My Former Classmate JC Temporarily Becomes President Of A Hotel / W-Like Store

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Dream 1

I barely remember part of several dreams from last night with the first dream taking place at a school / college that might have looked a bit like the upper floor of D High School, and I was there as a student starting school on the first day of school probably; and I probably walked around the hallways trying to find my classes, and I might have went to several classes but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

I had another dream where my family and I went out-of-town on vacation or something like that, and we went to a hotel that was also a W-like store (Walmart?); and my former classmate JC was living there, and he let me spend the night in his hotel / apartment room I think for free probably to help us save some money.

JC and the other workers / people living at the hotel / store were starting their own government to run the hotel/store, and JC had been chosen to temporarily be the president until they could vote for another president; and they planned on voting for a president, and voting for a congress to run the hotel/store along with the voters having more say/power than the average republic/whatever (basically they were going to be more democratic).

I remember walking around listening to various workers/people who lived there talking about how the voting/government should work, and I even explored parts of the W-like store; and I think that they voted in a new president before the dream was over but I could be wrong, but that is all that I can remember.

Dream 3

The next dream took place during the night and I think that I was riding in a car with my former classmate JC, and as we were passing by an apartment complex we saw a lot of people outside & some police automobiles there; and so we stopped to see what was going on.

People were saying that a man tried to shoot a woman and her brother fought the man, and the woman was my female cousin TE (who I did not see in the dream because she was still in the building talking with the police probably) and the brother was my cousin ME (TE’s brother); and so this worried me a bit, and made me more curious.

I remember standing outside with the crowd waiting to see if my cousins were okay, I saw Angry Joe from YouTube in the crowd with slicked back hair, and he had someone filming him & the situation; and I remember him joking about how there were not many people with whitish colored skin around, this areas seemed like project housing and/or Eastside, and someone in the crowd recognized Angry Joe.

The person who recognized him was a tall/large somewhat obese man with medium-to-dark brownish colored skin with short black colored hair wearing a long t-shirt or polo shirt with a horizontal line pattern with the colors white & maybe red, and he interrupted Angry Joe & said: “Hey! You are that guy from YouTube.”; and Angry Joe looked a bit annoyed & like he was used to people saying things like that to him, and so he somewhat responded with a yes but neither one of them said anything else after that, and then they both went back to what they had done.

After this my cousin ME, the man who tried to shoot my cousin TE, and my cousin ME came walking out of the building handcuffed together; and they were supposed to walk to a police vehicle.

I was surprised to see my other cousin ME with them, so I guess he had joined the fight after it happened or something like that, and some of the people in the crowd started showing their support to ME; and so ME seemed like he wanted to show off to the crowd, and so he started trying to fight the man who had tried to shoot my cousin/his sister TE but first he verbally attacked him.

They were handcuffed and so they could not fight really, but my other cousin ME told ME to stop before they get/got into more trouble, and so he stopped; and they got into the police vehicle that looked like a SWAT transport vehicle or something like that.

I waited a bit longer but the police and my cousin TE did not come out of the building, so I decided to leave, and I would try to contact them later; and so I left with my former classmate JC, and we started driving up the road.

Up the road we saw a sports car in the road with two suspicious thin men with whitish colored skin dropping something into the road that could have been a dog or something like that, they saw us, and then they drove past us very fast while looking at us like they might try to kill us if they felt that we might call the police; and we drove slowly by the area in the road where they dropped something, but I can not remember what we saw or did not see.

I think that the two men started driving back toward us once they saw us slow down, and I felt that they were going to try to kill us; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr