9-16-2013 | Dream Fragments | Trying To Find A Dictionary For My Mom

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I barely remember part of two dreams from last night with the first dream taking place during the day in a public area that I can not remember, and I saw my cousin TE & maybe my cousin/her brother ME; and so I greeted her/them.

I had not talked with her in a few years and so I mentioned this to her and I took the time to talk with her for a while, maybe her son/my cousin was with her as well or we talked about him but I am not sure which of those is correct, and that is all that I can remember of this dream.

*I just remembered part of another dream or the same dream where an unknown woman asked me about my new username/address, one thing that I remember her asking me is if I would use it for formal purposes as well & she gave me her opinions/recommendations but I can not remember any of the details unfortunately, and I can not remember the rest of this dream or this part of the dream.*

The next dream took place in a slightly fictional version of D at my parent’s house and my mom asked me to find her a dictionary for some reason that I can not remember, and so I decided to walk to the D High School to find her a dictionary; and I remember walking past my former classmate JP‘s house, oddly I think that it seemed to be late afternoon or late evening or early night at this point even though it might have seemed brighter outside at first, but I am not sure.

There was a fictional always open front part/area of the D High School building where the main entrance that leads to the offices should be, this area was similar to the front area of the D Post Office where the post office boxes & mail slots are, but this area had mostly lockers instead of post office boxes; but there seemed to possibly be some post office boxes there as well for teachers, and there was a large book shelf with books next to the lockers/possible post office boxes.

Most of the lockers were not being used because in the dream it was summer time/summer vacation time, I started looking at the book shelf for a dictionary, but oddly I found mostly encyclopedias/some other books/other supplies/et cetera & no dictionaries; and so I decided to see if one of the doors leading inside the rest of the school was unlocked or not, and the doors were unlocked & so I went inside one of them.

I walked up a hallway passed a desk with several women behind it with dark brownish colored skin with black colored hair who looked familiar like they were from Eastside, I probably greeted them & kept walking up the hallway, and I past several classrooms with students in them oddly even though it was summer time/summer vacation time; and so I assumed that summer school was going on for students who did not pass the last school year.

I looked around for a dictionary and I drank some water at a water fountain but I still did not find a dictionary, and so I started to walk back down the hallway to leave the school; and as I past the desk one of the women asked me if I was there for summer school, I said no, and I told her that I was trying to find a dictionary for my mom.

She did not know where one was either and so I said goodbye/thank you & I kept walking, I turned down another hallway, and oddly there was a little diner with one bar-style seating area on the side of the hallway; and there was a man, a young woman (probably his daughter), and someone else working at the diner.

I stopped to look at the sign but a woman who was a teacher/worker at the school with whitish colored skin with short brownish colored hair walked up to me angrily telling me/demanding me to tuck in my shirt, I saw my reflection on something, and I was wearing a light bluish colored long sleeve button shirt with either khaki/tan-colored pants or navy blue colored dress pants with a black colored belt; and this woman’s attitude & demand annoyed me, but I tucked in my shirt anyway hoping that she would go away.

The woman then told the man working at the diner to make me a cup of coffee but I was full of water that I drank earlier & I had to urinate so I said no thank you & I explained that I had drunk a lot of water recently & that I was full, but the woman once again told him to make me a cup of coffee; and so I once again said no thank you, and I heard the woman whisper to the man saying: “Stall him.”.

I found this to be very odd that the woman was still bothering me and that she wanted to stall me even though I did what she asked, I assumed that she was going to call the police on me or something like that for some unknown reason, and so she wanted to stall me long enough for them to arrive; and so I told them that I needed to use the bathroom, I really did have to use the bathroom, and I would possibly try to escape after using the bathroom or I would wait around to see why she was trying to stall me.

I went to a handicap men’s bathroom on the hallway because that was the only men’s bathroom that I saw, the bathroom was nothing but stalls & there was a person in a wheelchair in one of the stalls, and so I went into another stall & I started urinating; and oddly I only had a partial stall & so I could see the other stall & the back wall was missing, and we were near the road on the field where we used to play little league soccer/football.

Anyone outside or passing by on the road could see me, somehow I had a piece of paper that I used to somewhat shield myself, and oddly I was completely naked now as I stood there urinating while looking outside at the road (it was daylight outside again oddly) & at the other stall with someone in it who could probably see me through a crack/opening in their stall; and I started to feel a bit uncomfortable as I realized that I was naked & exposed while urinating where people could see me from the outside & inside from the other stall.

A truck drove passed me on the road as I was still urinating standing up while naked holding a piece of paper to somewhat shield myself, and then a school bus past by which was very uncomfortable; but then I accidentally woke up in the real world because I actually had to urinate in the real world, fortunately I did not really urinate in the real world while dreaming, and so I got up to use the bathroom in the real world.

-The end

By John Jr

Hello, I am John Jr, welcome.

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