Trying To Have A House Moved

Source: Wikipedia

I forgot most of this dream but I remember being with some of my former classmates, being on platforms in the air, running/hiding/maybe fighting some paramilitary / SWAT / whatever-like people maybe, and talking with a male former classmate who might have been TW while we were probably hiding from the paramilitary-like people.

I remember there was a house and I recommended that male former classmate/ TW should have it but it needed to be moved to his yard first, and so I left to find someone to move the house; and at some point I was in my parent’s yard during the day, even though the platform area seemed darker like night or it was indoors.

A man with long hair with a bald spot looking sloppy & a bit mean & lazy who he looked like the auto mechanic Mr. M combined with Carl Brutananadilewski from the animated TV show Aqua Teen Hunger Force came to my parent’s yard, and he was the person who had been called to move the house & he had a big truck with something on the back of it that was able to hold a house & pull it on the back of the large truck.

I showed the house to the man and I explained where we wanted it moved, but he started giving me excuses like maybe the house was too big & some other unbelievable excuses; and I got a bit annoyed, and I pointed out his flawed logic/lies.

The man changed the subject & he mentioned one of my parent’s automobiles that was for sale, and he said that he might be interested in buying it; and I told him that it might cost $2,800 & this was a bit too much for him & so I mentioned $2,500 but I sensed that he would rather pay $2,000.

He changed the subject again mentioning that he smelled donuts, I said that we had some donuts inside the house, and that I would give him two donuts; and that I would eat one donut, and I told him that he could buy the automobile & get some free donuts & move the house.

I went to get the donuts while he thought about my offer, which I had taken time to explain to him in a way that would likely convince him to agree to/with my offer, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr