GC and I were going to share the bedroom to the left of the bathroom that is next to my grandfather’s room, and inside the room I noticed that some of the walls were broken with holes in them & some of the walls were missing paneling/sheet-rock/brick; and most of the walls had no insulation oddly, and I found this a bit strange even in the dream.

My brother GC and I noticed some wasps living in some of the holes & broken parts of the walls/et cetera to our surprise, they were a type of wasp that we call fire wasps (red paper wasps) but I am not sure what they are really called (they are the same size as normal dark reddish colored wasps that have black butts/bottoms & they make nests like them, but fire wasps upper & lower body is an orangish color with black colored wings; and they are more aggressive than most wasps, and they are the only type of wasps that have stung me in real life & they always sting me when I am not even bothering them & their stings can hurt & burn & itch/et cetera for days/weeks), and so my brother GC & I took a moment to decide if we should leave or not.

We quietly & slowly moved around the room to avoid the fire wasps from noticing us as we tried to see where they were coming from/living & how many were there, and at some point I decided to spend the night at my parent’s house instead; but my brother GC decided to spend the night in that bedroom with the wasps because he did not think that they would attack him while he slept, and so I left to my parent’s house.

The next morning I went back to my grandfather’s house to see if my brother GC was okay, he was okay and unharmed by the fire wasps, but I noticed that there were less fire wasps now for some unknown reason; and I mentioned this to my brother GC, but I can not remember the rest of the dream or this part of the dream.

Dream 2

The next dream or the next part of the dream involved me going into my grandfather’s kitchen, but an unknown woman & a fictional version of my former schoolmate JC were in the kitchen; and only they were in the house oddly, and so I talked with them about various things.

During our conversation I noticed a very large hairy robber fly (probably) sitting quietly by the entrance of the kitchen, and on the cabinet top near the microwave I noticed an unknown type of insect (maybe a type of robber fly that is a grayish & black color & slightly hairy with wings & a stinger & it reminds me of a combination of a fly & mosquito & wasp or something like that & I sometimes see them eating/killing normal flies) that I sometimes see in real life that could be a type of robber fly (at first I thought that it was a horse fly, but I have not found any horse flies online that look like the insect & only certain types of robber flies look like the insect that I am talking about).

I glanced at both insects sometimes as I talked with the fictional JC and his girlfriend or wife or friend or sister, they were not bothering us so I left them alone, and I remember JC & the woman trying to convince me to do something/join something/attend something that I can not remember; but I politely refused, but said that I would consider whatever they were trying to convince me to do/join/attend.

At some point I said goodbye and as I was walking I stopped to look at the robber fly but it was gone, and then I went to look at the unknown insect but it flew again; and so I left, and the outside of the house looked like the abandoned Dairy Queen in D oddly even though the inside looked like my grandfather’s house & it was located in the same area as the abandoned Dairy Queen in D near the highway as automobiles drove by.

It was a nice day outside as automobiles drove down the highway, and I started walking home or to where ever I was going; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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