A Crime Thriller / Fiction Dream: Safety / Safe Deposit Box 20

Once again I forgot almost all of my dreams after having a somewhat long/detailed last dream, and so now I only remember part of my last dream; but even that is missing important details, and so the dream is a bit unclear/confusing.

The dream took place in a fictional business where I was either part of a job tryout or it was my first day at the job, and I was being taught/trained/informed about the company/job along with some other people; and one of the people instructing us or the person instructing us was the French actor Alain Chabat who probably was acting like his character Guy from the film The Science Of Sleep.

The dream might have taken place in another country or just a fictional place, I know that our training/introduction/whatever to the business took place in a computer lab/meeting room, and this business seemed pretty professional compared to any job that I have ever had; but I am not sure what kind of business or job this was.

During the presentation I was having problems with my computer and so I told Mr. Chabat, and then I started working on solving & fixing the problems myself; but the presentation was over before I could finish working on the computer, and so I talked with Mr. Chabat after the presentation & asked questions on things that I did not understand/hear/remember/know/et cetera.

Mr. Chabat was a relaxed type person like Guy and he took time to answer my questions, and at some point after this there is a huge gap in my memory; and during this gap the most important thing in the dream happened, but I can not remember what happened exactly.

My guess is that I was still in the building when most of the other workers had left, because I had stayed behind to talk with Mr. Chabat & to finish fixing the computer, and I probably ended up witnessing a murder/cover up/crime/conspiracy/whatever involving a male worker in a business suit & another worker; and my former classmate MW was a worker who also ended up witnessing part of this too.

Whatever happened, we could not stop it unfortunately, and the male worker saw that we saw/knew what had happened; and I remember MW crying & being angry at the man, and so he panicked & he sent some people to cover up his crime & to try to kill us to prevent the truth from getting out.

MW also had some physical evidence or something like that and/or she knew where to get some that the man wanted but I can not remember what it was exactly (probably some documents, audio, video, images, et cetera & a ring that she had), and so MW & I ran for our lives; and we hoped to gather all the evidence/whatever & get it out eventually so that the man’s crime would be known.

Whatever happened, whatever we saw, and whatever evidence/material we had & knew about was all part of a complex/interesting crime/conspiracy/cover up/et cetera that was like something from a novel/film, where some high level/powerful people cover up a crime(s) & kill any witnesses, and they continue their lives like nothing ever happened; and this dream was a lot more interesting than what I am typing & from what I can still remember.

MW & I moved around the city & different cities/locations on the run from assassins for the entire dream as they hunted us, we had to do our on investigating/evidence gathering/et cetera as well, and oddly I can not remember who the man / main villain was or what he looked like; but I know that his wife was the actress Thandie Newton acting like her character Dame Vaako from the film The Chronicles Of Riddick, and she was cold/mean/ruthless & she was helping her husband & his assassins hunt us & they had a baby surprisingly.

MW & I had to risk going back to the business to get some hidden evidence/whatever at some point, we sneaked through a store that was part of or connected to the business, and the business or this part of the business was like business/law offices or something like that with a lot of varnished wood grain furniture/et cetera & people were dress up in business clothes/et cetera; and this area had its own bathrooms, break rooms, post office-like room with safety deposit boxes/Post office boxes, cafeteria, et cetera.

The man/villain was probably in a high level position now or even higher, so he was probably in the main office room(s) in meetings when we sneaked into the office, but some of his assassins and/or informants saw us & they started chasing us quietly; but we sneaked around trying to avoid them.

We probably entered the dead man’s office, the other workers did not even know that he was dead & I guess they assumed that he was on vacation, and we got a few items; and then we went to the post office-like room to a safety deposit box, and we got some more items.

We did a few other things and we might have briefly talked with a few people, but eventually we had to run out of the business as assassins chased us; and we escaped, and later we took another serious risk by returning to the business again to talk with one of the workers who was the actor Christopher Meloni.

MW and the dead man worked with Mr. Meloni & they were somewhat friends, she hoped that she could trust him to tell him about what happened & she hoped that he would hide the ring & some of the other evidence we had in his safety deposit box for us in case we got caught/killed by the assassins, and so we sneaked into the business again; but no one noticed us this time because I guess the assassins/informants did not think that we would risk returning again.

We went to Mr. Meloni’s office to talk with him, and we explained the situation to him & he was shocked; and I hoped that we could trust him because our plan(s) would be greatly ruined if he ever told/gave our evidence to the man/main villain.

Mr. Meloni agreed to help us and to keep our secret(s) until the time came to reveal them, we felt that no one would think that another worker at the business would be hiding the evidence at the business in their safety deposit box, and so we quietly went to the post office-like room & we closed the blinds; and it seemed that no one saw us meeting with Mr. Meloni so far, but we had to be quick.

MW started crying a bit again as she put the ring & other evidence in the safety deposit box that belonged to Mr. Meloni, and the number 20 was on the outside of the safety deposit box; and it seemed that MW & the dead man had dated or were married or were very close friends.

Now that our evidence was in a safe place the next phase of our plan began, MW & I were going to split up, and we were going to go on separate missions that I can not remember; and Mr. Meloni wished us good luck, and so MW left the business while I stayed behind until she left, and then I started trying to leave.

Once I reached the store part/area I saw the man’s/main villain’s wife Mrs. Newton carrying her baby, and she looked at me coldly recognizing me; and I said something to her as I walked by, and she made a confident threat to me that they would kill us eventually & she probably called the assassins & her husband to warn them that I was in the building trying to escape again.

I started sneaking through the store and I came across my former classmate AM who was working at the building, she had seen some things possible related to the crime/conspiracy/murder/whatever as well, and I took a risk & told her what happened; and she joined me, and we ran from/sneaked away from the assassins.

Now that AM was with me/us I started adjusting MW’s & my plan(s), because the main villain did not know that AM was with & because she worked at the building, we could use her to get in & out of the building/business without MW or I risking getting caught/killed; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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