Wrestling A Train Conductor

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I barely remember the end of one dream that took place on a train during the day and I was talking with some of the train workers, and they noticed that the current train conductor was not paying attention while he was driving the train.

He seemed to be in a trance-like state in heavy thought, and they tried calling out to him without luck; and so they decided to sneak to the control room & I was to distract him to get him to leave the room & they would drive the train once he left the control room.

We did this and the train conductor walked to where I was, and he was a very large/tall strong but somewhat fat looking man with whitish colored skin with long curly black hair with a beard; and some of the other workers then came to tell him that we had tricked him so that they could safely drive the train & so that he could take a break.

Before they came to tell him this he was angry I guess and he was about to fight me, after they explained the situation to him we both decided to have a friendly wrestling match instead of a fight with grappling/wrestling only, and I explained the rules; and we both agreed.

The others started preparing the match even playing some music and doing an entrance for each of us, there was a female worker as well, and I was nervous in a realistic way which is rare for a dream; and I tried to calm myself down & prepare for the match & I came up with a quick strategy.

My plan was to use speed/dodging, and quickly get the man off his feet & defeat him with a submission.

The match started and I pretended to move in for a starting clinch, but I dodged as he reached forward to grab me; and I grabbed him over his guard, and I let him try to slam me & I tripped him causing him to fall with me & I put him in an armbar submission & he tapped out/gave up; and so I defeated him in a few seconds, and everyone was shocked & silent..

I was excited and I was the first person to defeat the large train conductor, and so I became the new wrestling champion among them; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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