A Repeating Search?

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I forgot almost all of my dreams after waking up focusing on trying to solve one of the most frustrating & confusing computer problems that I have faced in a while, I have tried to figure it out for two days now, but I still have not fixed it yet.

The other day I experimented with installing an older Nvidia graphics driver for Ubuntu to see if it would fix my problem with some online videos playing choppy & embedded YouTube videos on playing choppy; but Ubuntu would not boot after restarting my computer, I can not use any of the terminals to try to remove the Nvidia drivers, I can not boot from any of my DVD-Rs or DVD-RWs or my memory card that I have set as a bootable Ubuntu installation device & I even tried to make new bootable devices from the Windows side & the Ubuntu side on my other computer, and so I can not re-install Ubuntu or fix it or delete it or anything.

My Windows 7 side works fortunately but none of this is making sense and it is frustrating and illogical, I am trying a variety of things & looking at message boards but so far nothing is working, but I have not given up yet; but I do feel like breaking something, I can not believe that one driver problem could magically stop you from doing anything to an entire operating system in any way shape or form, it makes no sense.

I even tried almost all the Recovery Mode options but nothing has worked so far, I tried reverting to Previous Versions of Ubuntu, but even that does not work.

It is sad because Ubuntu was working well except for a few minor problems & zero privacy settings for the default image viewer & movie player & some programs ignoring global privacy settings that are set for the entire operating system, and so it is sad to see something like this happen that even has someone like me unable to fix it after two days; and this makes me have doubts about recommending Ubuntu if it can be completely broken this easily over a simple graphics driver that was shown under Additional Drivers (Proprietary).

So a Nvidia graphics driver has the power to destroy Ubuntu Linux and to stop most recovery options?

Even on Windows I could easily re-format and re-install a broken Windows installation, why can I not do that with Ubuntu now?

*I finally fixed the problem by deciding to try another graphics/video card, in my case I also have on-board/built-in graphics/video & so I took out my graphics card so that I could use the on-board graphics, and it worked; and then I was finally able to remove the Ubuntu Killing Nvidia drivers, and then I was able to use my graphics card again & use Ubuntu again finally!*

Anyway, in my dream I remember it being day time maybe, and maybe I was in my room or somewhere else; and something and/or someone might have kept searching for something/someone repeatedly.

I just remember a possible repeating of something/someone being searched for over and over, maybe they would come to my room/me to ask me if whatever/whoever they were searching for was here or not, but I would probably say that it/they are not here and/or it/they would say that; but I can not remember and my memory is too unclear now because I did not stop to think about my dream after waking up.

Their search never ended & kept repeating, but that is all that I can remember.

The end,

-John Jr

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