Abby Martin Versus Rachel Maddow | Going Back Into A Dream To Talk With A Woman

Dream 1

Amazingly I somehow remembered part of two dreams (I voice recorded the first dream after I woke up to use the bathroom, and then I went back to sleep after thinking about the dream; and later I had another dream), even though I was busy this morning and not able to think about my dreams much or at all really, and the first dream took place during the day in my grandfather’s yard in front of his boat-port/boat.

The journalist Abby Martin had challenged/called out Rachel Maddow on her YouTube channel Breaking The Set, and somehow Mrs. Maddow found out about Mrs. Martin’s challenge or was told about it; and Mrs. Maddow accepted Mrs. Martin’s challenge, and two other female journalists and/or two women with a YouTube Channel with whitish colored skin with shoulder length blond colored hair & one with brownish/dark-colored hair were hosting the debate/challenge/whatever.

For some unknown reason(s) the debate/challenge was taking place in my grandfather’s yard in front of his boat-port/boat with Mrs. Martin sitting on the left side, one of the other women was sitting to the left side of Mrs. Martin, sitting on the right side of Mrs. Martin was the other woman (sitting between Mrs. Martin & Mrs. Maddow), Mrs. Maddow was sitting to the right side of the other woman, and I was standing to the right side of Mrs. Maddow for some unknown reason(s) (I was just there and not really a part of it really, maybe I was there to help keep the peace or something like that or just a spectator).

Mrs. Martin and Mrs. Maddow both looked a bit serious and like they both did not like each other, so they mostly avoided looking at each other or talking directly to each other, and there was a man filming the debate/challenge I think.

The two other women started the introduction to the debate/challenge by giving a brief introduction to Mrs. Martin and Mrs. Maddow, they asked both of them to say a few things about themselves, they asked both of them to name some things that they did not like about each other, and then they asked them both to name some things that they liked/respected about each other; and during this Mrs. Martin and Mrs. Maddow made a few aggressive comments toward each other, and Mrs. Maddow seemed to be making the case that she was the more intelligent/the better educated/the better qualified/the better journalist/et cetera of the two of them.

Mrs. Maddow asked Mrs. Martin if she knew any other languages besides English, she did not, and Mrs. Maddow said/bragged that she knew French; and one of the other women said that she knew French as well, and they both said a few things in French to each other.

I decided to join the conversation by using a few words that I know in French, in French I said: “You know French, very good Madam!” and then in French I said: “I know a bit of French but not much.” and so Mrs. Maddow said something in French that was beyond my level of French (which is below basic); and so I did not understand what she said.

In French I asked/said: “Comment? (Pardon?)” and Mrs. Maddow repeated the advanced French phrase again, but I still did not understand it; and so I started trying to remember all the French words and phrases that I know, and then my memory started to become clear enough for me to start speaking some new phrases but Mrs. Maddow started ignoring me as I started saying them & she started talking in French to the other woman again.

Once I realized that they were completely ignoring me speaking in French better this time, I stopped speaking in French while feeling a bit insulted/sadden/annoyed, and I just stood there silently again while they spoke French; and Mrs. Martin and the other woman were silent as well, they did not know any French, and Mrs. Martin looked a bit embarrassed because she only knew English & so it made Mrs. Maddow seem smarter than her or something like that.

They then went to a commercial break and/or they asked me to go buy something at a store and/or I left in my automobile on my own, either way, I ended up driving to a fictional area with a parking lot & a small store that sold tools/various other items/food & drink; and I went inside the store looking to buy something that I can not remember exactly.

There were several workers in the store wearing work vests, one of them was a woman with whitish colored skin with maybe brownish colored hair but I can not remember how she looked exactly, and she greeted me & helped me; and she was very nice to me, I explained what I was looking for, I asked her questions about what I was looking for, and we talked about other things as well.

I remember us both having a very good conversation not only about what I was looking for but about various other things like our lives/interests/et cetera, work/jobs, money, et cetera; and at some point I was going to buy a thin regular-looking calculator, but the woman told me that it cost over $30, and that was too much for me & so I put it back.

The woman made some other suggestions for something cheaper that could do whatever that expensive calculator could do but that would cost much less, she showed me some phone/answering machine-like equipment & something else I think, but another customer needed her help & she had talked with me a long time & her manager was staring at her for talking with me for too long; and so she had to go help the other customer, even though we both really wanted to talk some more, and so she told me that she was sorry/she had to go help another customer/but if I need more help then I could ask her & then she left to help the other customer.

I looked around at the equipment that she showed me trying to decide if I should buy it or not while waiting & hoping for a chance to talk with the woman again, I really enjoyed talking with her and I wanted to continue or conversation, but I knew that she was busy & I saw her manager complain to her about talking with me for too long after she finished helping the customer after me; and so I decided to not bother her again to avoid her getting in trouble, and maybe I went to the part of the store that sold food & drink that you could sit down & eat at a few tables.

I bought some food & drink maybe from a somewhat older woman with whitish colored skin with blondish colored hair who looked & sounded like she smoked a lot & her skin was somewhat leathery but she was nice as well (she was a country bartender-type person who gives advice to people when they look like they need it, and she probably said a few things to me while I was there), I sat down at a table probably, and I thought about my conversation with the woman who had helped me earlier; and about what I learned about her.

I remember learning that the woman was a hard-worker who worked the maximum amount of hours that she legally could (she wanted to work more, but it was illegal), she seemed to be low-income/lower-class like me, she probably wanted to finish college or to go to college one day like me, she was pretty smart/nice/et cetera, she was similar to me in some ways and very compatible with me it seemed, she probably was single like me, she probably had no kids like me, and we both seemed to be interested in each other.

I wanted to go back to talk with the woman but I still did not want to get her in trouble, and so I somewhat sadly left the store (and I forgot my food & drink that I did not finish, I think, because I was distracted by my thoughts about the woman & wishing that I would have given her my phone number); and I walked with my head down toward what I thought was my automobile while the sunlight was glaring, I pressed the unlock button to unlock my automobile & I heard it unlock, but when I looked up I saw a brownish colored automobile that was not my automobile but it was the same model of automobile as mine.

A thin man with whitish colored skin with long hair wearing a whitish colored muscle shirt or jersey with shorts was standing in front of me by the driver’s door, and two women with whitish colored skin were on the passenger sides; and the man angrily asked me what was I doing unlocking his automobile & what was I doing walking up to it, and so I apologized to him while explaining the mistake that I made but the man was still angry.

I told the man goodbye because he would not listen and I walked off to find my automobile, but the man angrily followed me while yelling at me & saying that he was going to call the police on me; and he was acting like he wanted to fight me, and so I started to get annoyed at first but then I started to get angry because he kept following me & yelling at me & threatening me.

I tried the stay calm and I kept telling him to calm down while I kept walking away explaining that I had made a mistake, two men with whitish colored skin wearing baseball hats with t-shirts & blue jeans who looked like they work at a farm were watching & laughing at the man over-reacting as they stood in front of the store, and I warned the man to calm down & to stop threatening me; and I warned him what might happen if he touched me, because I was ready to punch him in the face.

I saw my automobile on the far left side of the parking lot, I turned around to the man following me/yelling at me & I pointed to where my automobile was, but when I looked back it was gone magically; and then I told him that my automobile was missing now, and he finally stopped for a moment.

He turned back to look at his automobile but it was gone & the two women were gone, he started yelling about where is his automobile to himself, and then he went inside the store to call the police while complaining loudly; and then I saw my automobile on the far right side of the parking lot magically, and so I walked toward it.

The two men in front of the store joined me and we talked about the entire situation, we found my automobile and the man’s automobile and the two women, and the two women were laughing like they had played a prank on the man & maybe me as well; and so we briefly talked with them, and we told them to go talk with the man before he called the police & so they left to do that.

I asked the two men if they wanted a ride somewhere and they said yes, and so we started to drive away but I got stuck on a hill or something or I could not find my way out of the parking lot; and so the two men walked off, and I followed them.

They went into a building on the hill that looked like the street was located on the other side of the building, so the building was like a wall, and inside it was dimly lit & it looked like a slaughter-house/meat processing plant/factory or something like that; and we were on a hallway, and I saw the two men going through two double doors that you push open, and I followed them but I did not see them when I entered the next room.

There were several different double doors that you could push open on four sides of the building, I went through one of them, but it was a dark room with cow heads/maybe other body parts & maybe body parts of other non-human animals as well hanging on the walls & around the room; and so I tried another dark room, but I saw some cows/maybe other non-human animals moving around & so I left that room too.

I was back in the other room again with four or more directions/doors that I could go through, there was a punching bag-like object hanging from the ceiling near the middle of the room where I was standing, and while I was looking at that a bull entered the room from another room like it was on its was to the slaughter room; and so I climbed the punching bag-like object to avoid it, but it smelled me & so it stopped before entering what I think was the slaughter room.

The bull turned back and he walked toward the punching bag-like thing because it smelled me, I quietly hung in the air holding the rope/chain hoping that he would not see me, but then another bull that was larger than the first bull entered the room; and this bull was aggressive, and the smaller bull was afraid of him & he backed away.

The large aggressive bull smelled me too, he looked up at me hanging in the air, and so I tried to climb higher; and the large bull made a loud noise like he was going to charge the punching bag-like object to knock me down & he probably hit it with his horns, and I was so afraid that I accidentally woke myself up.

Dream 2

Later I had another dream where I went back to the first dream world to the store to find the woman who had helped me & talked with me (going back to a dream world like this is very rare, especially in the same night, and everything was the same as when I last left it), I remembered the parts of the first dream at the store & so everything was familiar & everything looked the same, and even the workers remembered me; but they told me that the woman had left the store for the day because her shift was over, and so I sat back down at the table I ate at earlier feeling a bit disappointed/sad.

The same woman from last time who worked at the food section was there, she saw me looking sad, and she talked with me & she gave me some advice.

She told me that she had watched the other woman and I talking last time, she said that it was clear that we both were interested in each other & that the woman had told her & some of the other workers that she was interested in me, she joked about how the woman worked so many hours and how she would work more if it was legal, she told me to cheer up and to give the woman my phone number the next time I see her, and she gave me some other advice; and so I thanked her, but then to my surprise the woman who I was looking for greeted me.

She had come back to the store to visit her co-workers and she had hoped to find me, I then noticed that my left-over food (some pineapples I think) & drink (some fruit juice I think) were still at the table, and so I pointed this out to the woman; and I thanked her for indirectly reminding me about my food & drink, and then I started eating & drinking it as we talked.

She probably got some food as well or I bought some food for her or her co-worker gave it to her for free or she brought her own food, and we ate/drank/talked together at the table; and it was very nice.

I felt very comfortable/relaxed with her and with her co-workers and with the store and with the dream world, it felt so safe/comfortable like being home (it is hard to describe) and like the other dream characters were my Undercover Dream Security and/or direct family, and so I felt that they would protect me if anyone/anything threatened me.

The woman asked for my mobile phone & so I gave it to her & she gave me her phone number by putting her phone number on my mobile phone & she probably joked about how I could now contact her that way instead of going around the world looking for her and I gave her my phone number & I told her that I should have given her my phone number earlier, she joked that she would immediately send me a lot of text messages so that we could get started communicating now or something silly like that, and we both started to laugh; and she really did send me several text messages, and I started responding to them to continue the joke.

Things felt so comfortable/peaceful/safe/familiar that it is too hard to describe, it was the kind of place/moment where you could imagine yourself living/staying there forever, and still be happy/at peace.

It was like finding where you truly belong and who you truly belong with, it felt like home but maybe more like home than in real life, it did not feel like a dream or real life exactly, it felt like home, yes, that is the best word that I can think of; I felt like I was home, maybe where it began and/or where it never ends and/or where it ends, but I woke up.

I felt good/positive when I woke up, as expected.

When I think about it, Duncan Sheik’s song Home goes well with the end of the dream I think:

The end,

-John Jr

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