My Favorite Teacher Abby Martin

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Dream 1

I barely remember part of several dreams from last night with the first dream taking place in a fictional version of D during day, I remember going to a rectangular shaped one story building in fictional part of town & some other people were there, and I went to this area several times during the dream.

More people slowly continued coming to this building, my former classmate SS & some people like Nigahiga (Ryan Higa) from YouTube were there having fun as well, and maybe some pranks and/or conflicts started at some point but I can not remember what happened exactly.

I think that at some point some teachers/police/maybe SWAT came to shut down the gathering of people for some unknown reason(s), I maybe escaped before they arrived by leaving to walk home, and I made it to the train tracks on my grandfather’s street; but I woke up or the next dream started.

Dream 2

In the next dream or the next part of the dream I was a student with other students in a gym-like building, and there were some classes in the building that we had to go to; and the journalist Abby Martin was my teacher or one of my teachers.

I went to Mrs. Martin’s class several times during the dream, there were time jumps/flashbacks/montages of me going to her class throughout the year, and I liked her class and her teaching style; and she was my favorite teacher, and her class was my favorite class.

At some point the school year ended and my class took turns saying goodbye to Mrs. Martin, I waited for my turn to say goodbye to Mrs. Martin, and I looked forward to talking with her & letting her know how much her class meant to me.

At some point it was my turn to say goodbye to Mrs. Martin, I decided to go for a handshake that was to turn into a hug & then I was going to start talking to her/saying my goodbyes, but during my transition from a handshake to a hug she recoiled/moved away from the hug strongly making negative facial expressions/body language like she definitely did not want to hug me.

We awkwardly continued shaking hands in a long failed awkward handshake as we both tried to recover from the situation, and the awkward handshake was a bit like the one in this Nigahiga video:

I was now too embarrassed to spend time having a longer conversation & taking my time saying my goodbyes, and so I quickly told her that her class was my favorite class & that she was my favorite teacher; and that I will miss her class & having her as a teacher, and that I wished that I could keep going to her class & that I could continue to have her as a teacher. (This was awkward/uncomfortable for both of us, and Mrs. Martin still was making negative facial expressions/body language like she hoped that this would be over soon)

I said goodbye/keep up the good work & I walked away quickly still feeling very embarrassed & my goodbye plans had been completely ruined, as I walked outside trying to recover some of my classmates were acting/dressing upper class, and they were looking down on the rest of us & making negative comments about us.

I remember seeing my former classmate AM and maybe his girlfriend walking down a trail with the rest of us & I briefly talked with him/them, and at some point I started running down the trail; and I found out that a race was going on once I reached a hill, and I was the 50th person to cross the finish line.

Maybe they were stopping the race after the 50th person/me, the professional wrestler Randy Orton was doing the talking to me & the others who had completed the race, and next we were going to be randomly chosen to fight in an arena at the bottom of the hill in a gladiator-like arena.

They wanted to narrow down the group of 50 people to 25 people, so it would be one-on-one fighting, and maybe some non-human animals would sometimes be added to the fight because I saw a large gate in the arena; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


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