A Doctor Sends Someone To My Grandfather’s House To Intimidate Us?

I remember part of one dream from last night that started during the day inside a fictional multi-story hospital on an upper floor, I am not sure if I was in the dream or not during this part of the dream, and a man who looked like a doctor who just got out of surgery was walking down a busy hallway like he was on his way to a sterilization room/whatever (a room where you clean yourself after surgery).

The man had whitish colored skin, he was wearing a greenish/teal/bluish colored surgical suit/scrubs/medical outfit/whatever with a head-cover/hat & a whitish colored fabric mask/mouth-cover/whatever over his mouth & nose, and he walked to another hallway; and on this hallway he approached another doctor, and he asked to talk with him alone in that doctor’s office with the door closed.

Once inside the other doctor’s office the man took off his mask & maybe his hat/head-cover, I saw that he had burgundy colored scrubs/whatever under his greenish/teal/bluish colored ones when he crossed his legs or lifted them or something like that, and the man told the doctor that he needed to call in a big favor/ask for a favor; but the other doctor said something that I can not remember, and the man told him that he was not asking him but telling him.

The other doctor looked afraid at this point & he got very quiet and it seemed that he owed the man a big favor, he was afraid of the man like he knew that he was dangerous, and the man did seem dangerous at this point to me as well; and he seemed like the type of person who was good at hiding his true self/nature, a good actor, but he really was a dangerous/negative type person it seemed like a criminal mastermind or someone like that.

The man told the other doctor about a certain situation that I can not remember unfortunately, it was something that was serious enough for him to call in a favor for because he wanted the situation handled where it would not trace back to him, and so he wanted the other doctor to send someone/people to handle a situation/person/some people for him.

The other doctor was to pick one or more people for the job, the man would give him the orders/commands, and he would pass them on to his person/people handling the situation/person/people.

The man wanted one or more people dealt with, he wanted the other doctor’s people to intimidate the target(s)/play mind games with them first, and if that did not fix the situation he probably wanted the target(s) murdered; but the other doctor said that he did not want to be involved with murder, the man told him that they would try intimidation first, but if that failed they would be murdered whether he liked it or not & he was going to have his people do it whether he liked it or not or else he was going to be murdered too probably.

The other doctor felt that he had no choice and so he agreed, and next I remember going to my grandfather’s house; and it seemed that I was living there with at least two unknown women.

I am not sure who the women were but I think that one of them might have slightly reminded me of Aisha Clan-Clan from the anime (animated) TV show Outlaw Star, and oddly I do not remember seeing my grandfather or any of my direct or indirect family members in the dream.

One or both of the women might have mentioned a situation to me that involved the doctor from earlier in the dream but I can not remember what was said, I might have told them what I saw/heard that man/doctor mention to the other doctor, and so I probably told them that we should be cautious & ready for a possible attack; but we hoped that would not happen, we made the mistake of not preparing much (which is not like me), and later in the dream during night we probably went to sleep mostly unprepared.

One of the women slept in the room that is supposed to be my grandfather’s room (but he was not in the dream), the other woman probably slept in the room that my uncle JE uses when visiting my grandfather (which is on the same hallway as my grandfather’s room), and maybe I was using the middle room; and at some point during the night I got up to make sure the inside of the house was still safe, and so I brought a baseball bat with me.

I checked the family room/dining room & the bedroom in that area first, I checked the kitchen & breakfast room second, I checked the bathroom outside of the kitchen third, I checked the living room fourth, and then I checked the bedrooms & bathroom on the hallway that my grandfather uses; and everything was clear, but I decided to make one more pass/check around the inside of the house.

As I was passing the kitchen I noticed the curtains blowing in the breakfast room, I glanced from in the kitchen into the breakfast room, and I saw that one of the windows was now open to my surprise/shock/horror; and so someone had sneaked inside the house right after my first time patrolling the inside of the house, and so I yelled for the two women to wake up because someone was in the house.

I ran with my baseball bat to the two women, I probably told them to grab some weapons as well, and we went to the breakfast room together to search it first; but no one was in there, we went through the kitchen, we searched the bathroom outside the kitchen, we searched the living room, and then we went to search the hallway where their bedrooms were.

The first woman’s bedroom was messed up like someone had just been in the room and the second woman’s bedroom was messed up as well, maybe my room too but I am not sure, and so we searched the rest of the first floor; but we saw and heard no one, they were gone now it seemed, but it was clear that this was meant as a message to us.

To us this was a warning that they could enter & exit the house without us seeing them, so they could kill murder us too if they wanted to, and so they wanted us to do whatever it is that they wanted us to do or not do (they probably wanted one or both of the women & maybe me to not report something, so they could cover up something, but I am not sure).

The man/doctor from earlier in the dream really wanted to cover up/hide/avoid something, so it must have been something that could ruin/hurt his career/him & maybe get him arrested, and so he was willing to do whatever it took to make sure that did not happen; but he had to do it indirectly through the other doctor & his people.

They wanted to try to intimidate us & play mind games with us first, hoping that would keep them/her/us quiet, and their first attempt was a success at playing mind games with us; and I probably did not sleep the rest of the night after having them get past our defenses or lack there of.

I stayed up to watch the house all night and I wanted to wait until morning to go outside to try to figure out a way to secure the windows, because my grandfather’s house has too many insecure windows, and so trying to secure the house would be hard/a nightmare/almost impossible without money/time/help; and so I was stressing myself trying to figure out how to secure the house, and I felt like a failure for letting someone get into the house while I was on patrol.

The next morning I had a meeting with the two women about helping me figure out ways to better secure the house/windows, I wanted us to take turns patrolling the house so that someone was always awake watching the inside of the house, I wanted to buy us all some pepper spray, and I had other ideas; and after the meeting I went outside to check the yard, and to try to find a cheap/easy way to secure the outside of the windows.

I remember finding some wood and thinking of ways that I could use it to bar up the windows without blocking all the light or visibility, at some point I went back inside because I was stressing myself too much over securing the house, but someone knocked at the door shortly after I went inside; and so I probably got my baseball bat, and I answered the door cautiously.

At the door was a young man with dark brownish colored skin with black colored hair in hairstyle called a fade who looked a bit like my cousin E(C)E when he was that age, he said something that I did not remember, and I told him goodbye; and I closed the door because I did not know him & I was being cautious, but I heard him say that he was family & so I opened the door again.

I asked him how was he related to me and he mentioned that he was related to my aunt DE, I asked him a question to test him & he answered it successfully, and so it seemed that he really was an indirect family member of mine who(m) I had never met; and so I let him inside the house while asking him why did he not say that he was family from the beginning, I asked him this partly as a joke, and then I apologized to him for closing the door in his face at first.

I explained the situation that had happened during the night and I told him that is why I was being so cautious, and I introduced him to the two women; and we all talked for a while, and at some point the two women continued to talk with him as I went to do something else but my memory is unclear.

At some point I remember holding a red colored plastic milk crate with built-in handles that had two baby boys in it who looked like my brothers KD & TD when they were babies, but I am not sure who the babies really were or who they were for or how did they get into the house or why I was holding them; but it seemed that I was only briefly watching them for someone or the others, and at some point I tried to find the others/whoever in the house to give them the babies.

Oddly I could not find the others (the two women, my fictional indirect family member, or whoever the babies was for), even when calling out for them, and the house was very quiet/still/dark like it might have been during the night now; and so I started to get worried/afraid/cautious, and so I brought the babies in the crate with me to get a weapon.

I found a smaller baseball bat in the room of one of the two women, so now I was holding the babies in the crate in one hand, and I was holding the baseball bat in the other hand; and then I heard a noise, it was not the others, and so I got into defensive mode.

I started to sneak quietly holding the babies & the baseball bat, the situation was bad/serious/scary having to protect the babies as well, and so my main goal/mission was to protect the babies now; and so sometimes I would set the babies down in the crate on the floor while I cleared a room, and I was trying to find a safe place with no windows to hide them or with them but only the middle room on the first floor had no windows.

I was very cautious and afraid as I sneaked around trying to protect the babies while hoping to find one of the others so that they could protect the babies while I went after the threat(s), in the hallway where the two women had their bedrooms I noticed a door that I did not notice before, and it was partly open; and this was a fictional door that led to the second floor, I had forgotten about the second floor because in real life no one has been on the second floor in years & the door to it is blocked off, and it seemed that someone had either entered the house from the second floor and/or went up to the second floor.

The situation was now even worse because there was an entire other floor to search and where the threat(s) could hide/enter the house, there is even an outside stairway that leads to the second floor, but I saw that the second floor had potential to be our safe zone if I could clear it & fortify it because there is only one entrance/exit door on the outside for the second floor & only about three windows & an attic fan; and so it would be an easy floor to secure & we could escape to the roof or through the stairway if necessary to make an emergency escape.

But I needed to find a safe place for the babies and/or to find one of the others so that they could protect the babies while I cleared the house, and so I continued protecting the babies while sneaking toward the middle room since it has no windows but it has two doors that leads to both hallways which would make it harder to secure; but it was the safest room on the first floor.

I was hoping to hide them/us in the closet and/or hide them in an opening in the wall for bed sheets/et cetera, if necessary, and I was very tense/focused/cautious/afraid/serious/et cetera at this point; and my senses were so focused/so on alert that in the real world I heard someone moving in a closet that sounded almost like someone sneaking around, and so I accidentally woke up from the dream because of that noise.

I woke up almost thinking that I was still dreaming and all that was on my mind was protecting the babies, but I realized that I was awake now & that it was only my dad getting something out of his closet.

The end,

-John Jr

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