The First William Kennedy And The Second William Kennedy?

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I was awakened by a TV and by someone talking this morning, and so I ended up not be able to think about my dreams from last night much or at all; and so I forgot all of my dreams except for part of one dream that I can barely remember.

The dream took place during the day in a fictional area at a fictional college, I was returning to college I think and I was looking for a job & probably a place to stay/live, and so I probably got registered for classes; and I started looking around/asking around for jobs, and applying for jobs in the fictional city and/or on the college campus.

During the dream I came across various people who I saw and talked with about college/jobs/housing/et cetera, and I did various other things in this somewhat detailed & long dream; but I can not remember most of those parts of the dream unfortunately, and so most of the important parts of this dream are missing making this dream very unclear.

I do remember meeting a large muscular man with medium-dark brownish colored skin with no hair, I think that I ended helping him with something or we both had a disagreement & we ended up settling it in a friendly way where we ended up as allies, and he helped me later in the dream; and my guess is that I was trying to stop some men from attacking someone, and he came to warn the other men to leave us alone & so they listened to him because he was strong/tough/well-known.

At some point I went to an office on the college campus I think to ask about jobs or for a job interview, I met another man who was in a similar situation like me, and we talked & he told me his name but I forgot it unfortunately; and I remember part of the story of his life.

The man was raised as an orphan who had been abandoned by his mother/father/whoever, so he never knew who his biological parents were, and he was raised in a poor/lower-class/low-income neighborhood/family/orphanage/whatever; but he had goals/hopes to get a college education/et cetera & move forward with his life & to help the world, and he seemed like a smart & nice guy overall.

He was also looking for a job and a place to stay like I was, he was also at this office looking for a job or he had a job interview as well, and at some point he was called into another office for his interview/whatever with a woman after another man walked out of her room I think (he looked like he was from a rich family); and then after the man who I had talked to finished his interview/whatever, we said goodbye, and I was called into the other office with the woman for my interview/whatever.

My memory is too unclear but I think that during my interview with the woman that we started talking about the first man who left her office who looked like he was from a rich family, but I could be wrong, and his name was William Kennedy I think; and then we started talking about the second man who I had talked to/with, and something happened where we learned a secret about both men.

I am not sure how this information was found or who told it exactly, but I think that maybe the woman ended up realizing that she knew the mother of William Kennedy; and that she had been told a secret by his mother many years ago that not many people knew, and she was telling me this secret now because she realized that the secret was about the second man/was the second man.

She said that the second man was born & named William Kennedy to a/by a woman from a rich family, for some reason the woman had kept the birth secret (probably because the father was not rich and maybe because she was supposed to be marrying a rich man soon), and she abandoned the baby so that her family would never know that he was born/that she had been pregnant & so that no one would know that she was the mother of the baby boy who was abandoned; and later/soon after she married a rich man, and soon after she had a second son who she also named William Kennedy but his father was the rich man she had married.

So both of the men were really named William Kennedy and they both were half-biological brothers, but they both did not know this; and the first William Kennedy was raised poor, and the second William Kennedy was raised rich.

The woman felt that both men had a right to know the truth after all these years and she hoped that the second William Kennedy could help the first William Kennedy, because he was poor & trying to get a job & trying to start college & trying to find a place to live/stay, and she hoped that the first William Kennedy could finally meet his biological mom & biological dad (if he was still alive or could be found).

I told her that I would run to find both William Kennedy’s and that I would tell them the truth, and that I would try to help them deal with this truth; and so I left/ran to catch up with them, and I found the first William Kennedy first & I explained the truth/situation to him; and then we went to find the second William Kennedy, and we found him & I explained the truth/situation to him.

I then stated giving them recommendations on how to deal with this truth/situation, they talked, we talked, and we made a list of things that they could do together to deal with this truth/situation; and then they thanked me, and they left to start that list together with the first thing on that list being to go meet their mother but I got awakened.

The end,

-John Jr