A Short Lucid Dream With Grace Randolph

File:BH LMC.png
Source: Wikimedia Commons

I barely remember part of several dreams from last night with the first dream taking place at a PL-like general/grocery store probably during the day, and I was there shopping with my dad & my brother GC.

At some point my brother GC had to use bathroom, I went to find a bathroom for him, but then I had to use the bathroom badly; and so when I found the bathroom, I went inside it to use the bathroom, and the bathroom was only big enough for one person.

The bathroom was located in a room near where the PL video store area used to be, as I was sitting on the toilet the lights went out, and so I went outside the bathroom to look into the rest of store to see if the lights were out there as well; and the lights were out there as well, and so I went to see what was happening.

As I was doing this the lights turned back on at some point, I went back to the bathroom to finish, but my dad was in the bathroom now; and so I had to wait, my brother GC walked up to use the bathroom as well, and so I told him that our dad was in the bathroom.

My brother GC reminded me that he had wanted to use the bathroom first, I explained to him what had happened as we waited, but I can not remember what happened after this part.

The next thing that I remember is that I think that I am on an airplane with several other people in what looks like a square-shaped room with some windows & no seats/chairs, we all sat on floor with our backs against the walls, and I noticed Grace Randolph from YouTube to my left talking to someone; and so I greeted her across the room.

Slowly I started moving closer to where Grace was sitting so that I could talk to her, while doing this I would sometimes say a few things to her, but I was nervous; but I continued moving closer so that I could have a conversation with her, but my nervousness continued to get worse.

*Sexual Content Warning*

I stopped moving closer for a moment to try to calm down before making my last move to get closer, while I was trying to calm down I looked up at the window noticing that it did not seem like we were moving/flying in the air, and so I wondered if I was dreaming; and because I thought that this might be a dream I thought about asking Grace if she wanted to have sex with me, but I was not sure if this was a dream or not.

Asking Grace that would be very offensive/rude/et cetera if it was not a dream (in a dream as well but not as bad), and it was too risky to ask her that unless I was sure that I was dreaming; and so I stood up to look out of the window to see if this was a dream or not.

I was correct about this being a dream because when I looked out of the window again we were not moving/flying, we were not in the air but were on the ground it seemed, we were not even on an airplane but in a room, a room that probably was still in the store from the beginning of the dream, and then the dream started to go lucid now that I knew for sure that I was dreaming; and the dream started to become unstable/started trying to collapse as my body started to panic a bit as usual when a dream first goes lucid.

I quietly said out-loud to myself that this is a dream & I told myself to stay calm several times while trying to stay calm, I wanted to start trying to control the dream but normally you should wait until it becomes stable again, but the dream was starting to collapse & get more unstable even though I was calm enough now not to wake up.

I took a risk & I rushed to try to control the dream, the other dream characters probably were not moving or talking at this point because the dream was unstable & lucid, and so I helped Grace stand up; and I asked her if she wanted to have sex with me, and she probably said yes.

I moved us both against the wall where I had sat, we sat down with Grace in my lap facing me, my hands were on her waist & I could feel the softness/et cetera of her waist, but the dream was collapsing with dream characters disappearing; and Grace’s body started to glitch with her hair & face disappearing, her body started bending & twisting unnaturally like she was being sucked into a black hole or something, and then she disappeared or was sucked away into a black hole or whatever before we were able to start having sex.

I was now alone in the dream or the dream completely collapsed into nothing but blackness/darkness, I am not sure which, and after this when I was in the now empty room I was disappointed that my lucid dream collapsed so soon before I could really do anything; and I probably walked out the door back into the store but I am not sure.

There was a clear third part to the dream but I woke up distracted by something else, and I ended up forgetting the last part of the dream which might have involved me meeting up with my dad & my brother GC again but I am not sure.

The end,

-John Jr

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