On The Set Of A JustKiddingFilms Production

I somewhat remember part of one dream from last night that maybe took place in a fictional version of D, and I was watching an online video from the YouTube channel JustKiddingFilms on my computer; and Bart Kwan was the main character in the video, and I recognized the house that the video was being filmed in from some past dreams (which I thought were real memories).

The house is located in a slightly fictional area on Eastside or right outside Eastside in an area that looks a bit like Mrs. R’s abandoned yard, and it was a small old abandoned rectangular-shaped two-story house that is in a somewhat rough condition; and because I knew where the house was, I decided to go to the house, and so I walked there.

I went inside the house and Bart Kwan was there with his parent’s & several other family members in the kitchen, I greeted them, and I talked with Bart; and he told me that he was moving into the house, his family was visiting to see it/him, and to help him fix it up a bit.

The house was still in a rough condition but we both saw that it had potential, he already had ideas on fixing it up, and so he felt positive about the future of the house; and he gave me a brief tour of the house while explaining what he wanted to change in each room, and I remember his parent’s not feeling as positive about the house or its future as he did.

I told Bart that I had recognized the house from his last video and I told him some of the history of the house from my memories of it from past dreams, he had not known the history of the house, and so learning the history of the house was interesting to him & he thanked me for sharing it; but I only knew the history of the house during my lifetime, but the house was around before I was even born & so I let him know that.

I let Bart get back to visiting/working with his family but I learned that they were about to start filming another video for his/their YouTube channel JustKiddingFilms, and so I decided to watch them film the video; and I followed them to the filming location further up the road to another two-story building or house that was a whitish colored, and it was abandoned too it seemed.

The video started with Bart being captured/kidnapped by some FBI/CIA/Intelligence agents who suspected him and/or someone in his neighborhood/family/ethnic group of plotting a terrorist attack or something like that, they took him inside the abandoned building/house to interrogate/lightly torture him, but he kept telling them that they had the wrong person & that he had no idea what they were talking about; but they did not believe him, and so they kept kidnapping people in his family/neighborhood/ethnic group & some of his friends like Joe Jo.

They would interrogate these people as well and maybe lightly torture some of them trying to get Bart to break/give up the information that they wanted, but Bart kept denying knowing anything.

While the video was being filmed I watched from a field outside of the building in an area that looked like the field by HD Head Start and C Elementary School, slowly other people came to watch the video being filmed as well, and my former classmate SS was one of these people along with a fictional version of my uncle EE; and at some point the filming ended either for a break or it was over, and I remember asking my fictional uncle EE about something.

My fictional uncle EE told me that he had no knowledge/experience in whatever I asked him about, but he explained something about his job/experience when he was an American soldier in the Army during the Vietnam War (which is entirely fictional); and he told me about a memory that he had, it was pretty serious, and he stressed what he learned from that experience & what I should learn from hearing about that experience & then he walked off as I thought about what he told me.

I then met with Bart, Joe, the other people in the video, and with the people who had watched the video being film; and we all talked about the video and other things I congratulated them on the video, and my former classmate SS invited us all to his house for a party/hangout & so we all went to SS’s house.

SS was living in a fictional small one-story house where my aunt JE’s house should be and other people were there as well like his brother MS, our former classmate JC, a man dressed a bit like Jason Voorhees (he even had a mask covering his face), and various other people; and there was music, food, drinks, games, dancing, talking, et cetera.

I remember everyone having fun except for the man dressed a bit like Jason Voorhees, he was sitting around looking serious like he was looking for someone, and I remember another man talking about a biker gang in the area & his involvement with them; and when the man dressed a bit like Jason Voorhees heard this, he approached the man, and beat him up quickly & warned him to pay the biker gang the money that he owed them and/or give them the merchandise that he owed them or he would kill him next time.

This happened so fast that no one really had time to respond, the man dressed a bit like Jason Voorhees left the house, and the man he beat up & threatened looked very afraid; but then everyone else went back to having fun, except for me, and I went outside to see where the man who dressed a bit like Jason Voorhees went.

I was worried about the biker gang coming to the house, so I decided to not follow him or approach him, and I went back inside to talk with the man who he beat up; and I recommended that he leave SS’s house, give the biker gang what they wanted, and never do business with them again & I also warned SS about the situation but he was not worried about it but I woke up.

*I barely remember either another part of this dream or part of another dream*

I think that I was outside during the day in a public or semi-public place like the field from earlier where there were probably other people around, and a woman who was or who looked like the actress Christina Hendricks approached me acting sexy and trying to seduce me maybe; and maybe she knew me somehow, and I remember her getting close to me & touching me while talking to me about something.

This caught me by surprise and I tried to handle the situation appropriately, but that did not stop her; and she continued making physical contact with me probably touching me, hugging me, kissing me, et cetera.

I can not remember if I stopped resisting or not, I probably did stop resisting once I got over the surprise/shock of the situation, and I can not remember how far our physical contact went; and that is all that I can remember.

The end,

  • John Jr

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