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I had some problems sleeping again during some parts of last night with me tossing & turning, feeling hot, sweating, having gas, my stomach bothered me a bit, I was unable to get comfortable in bed, semi-sleeping, waking up a lot, et cetera; I think that my anxiety, depression, et cetera levels are getting somewhat dangerously high and that is probably why I have forgotten my dreams for the past two or three days.

I remember part of the end of one dream that took place inside of my parent’s house possibly during the day but I am not sure, and something happened that I can not remember exactly; but my guess is that my family & I (except for my brother CC who was not in the dream) found something buried under the floor in the living room underground, and maybe it was an ancient-looking sarcophagus/casket but I could be wrong.

I remember my family and I being in the dinning room, maybe talking about the sarcophagus/casket, but then standing in the doorway of the dinning room that is connected to the living room I saw a corpse of what seemed to be a man with parts of his flesh/body missing like parts of his mouth so his teeth & part of his jaw were showing on one side of his face; and I was afraid/freaked out, and I told my family to grab some weapons.

I told my brothers KD & TD to go to their room, lock the door, and block the door with something like a bed until we tell them that it was safe & so they followed my instructions; and I told my mom to go to her room and do the same thing, but she did not.

My dad, my brother GC, my mom, and I stood there in shock/fear looking at the corpse standing in the doorway of the living room & dinning room staring & listening to us; and I tried talking to it, but it continued staring at us & listening like it was trying adjust to our language before it could start talking.

Suddenly my dad started attacking the corpse with a mêlée weapon, we yelled for my dad to stop, but he would not listen; and the corpse fell to the ground, and my dad beat it until it stopped moving.

My dad backed up, we were angry with my dad and we said so, but while we were arguing with my dad a robot came out of the corpse like the flesh was only a skin/cover; but oddly the robot was bigger than the corpse/skin or bigger than it was before (it had body shape somewhat like a Securitron from the video game Fallout: New Vegas), and it grabbed my dad probably choking him in the air.

We yelled for the robot/whatever to let my dad go but it would not listen, and so in a panic my brother GC & I started attacking the robot with our mêlée weapons as my mom probably made a lot of noise panicking; and I had a baseball bat, and I was hitting the robot as hard as I could over & over but it still was holding/choking my dad in the air.

We knew that we did not have much time to save my dad, so the situation was very tense & scary, and my brother GC & I attacked the robot with all the strength/energy/speed/et cetera that we had; and we were attacking the robot so hard that we knocked it back into the living room, but it still was not enough to stop it.

We continued to hit the robot wildly until I made a crack in its metal body, and I stabbed/rammed my bat into the crack and/or used my hand and/or poured some water in the crack; and the robot fell to the ground dropping my dad, and my dad was still alive but he had to recovery from being choked first.

The robot was still on/alive on the ground and it started trying to talk (I can not remember what it said exactly, but I am guessing that it said that it was not our enemy and it probably asked us to not kill/destroy it) but my dad wanted to destroy it but I did not want to destroy it unless it attacked us again, and so I started talking with the robot; and it seemed to only be able to use a bit of English at first like it was learning English quickly by listening to us talk, but I felt that it would quickly learn more English the more that it got to hear people talking English.

I felt that the robot had only attacked my dad because my dad had attacked it, and I felt that maybe the robot was an ancient robot with real flesh/skin that was made by an unknown ancient species or group of humans thousands of years ago; and that maybe it was programmed to activate thousands of years after it was buried for some unknown reason(s).

I wanted to turn on the TV so that the robot could listen to more English before I tried to talk with it again, but I went to talk with my family about it first in the dinning room.

I once again told my mom to go to her room and lock the door & block it, I recommended that we let my brothers KD & TD know what was going on, I wanted someone to get me a hammer to use as a weapon just in case, I wanted someone to watch the robot at all times, I wanted to talk to the robot again later to learn about its past/Earth’s past/et cetera, and I wanted to talk with my family about if we should keep the robot a secret from the government/public/et cetera for now or not; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

By John Jr

Hello, I am John Jr, welcome.

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