An Expensive Buffet In The City Of D

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I forgot most of one dream from last night that took place in a slightly fictional version of D during the day, and I remember riding a bicycle on Eastside at first I think.

I remember riding the bicycle near C Elementary School at some point, I stopped at one or more places, and I talked with several people; but I can not remember the details of this part of the dream, and I left on the bicycle at some point.

I ended up riding across town to the shopping center near W Park, I came across a few other people like my former classmate AM, and I talked with him/them; and I went to one or more places.

At some point I rode my bicycle to a fictional restaurant near where the abandoned Dairy Queen is, one of the people earlier in the dream told me about it probably, and I went inside of the restaurant.

It was dimly lit, it had step-like seating that started high and went lower the closer you got to the cash register & buffet area, the buffet area & bottom floor were sunken a bit I think, there were a few people eating/drinking at tables, and I went to the cash register to ask the female worker about the buffet.

The female worker told me that the buffet was over $12 and that was not for everything on the buffet, she started explaining the pricing to me, and the real cost would be maybe $15-to-$20; and so that was too much money for me, and to my surprise my mom entered the restaurant.

I explained the cost to her and I was going to leave but my mom asked the female employee some more questions, and she learned of a sale on one or two items on the buffet that only cost under $2.00; and so my mom bought that, and the female worker prepared my mom’s plate as we waited but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr