7-31-2013 | Dream Fragments | A Class Project | Getting Ignored By Former Classmates | Going Swimming In A Pond | A Video Game-Like Dream

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Image Credit: Wikipedia

I barely remember part of several dreams, even though I did not record my dreams when I first woke up to use the bathroom except for part of one dream & I forgot to record part of that dream & now I can not remember those parts of the dream, and even after having another quicksand sleeping and waking cycle again for the second day in a row I still managed to remember part of several dream.

The first dream took place inside of a fictional school and I was in a class with other students like I was in high school again, one of my former high school English teachers Mr. G was the teacher, and everyone in the class had a project that they had to present in front of the class; and while other students were presenting their projects in front of the class one-at-a-time some of the other students & I were still working on our projects.

I remember talking with some of these students helping them with their projects as they asked me questions, and sometimes Mr. G would look/stare at me/us if we started talking too loud or too much as other students were presenting their projects; and so we would stop talking for a little while, and then we would go back to helping each other while trying not to be rude to the student presenting their project.

My former classmate MW might have been in this dream but I am not sure and I can not remember what my project was that I was still working on, but I do remember helping one young woman with her project about entertainment wrestlers & wrestling; and she was trying to find names of various entertainment wrestlers, so I gave her some names & places where she could find more names, and I seemed to know more about entertainment wrestlers & wresting than she did oddly.

Another odd thing was that our classroom was connected to another classroom by a door, and I went back & forth between both classrooms a few times in the dream to get to the hallway; and I remember one of our classmates was a young woman with long black colored hair with whitish colored skin, and she had one or more mental and/or physical handicaps/disabilities/problems/et cetera.

She was a nice young woman and I remember helping/encouraging her because she was in need of encouragement/help & maybe MW and/or another classmate helped her as well, and maybe her project was going to be her performing a song with a musical instrument in front of the class but I am not sure; and I just remember that at some point one of our classmates was playing a saxophone in front of the class for their project but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

My next dream took place during the day on a fictional college campus at the college dorms, and I had finally returned to college again to try to finish college finally; and I was moving into my dorm room on the first floor which had a large window that took up most of the wall that gave you a good view of the outside sidewalks, street, and the apartments/dorms across the street.

There were some other people in the room and so I guess that it was a suite with several of us sharing a dorm but I am not sure, either way I moved my stuff into my room & I talked with the others, and I was hopeful about my chance to finally finish college; but at some point on the college campus I noticed my former classmates SS & his brother MS & a few of my former classmates who I went to college with like maybe MT & maybe JB & maybe JC and/or DH but I am not sure about JC or DH being in the dream.

It seemed that they were somehow in college again even though they graduated from college years ago or they were living on the college campus oddly, I am not sure which, but I know that they lived across the street from my dorm in an apartment/dorm building.

I probably walked by them hanging out by accident and they saw me & I saw them, but they acted like they did not know me or ignored me; and so I did not say anything, and I walked to my dorm & I watched them from the large window where they could see me.

They glanced at me a few times still ignoring me and so I did not bother to wave at them, and I did not bother going to greet them because I felt that they did not want to talk with me especially since most of them have not communicated with me in years and/or have ignored me for years; and so I just watched from the window a bit sadly wondering if they were really ignoring me or if they did not recognize me because we have not seen each other in years.

They seemed happy but annoying like they were making fun of me sometimes because they knew that I was watching, and so this made me a bit angry/annoyed; and I stopped watching them at some point, and I decided to ignore them too unless they greeted me one day.

I decided to try to get over any hurt feelings and/or anger toward them because that would not be helpful/good for me, and I needed to focus on finally finishing college; but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

I had another dream that took place during the day in a fictional field that had a pond, I was walking to this pond to swim, and when I got to the pond my former classmate MW walked to greet me to my surprise; and she actually seemed happy to see me, and we talked for a while.

I told her that I had come to swim and she had come to swim as well, and so we started swimming & talking together & we had a good time surprisingly like we were old friends; and some young people came to swim as well, and we both recognized some of the young people as family members of some of our former classmates.

One of the young people was a young woman with brownish colored skin with black colored hair who I recognized from Eastside, and I remember seeing her before when she was younger; and I/MW were surprised to see how much her & the other young people had grown up, and this made us feel a bit old but it was interesting getting to see how much time had passed & how people/things change.

We briefly talked with the young people who also recognized us, and they had come to swim as well; and at some point we went back to talking as the young people swam/played/talked.

It was a nice and short dream, I really enjoyed talking with MW, but at some point it was time for us to say goodbye; and I probably told MW that we should meet up again & that I had a good time, but that is all that I can remember.

My last dream is very unclear and video game-like, I remember being inside a building where I was supposed to kill a certain target/person like a video game mission, but there were obstacles/complications to deal with; and one of these obstacles/complications that I came across was a mafia-like group of men who approached my target (a man) before I could kill him, and so I had to hide.

Another mafia-like group came maybe and a shoot-out took place between them I think, and in the chaos I probably had to kill/attack a few people maybe but I am not sure (I might have stayed hidden instead of fighting); and at some point there was an explosion from a bomb/grenade/RPG/whatever, and then the police/FBI/whoever came.

Most of the mafia-like men tried to escape the police/FBI raid, I followed my target to a gym-like room, but the FBI/whoever came; and so I hid on the top of a square-shaped structure hanging in the gym-like room near another room that was like a shower room, and the FBI-like agents were talking with my target like he worked with them or something like that.

I could not leave my hiding spot or kill my target with all the agents in the room, it was like they were using this room as a temporary headquarters as they investigated the crime scene(s), and so I had to hope that none of the agents walked to my side of the room where they could see me.

At some point there was a young man who was computer generated/animated & who was a video game character hiding in the shower-like room who reminded me of the main character from the video game Bully, in the shower-like room were several dead mafia-like men, and the video game character was probably supposed to be helped by me and/or controlled by me; but I guess I had started the video game playing as myself instead of as the video game character, but maybe somehow he was now in the dream as well from some unknown reason(s).

We both were trapped now and we hoped that none of the agents walked to our side of the room to see the dead bodies or us, a few times some agents came close to walking too close toward us, and so I started whispering to the video game character to tell him my plan; and at some point I started sneaking down from my hiding spot when I saw my target leaving the room, I told the video game character to keep hiding until I created a distraction so that he could escape, and then I started trying to sneak out of the room pretending to be an agent or someone who was supposed to be there.

My hope was to get my target alone where I could kill him while making a loud noise to draw attention to me while the video game character sneaked away, and I would try to escape as well; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

By John Jr

Hello, I am John Jr, welcome.

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