Swimming With Hugh Jackman

After having a bad night & staying up late with terrible thoughts I went to bed, and I remember part of a positive dream; and thanks to sleeping & dreaming (this dream), I woke up feeling good & the terrible thoughts on my mind were gone.

In the dream I was in my parent’s yard during the day with a man who looked like or was the actor Hugh Jackman, and he was trying to cheer me up it seems; and he was showing me/teaching me how to be more positive & how to find/create positive things, and how to enjoy the small/simple/little/et cetera things in life.

There was a small above ground swimming pool that was about 3 feet deep near the front porch, and at some point we started swimming in it as Mr. Jackman continued to point out small/simple amazing things in the environment around us & small/simple fun things that could be done; and I remember having fun doing hand stands in the swimming pool & enjoying small/simple details in the environment (temperature, smells, lighting, plants, the sky, et cetera).

This part of the dream was magical/amazing and I/we were enjoying the present/the moment(s), and at some point it started raining & it got a bit grayer/darker outside; but Mr. Jackman showed me that I could even turn this into something positive, and he had me focus on the rain drops hitting the pool water & how amazing small details like that could be.

I started to see some of that amazement too and we continued having fun in the swimming pool while it was raining outside, at some point it started lightning & thundering and so we ran inside laughing/smiling; but I woke up feeling positive & restored like the dream had a healing effect/affect on me, and the message to the dream was to find small/simple things in your life/everyday that you can enjoy & enjoy those small/simple things in life & be more positive.

The end,

-John Jr

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