Getting Separated From My Brother GC During A Zombie Attack

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I had remembered a woman’s name from a dream and the dream itself but I forget her name & the dream that she was in after my last dream again, but I do remember part of the dream after the dream that she was in; and I remember part of my last dream, which might have been connected with the dream before it but I am not sure.

The second dream after the dream with the woman whose name I forgot, started inside a classroom where I was a student along with some other students, and maybe the teacher left at some point for a while or the teacher was late to class; and maybe we were supposed to be working on a project, and I remember talking with some of the other students who I might have known.

At some point several students entered the classroom with a little boy with light-medium brownish colored skin with very short black colored hair, and the boy recognized me & he called me by name happily; and he said that he was my cousin & he told me his name & his name sounded like Maxi, and he ran over to me to talk with me.

I briefly talked with my fictional little cousin and played with him, then the other students & I focused on our projects/classwork/whatever, but that is all that I can remember.

The next dream or the next part of the dream is unclear in the beginning, I remember entering an open room like a gym with a very tall ceiling, and there were maybe four large old treasure chests hanging from the ceiling; and it seemed/felt like this part of the dream was inspired by the video game The Witcher 2: Assassins Of Kings.

I climbed to the four old treasure chests that were hanging in a pattern with each facing a different direction like East, West, South, and North; and I knew how to activate these old treasure chests to summon something(s) or something like that.

Each chest had a bit of old water or some liquid at the bottom of them, I had to open each chest one-at-a-time & jump up & down in the old smelly water/liquid a few times & then close the lid, and once I did that to all four they would activate; and after doing this they activated, and several very large non-human animal-like beings were summoned behind each chest except for maybe the chest in the South (but I could be wrong because I am not sure which chest was pointing in which direction exactly) or maybe all four chests had a very large being summoned.

These very large non-human animal-like beings talked with each other, maybe suddenly a lot of my former classmates/schoolmates were in the room as well watching/listening in shock, and the very large beings summoned an even larger being who was probably humanoid (like the God Hand from Berserk who are a group of five angels); and this even larger probably humanoid being seemed to be the most powerful of them & the leader, and he started to talk to everyone in the room but I can not remember what he said.

I was in the air behind the tallest being on the wall or something because when he was summoned I probably was under him, and so I probably rose on top of him; and then I jumped to the wall.

The tallest being’s speech was interrupted by either one or more students and/or another being who entered the room to attack the tallest being’s speech, and I remember my former classmate JS calling the tallest being the devil & insulting him telling him that he is no god & JS threw something at him; and the tallest being or someone summoned zombies, and chaos began as people got attacked/ran/et cetera.

I climbed down from the wall during the chaos to escape but I saw my brother GC, I tried to tell him my plan(s) & where to meet me outside, but we got separated by the crowd; and I got pushed outside with the crowd, and I no longer saw my brother GC.

I went back inside the building to try to find my brother GC but I did not see him & it was too dangerous to keep looking, and so I followed the crowd to another building; and the inside was free of zombies when we arrived, and people inside were afraid; and this building had 1 1/2 floors, and I felt that it would not be safe if zombies arrived.

I walked around looking for my brother GC & asking some of my former classmates if they had seen him, but I still could not find him; and this bothered me, but I decided not to give up.

At some point I went to the bathroom to urinate, the bathroom was small & I was able to urinate without getting interrupted surprisingly, but I noticed a cracked  door to my left; and I walked through it to a carport-like area, and we were on a farm.

I saw zombies on the farm and they were slowly approaching the building, I walked further out in the field-like area hiding behind objects trying to look around for my brother GC & looking for a hiding spot & an escape route, and at some point I had to hide on something covering a table for shade.

I saw zombies entering the building from the cracked door in the bathroom, so I wanted to warn the others, but I had to find a way back inside that was not so dangerous; and I needed to find a better hiding spot outside, an escape route, and I still had not found my brother GC.

I started trying to sneak toward a silo/metal grain storage building that had a ladder, so that I could climb it to the top, but there were zombies by it; and I watched to see if they could climb or not, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr