My Former Coworker JF Trying To Teach Me Something

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Dream 1

I barely remember part of two dreams from last night with the first dream taking place during the day in a slightly fictional version of D near where MGB & E should be, and there was a small restaurant there next to a cave-like/rocky hole/tear/space in the ground that you could climb over or around to reach a more private entertainment/living room-like room that was part of the restaurant I think.

I went to this restaurant and I remember greeting & talking with some of my former co-workers like CG & Mr. H from the BPSB Computer/Technology Department, who were on their lunch break, and at some point after talking with them I walked to explore the rocky hole/tear/whatever in the ground.

The hole/tear in the ground was like someone had split an opening down a rocky mountain in appearance but it was only probably a few stories deep, and you could climb/jump over it and/or around and/or down it; and on the right side of it was the living room-like area aboveground.

I climbed the rocks over/near the hole until I reached the living room-like area, it had brownish colored carpet & walls probably, and there was a TV on the ground in the most private part of the room; but I can not remember what else was in the room or what I did in the room, I just remember returning to the restaurant at some point.

Back in the restaurant I came across another one of my former co-workers from that same job named JF, he had/has worked at that same job still for over a year, and we talked briefly; and he mentioned some of the new things that he has learned at the job since working there, and so I asked him to teach me some of the things that he learned & he agreed.

I told him about the living room-like area and so we decided to go there so that he could teach me some of the new things that he learned about computers/technology/engineering/et cetera, and so we started climbing over the rocks over/near the hole in the ground; and I noticed a small snake that might have been a rattlesnake.

As usual in dreams with snakes I started slowly seeing more & more snakes as I looked around, I told JF about the snakes, and we tried to avoid them as we climbed over them hiding in cracks in the rocks; and as usual they did not bother us as we tried to avoid them, and we reached the living room-like area.

There JF and I might have played some video games or something on the TV first, and then he started teaching me some of the new things that he learned on his job; but I woke up.

Dream 2

I had another dream but it is very unclear and so it does not make much sense, I remember being at a school that was somewhat like D Junior High School but bigger, and there was a group of people mostly from countries in Asia (Asian) like Syria/Iran/et cetera who were against unnecessary wars; and so they were protesting and/or trying to spread a peaceful message and/or something like that maybe.

Maybe a group that supported unnecessary wars was there as well, some of them might have been agents of official United States (USA) government intelligence agencies or something like that, and maybe they were trying to stop the group who were against the wars; but I can not remember the details.

I remember maybe running, hiding, and sneaking around as I kept coming across members of both groups; but I am not sure what was going on, I just remember a lot of repetition like parts of the dream might have repeated or the dream itself was repetitive, but that is all that I can remember.

The end,

-John Jr