The Return Of Lilith

I somewhat remember part of one detailed and strange dream that started during the evening between 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM probably in a slightly fictional version of D, and at some point in the dream I went to the library, but it was located where C Elementary should be oddly; and the library was closed, but someone had a key to the library & they opened it.

The person with the key mentioned that the library was experimenting with a key and community library volunteer-type program where the library would give keys to people who asked for one so that they could use the library when it is closed.

The library hoped that some of the people with keys and/or other people would volunteer to help run the library when it is normally closed so that the library would be available 24 hours a day to the community if possible.

I thought that this was a good idea, and that it was a chance for the community to work together.

A few other people came to the library as well after I went inside, but I can not remember why I went to the library or what I did at the library exactly.

I know that I saw & talked to several people while looking around the library & I know that this part of the dream was very detailed (I glanced at various books reading names/authors/parts of books & I talked with people about books/et cetera).

I remember thinking about signing up to get a key to the library, but that is all that I can remember of this detailed part of the dream; and at some point I left the library.

I walked outside, and I came across my cousin ME & it was probably night now between 9:00 PM – 10:00 PM.

We started talking, and we noticed/saw some ferris wheels and/or other type(s) of fair equipment lit up & moving near where DG should be.

This was somewhat high in the air, taller than the shopping center, like it was a newly built area made as a small city fair/fairground location.

It seemed that the city of D was possibly celebrating its anniversary and this area was built as a new permanent fair/fairground maybe, but I am not sure.

ME & I had never seen this area before, and so we walked to it because it was down the street from us.

The area was nice and bright with fair rides, food, drink, games, music, et cetera as people from around the city were having fun; and we probably explored the area a bit, the area was built higher than anything else in the area/city, like it was built on a platform so that people around the city could see it.

At some point under this area or not far from this area we found a door or opening to an underground area.

It was dark outside at this point except for the lights, and this entrance was in a quiet area that was somewhat hidden.

It was like entering an underground temple or something.

We walked down a dimly lit area with steps that led to a multi-story building in the middle of a field / garden-like area underground.

The building/steps/walkway were all connected by stone/rock/concrete whatever that seemed a bit ancient except for the building maybe, and this entire area felt like a hidden/secret/ancient/underground location.

Only the steps/walkway/building felt/seemed like they were somewhat approachable, but the field/garden area seemed private/off-limits/forbidden.

I think that the only light came from openings in the stone/dirt/rock/whatever at the top and light from the top of the entrance & some light from the building.

I remember being amazed by this area, and it felt like finding a hidden part of yourself/a hidden area external from yourself/a hidden ancient area/et cetera.

ME and I walked closer to the building, but I do not think that we went inside it.

I remember walking through the field/garden areas that surrounded the building, but most of the field/garden was to the left & right of the building.

I remember seeing grasses, plants, and some fruit.

I probably ate some fruit but then a strange somewhat ugly very short grayish/silverish/whatever humanoid creature who looked a bit like a wingless gargoyle or goblin/whatever approached us telling us that we were not supposed to eat the fruit or be in the field/garden.

He seemed annoyed by our presence, like he was not used to dealing with people/humans/visitors & like he usually stayed hidden until someone entered the field/garden.

The creature seemed serious, but he knew that we had not known the rules/whatever, so he tried to be kind.

He seemed to be the keeper/guardian of the field/garden, and he started explaining serious some things to us about the garden/field/fruit/et cetera that I can not remember as he tried to walk us away from the field/garden.

First, the creature picked some ankle length grass/plant/whatever from the field.

Because I had eaten some of the fruit (he explained some of this to us, but I can not remember unfortunately) he told me to eat some of the grass/plant/whatever that he picked so that I could heal/whatever & that it would give me an energy boost.

So I did, but I lost consciousness or something not long afterward.

I woke up in the field, but I am not sure if ME was still there or not.

The creature came to me asking me how I felt, and I felt better & I had more energy like he said.

He started trying to walk me back to the walkway, but I kept annoying him with questions that he would answer.

He answered my questions though they annoyed him, he seemed to hope that by answering my questions that I would finally leave because he did not seem to want people in the field/garden or to deal with people, and he even told me about himself.

Unfortunately I can not remember any of the information that he told me, I know that it was important & detailed, and he even showed me a cave-like area that he probably often slept/hid in.

He talked about some of the various plants/fruits/grasses/whatever & how he took care of them/guarded them, but I can not remember the details.

At some point I said goodbye & I took some grass/plants from the field/garden that looked like the one he had given me & I put it/them in my pocket when he was not watching/around because I wanted to use in later if I needed it to heal myself/whatever & get an energy boost (maybe I got the wrong plant/grass/whatever, but I am not sure).

I left because I knew that he wanted me to leave & that he wanted no one to come into the field/garden (including me).

At some point I went outside the shopping center near W Park & it was now the next day/morning or afternoon.

I remember talking with a few people, and at some point I saw where a man & his son were making money by charging people money to fly their old airplane briefly at W Park near the swimming pool.

One of my former high school science teachers who looked a bit like Gargamel from the animated TV show the Smurfs paid the man & his son to fly their airplane briefly.

So the other people & I watched him fly the airplane from the sidewalk at the shopping center.

He started doing airplane stunts flying super dangerously close to the ground to where he was touching objects/buildings, the man & his son warned him that he was flying too low, but he was over-confident about his flying abilities.

At some point he crashed the airplane on the swimming pool fence without damaging the fence or the airplane, surprisingly, and the tail of the airplane was on top of the swimming pool fence.

The man & his son were angry at him, they probably called the police/insurance company/city to report the crash, and while this was going on some of the people & I might have walked to W Park to get a closer look; but I can not remember what happened exactly.

I just know that at some point I was somehow the vampire Bill Compton from the TV Show True Blood after he had drank the blood of Lilith, and was reborn / whatever as Billith (semi-possessed by/connected with/whatever Lilith through her blood/whatever).

I am not sure if the fruit and/or grass/plant/whatever stuff from earlier in the dream was involved with me somehow becoming Billith (connected with/semi-possessed by/whatever Lilith) or not, I can not remember.

I just know that anti-vampire/whoever SWAT-like men started attacking vampires/whoever (I say whoever because I am guessing that they/we were vampires, for all I know maybe we were just semi-immortals) at W Park with assault rifles/submachine guns/et cetera.

So I decided to help the vampires/whoever since I was now Billith/the leader of all vampires/whoever through Lilith I guess.

I was very over-confident now, as Billith and I told the anti-vampire/whoever SWAT that I was the leader of all vampires/whoever & that they should come attack me instead of the others.

I calmly walked inside a fictional small multi-story building in W Park (but maybe I got attacked as I was doing this & maybe I killed a few of the SWAT men, but I am not sure).

I walked to the top floor, and I went inside of a room to sit in a chair waiting for the anti-vampire/whoever SWAT to come attack me (I was that over-confident).

Another vampire/whoever came into the room, and he locked the door.

He was afraid and was telling me that I should run or hide, but I told him to relax & that I had the situation under control.

Then I took some of the grass/plant/whatever that I took earlier from the field/garden without permission, and I ate it to heal/whatever & get an energy boost for the coming battle with the SWAT-like men, but at some point I lost consciousness again.

During this part I had a dream within a dream and/or I went to another dimension/whatever where I met Lilith from the TV show True Blood it seemed, but maybe it was one another version of Lilith.

We talked, but I can not remember our conversation.

At some point, I guess our connection was strong enough to where she probably used that connection and/or a lot of my energy/power to enter the world/dream world that I was unconscious in.

I woke up right after she entered our world/dream world.

I felt very tired/weak/drained/vulnerable like I would not be able to fight the SWAT-like men, I assumed that Lilith had used a lot of my energy/power to enter our world, so I told her about how I felt now & about the situation.

Lilith stood there looking happy/smiling like she was glad to be back in our world after all these years, like she had been trapped in another dimension/dream world for a long time or something.

She looked powerful/strong/calm/somewhat cold but somewhat motherly at the same time.

She told me that I felt weak/drained partly because of the grass/plant/whatever stuff I ate, it had that effect/affect on vampires/whoever I guess.

She told me that the effects/affects would go away eventually once it passed through my system/body & that I should rest.

She calmly told me that she had the situation under control now and that I did not have to worry.

I was guessing that she was going to once again lead the vampires/whoever & save them, but I was not sure what her goal(s)/plan(s)/et cetera were really.

She softly touched me of my face as I laid on the chair weak/tired/drained & she softly explained/told this to me along with some other information (some of which I can not remember).

She explained that I was now one of her offspring/progeny/whatever (I am not sure what/which word she used exactly), that her blood/DNA/energy/power/whatever was part of me now, I think.

So I guess I also would have some special powers/abilities associated with this & maybe this would make me semi-immortal/immortal like her to where even if our bodies are destroyed we can live on in another dimension/dream world/blood/DNA/whatever until we can make a strong enough connection with someone/whatever to re-enter/be reborn in the real world/whatever.

SWAT-like men were beating on the door trying to knock it down to enter the room, Lilith calmly stood there, and she once again told me to get some rest because she had the situation under control.

I believed her because I felt/thought that she was very powerful or at least semi-immortal/immortal at almost a Goddess level, if not at that level.

So she continued to stand there calmly as the SWAT-like men beat on the door trying to knock it down, but I woke up feeling pretty good (better than the last few days, and I had no quicksand sleeping and waking cycle today) & I had more energy than normal.

I think that this dream had some symbolism/inspiration from not only True Blood but also from Judaism/Christianity/et cetera (which also were inspiration(s) for the TV show True Blood in some parts) from the Book Of Genesis & various other religious texts involving things like The Tree Of Life/The Tree Of Knowledge/Lilith/The Garden Of Eden/et cetera.

The end,

  • John Jr

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