Dashie’s (Charlie Guzman’s) Mom Dies?

*This was just a dream and I have no idea why I even dreamed of something like this, and I hope that this dream does not offend anyone.*

I had problems sleeping last night, and I was/am still sore from heavy weight lifting injures from Thursday.

I have a hurt / sniff / sore neck on the right side, hurt / sore left elbow, and possibly hurt groin.

Hopefully not a hernia again, I was born with an inguinal hernia or more than one, I had to have surgery when I was a baby.

I did not go to sleep until about 3:Something AM.

I somewhat remember part of one dream that took place during the day in a fictional city.

I remember being at a fictional college campus a few times during the dream.

I went outside some dorms with parking lots and in a field in front of those dorms was a small group of semi-indoor / outdoor cabin-like dorms like the cabins at C State Park, and I probably was trying to decide which dorm that I wanted to stay in.

At some point I remember leaving and going to a fictional house where my family lived except for my brother CC.

It was in a fictional version of a fictional neighborhood that is sometimes in my dreams that usually has a field in the neighborhood with flowers / plant & a small wilderness area.

The house was on land that was up higher than the rest of the land in the neighborhood.

One floor of the house was underground, but there were at least two windows to the outside because the land was still above-ground.

Dashie (Charlie Guzman) and Sport from YouTube were there, along with maybe one or more people who I can not remember.

I am guessing that I met them at the college and invited them over or something like that, and so my brothers D&D/my brother GC/I played video games with them/talked with them/et cetera; and we probably ate some food and had something to drink, and everyone was having fun.

At some point, I think that Dashie got a call that something was wrong with his mom and that they needed to take her to the hospital, and so some of us left to the hospital.

I can not remember what happened during this part of the dream.

All that I remember is later in the dream where I was riding in the back seat of a car being driven by Sam Burke with his partner Twitch in the passenger’s seat from Todd McFarlane’s Spawn / Spawn: The Animated Series / Spawn.

We were in a rush from the hospital, it seems, and we had Dashie’s mom’s brain in a plastic container without liquid in the back seat with me.

We were rushing to get back to my parent’s fictional house to get Dashie’s mom brain to Dashie so that we/he could take it to another hospital maybe or something strange like that, maybe.

I am guessing that Dashie’s mom had been stabilized at the hospital earlier in the dream, and that after waiting with her for a while.

Dashie probably went back to my parent’s  house to take a break, along with Sport & some of the others.

Later, he probably got a call that his mom’s situation changed & that she was going to die unless her brain was taken to another hospital in time or something crazy like that, possibly.

I am guessing that I happened to be in the area to help pick up his mom’s brain, and somehow Sam & Twitch were involved or got involved.

I remember Sam driving very fast and moving through traffic as Twitch tried to direct him, and I tried to make sure that Dashie’s mom’s brain did not fall or get damaged.

At some point we made it to my parent’s house, I climbed through the back window of the underground floor where Dashie & the others were, and I had Dashie’s mom’s brain in the plastic container.

Sam opened it and said that Dashie’s mom was dead, I was shocked and asked was he sure & how did he know that, and Twitch probably confirmed that she was dead.

Dashie looked inside it, and he looked shocked / sad / serious / et cetera & he did not say anything.

I was still shocked / confused / saddened, & felt like I had failed a friend.

I was still talking out-loud a bit, wondering if it was true, how could it be true when we tried so hard to save her.

I did not want to believe that there was no hope, I explained the situation, and how we tried to save his mom.

I wanted to tell Dashie that if he needed my help with something, then all he had to do was ask.

I am not comfortable trying to talk to people after someone dies, and I am the type of person who likes my space to deal with death alone.

Dashie seemed to be in no mood to talk, and so I did not bother him.

My dad entered the room and I quietly told him what happened.

He tried to give some words of encouragement to Dashie that involved him talking about the United States Marine Corps & life, and while he did this I was still in shock.

I could not stop thinking about the situation and feeling bad about it, and at some point I did not see Dashie or Sport.

I heard an old man from the neighborhood talking to someone outside the front window, and so I went outside to see if Dashie & Sport were outside.

I wanted to at least tell Dashie that if he needed some help that all he had to do was ask, when I got outside, Dashie & Sport were gone.

I walked to the back window trying to clear my mind and I noticed that the back window was a security risk for the house because there was a small ladder under it that allowed you to climb inside it to reach the underground floor.

We had a wooden board that could be put behind it, and the window had frosted window film for privacy.

The wooden board could easily be moved, though, and so I tried to think of how we could better secure the window.

The possible death of Dashie’s mom was still bothering me.

So I drove back outside the college dorms to try to clear my mind, and to try to decide which dorm to live in.

I wanted to go inside an empty room at each dorm to see what it looked like on the inside of each dorm, but I woke up before I could do this.

The end,

  • John Jr

7 replies on “Dashie’s (Charlie Guzman’s) Mom Dies?”

Hello Farhan,

If you are asking about in real life then that is a good question, I do not know what happened to his mom, the only time that I have ever heard Dashie mention his mother was in this Twitter post that I found from years ago:

-John Jr


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