A Lisa Nova (Lisa Donovan) Archive | A Stolen Tusk | Flirting With Jennifer Aniston? | Talking With My Cousin DE / Tina | A Large Drunken Fight

I remember part of five dream fragments, some of them are part of the same dream(s) and some of them are not part of the same dream(s), but to make it easier on me & because my memory is unclear about which dream fragments are part of the same dream(s) or not; I am separating them as separate dream fragments.

Dream 1

The first dream fragment that I remember involved me finding either an old Lisa Nova (Lisa Donovan) video archive and/or an old room she used to use to make videos and/or I found Lisa Nova herself but I am not sure which of these combinations is correct (maybe they all are correct), and I remember watching some of the old fictional videos in the archive(s).

Lisa Nova looked slightly different and/or was not wearing makeup in most of the videos, in one video I noticed that she had weird feet or a weird foot and/or a weird toe or weird toes that looked strange/did not look right & maybe it seemed that she was missing one or more toes, but my memory is too unclear; but I know that it/they looked strange to me even in the dream, and I remember thinking/talking about that/them/it.

Most of the videos were yoga-like/fitness-like/et cetera videos where Lisa Nova & sometimes one or more people would do exercises/yoga/whatever in various strange locations, often in dangerous places high in the air on small bridges/ropes/land/mountains/et cetera over empty space where you could fall & die, and some of the videos did not have Lisa Nova in them but those videos followed the same pattern but they were even more strange/dangerous.

I remember one of the fitness/yoga-like videos without Lisa Nova in it had several men, one of them with dark brownish colored skin with short curly black colored hair wearing fitness-like clothes, and they were high in the air over an empty space where you could fall & die; and they were standing & doing exercises/yoga/whatever on a bridge made of living strange/somewhat cartoon-like non-human animals & dinosaur-like creatures, and the creatures/non-human animals would sometimes move & stop holding each other so the bridge would temporarily be disconnected but the bridge would not fall oddly.

Even in the dream I found these fitness/yoga-like videos to be dangerous/strange/confusing, but I kept watching/skipping through various videos in the archive(s); and some of the videos were videos where Lisa Nova would give computer advice, and these videos were probably recorded in maybe the same room where the archive was.

I was surprised that Lisa Nova actually made videos giving computer advice sometimes, and I was even more surprised when I noticed that she was using one of the older versions of Ubuntu Linux on her computer in the videos (because these were old videos); and most of her computer advice was about free and open source software & budget hardware (she had a small device of some kind that I can not remember what it was, I think that it was the color black & made of plastic, and maybe it was somewhat square-shaped) to my surprise, and I thought that was great.

I might have been in the same room where she had filmed her computer advice videos but it was abandoned now it seemed, but her old fictional video archive was probably still in the room; and some of her stuff was still there like her chair, maybe her computer, maybe some video editing equipment, et cetera.

It was like finding some old ruins or something like that and I think that the room had a lot of orangish colored padded fabric/carpet-like material on some of the walls/floor/furniture/et cetera, there were some other colors but I remember that color clearly & I remember in front of the computer & video editing equipment area was a long glass window like in a music recording studio but you could also see the outside, and I remember thinking about how Lisa Nova looked & acted different in those old videos; and I remember wondering why Lisa Nova disappeared/stopped making videos on YouTube because I have not seen her online for over two years, but that is all that I can remember of this dream fragment.

Dream 2

The second dream fragment took place outside during the day in a fictional area/city in a quiet field-like/alley-like area that was probably between two neighborhoods, I remember being there with my dad & an unknown woman with dark brownish colored skin with long shiny somewhat curly black colored hair, and they were showing me & telling me about some of the history of this field-like area.

The field-like area had short grass, broken rocks in some areas, broken concrete in some areas, and a few tall rock and/or broken concrete structures; and as they talked I could sometimes see flashbacks of the past events that they were telling me about, and I could see how this area used to look then back during a time period that might have been between the 1950s and the 1970s.

They told me about a community/church who considered themselves to be part of the African-American ethnic group (they would say race, but I believe that we Humans are one species/race, so every other grouping system is just social/ethnic), and about their struggles living in this area back then during segregation/open legal racism/race based conflicts/et cetera.

In the field there used to be an ancient tusk that was found in stone/rocks in the ground and the African-American church/community there adopted it as their mascot/symbol/whatever, there was a corrupt police chief with racist beliefs in the area who was a man with whitish colored skin with short blondish/grayish/whitish colored hair, and there was a group of men with racist beliefs who also had whitish colored skin who used to give the African-American church/community problems/a hard time/attack them.

The chief of police was supposed to protect the African-American church/community and/or the ancient tusk by guarding the area at night, but one night the ancient tusk was stolen from the ground.

The African-American church/community reported the theft to the police and the corrupt police chief pretended to care/investigate the theft, but he really did not try to solve the case or care; and after many years the case was never solved and the ancient tusk was never found.

I remember imagining the men with whitish colored skin with racist beliefs sneaking into the field-like area during the night and using tools/equipment to break the ancient tusk from the rock/stone in the ground; and I imagined them stealing it as an attack on the African-American church/community, and I imagined the police chief knowing about this but helping cover it up.

The theft of the ancient tusk sadden the African-American church/community, years later the church was probably torn down, and now the field-like area was abandoned ruins of/from the past; and I remember climbing on top of one of the tall rock and/or concrete structures, I did not know how to climb down, and so I jumped down.

I was afraid to jump from so high and so I expected to hurt myself once I landed, but I landed lightly to my surprise without hurting myself fortunately (the fall felt so real, I even got that strange feeling that you get when falling in real life, but the landing was fake/dream-like because it was so light/soft); but I can not remember the rest of this dream fragment, but I know that my dad & the unknown woman talked about the past a lot & I think that the woman used to live in that community and/or used to attend that church & maybe my dad used to visit that church sometimes.

Dream 3

The third dream fragment took place inside of a W-like general store or W, the fourth dream fragment & the third dream fragment were probably part of the same dream, and my dad & I went inside the store; and so maybe the second dream fragment was also part of the same dream as the third & fourth dream fragments.

I remember going to a corner-like part of the store that was probably in the almost middle back area on the short side of the rectangular shaped building near where one might expect the automotive department entrance/exit to be, if that made any sense as all (?)  😀 ,  and there was a partial/semi-wall of mostly shelves with items for sell on it that provided you with some privacy from other parts of the store behind it; and in front of this area were several rows of shelves with one of the shelves having a left side, a small middle side facing the partial wall of shelves, and a right side.

The small middle side of the shelf had a TV playing something that I can not remember, and the right side of the shelf had a TV showing a preacher or a man dressed a bit like a Catholic priest wearing a black colored outfit but he seemed like a Protestant preacher who was preaching about/talking about how he supported slavery of certain groups of people & he supported racism & a slavery/race based system where certain people could gain various ranks as slaves & negative things like that; and my dad was looking for something on the left side of the shelf, and I was looking at the wall of shelves at first.

The preacher was a somewhat older man with whitish colored skin with short grayish/whitish colored hair, he seemed to feel strongly about his hate filled/racist filled/negative beliefs & he seemed to really believe them, and he spoke pretty loudly/angrily at times; and the video of him seemed older like it was from the time period from when that church in the other dream used to exist.

At some point I remember a woman being with me or approaching me who was or looked like the actress Jennifer Aniston & who was probably wearing very relaxed almost pajama-like clothes, we seemed to either be friends or dating or somehow close, and I remember us being very comfortable around each other & flirting it seemed; and we sat down on the floor with our backs facing the wall of shelves while watching the TV on the small middle shelf while talking, flirting, having fun, et cetera.

On the right side of the shelf there was a male soldier in his combat uniform watching the other TV on the right side of the shelf but the preacher was no longer preaching fortunately & something else unknown was playing on the TV, my dad was still looking for something on the left side of the shelf, and there were some other shoppers (women, kids, men) coming & going not far from us.

I remember the woman/Mrs. Aniston getting very flirty(?) with me and she sat in my lap while we sat on the floor watching the TV, I remember joking & letting her know that might not be very appropriate in public especially with kids & my dad around, but she did not care; and she sat/laid horizontally across my lap, and we were still being too comfortable/too flirty to be in a public place like a store.

As expected my dad saw us and made some negative comments about her sitting in my lap especially in public, I said I told you so but she still did not care, and my dad kept complaining about it; and maybe eventually she stopped sitting in my lap so that he would be quiet.

Before this point and even somewhat after this point I remember us having a very good time & being very comfortable, though I felt that we were not acting appropriately in a public place like this, but at some point maybe we got up; and maybe it was time to say goodbye but I can not remember what happened exactly, and so I am not sure what happened to the woman/Mrs. Aniston or my dad.

Dream 4

The fourth dream fragment was part of the same dream it seemed as the two dream fragments before it possibly, I was still in the store, and I was walking away from the area where I had been with the woman/Mrs. Aniston & my dad; but I came across my cousin DE, and so I walked & talked with him.

We talked about very personal topics about his life, my life, and life in general to my surprise; and my cousin DE opened up to me about some things that he had never told me before.

I remember thinking/feeling something that reminded me of this quote/line from the film Inception:

“Cobb: She locked away a secret, deep inside herself: a truth that she once knew…but chose to forget.” (In that line “she” refers to Mal, Cobb’s dead wife)

-Source: Inception (Film) Wikiquote Article

I felt like my cousin DE had done the same thing or a similar thing as Mal, but maybe that truth was slowly coming back to him and/or being revealed to me.

I remember my cousin DE telling me that he also went by the name Tina, but only among certain people & in certain places; but he did not want to be called Tina around/in the city that the dream took place in (I guess it was a fictional version of D) or around our indirect family & others in the city except the few people who knew that he also went by the name Tina.

As we were talking about very personal topics and walking we were greeted by two men with brownish colored skin with short black colored hair, one of the men was thin with dark brownish colored skin with short somewhat curly hair, and I recognized him as a former schoolmate who was younger than me who used to go to the same high school that I graduated from years ago; and he recognized me, and so we both told each other how we remembered each other from high school years ago.

The other man greeted my cousin DE as Tina, so he knew that he went by that name as well, but my cousin DE asked him not to call him that around D because he did not want other people to know that he also went by the name Tina; and so the man agreed to not call him Tina in D, we all briefly talked, and then we said goodbye.

My cousin DE & I continued talking about very personal topics and we stopped in the jewelry section, my cousin DE said something that I can not remember, but whatever he said surprised me; and I responded with something like this:

“I am surprised, I expected that I was the only person in the family who would continue to fail and/or continue to give up and/or continue to stagnate and/or to consider killing myself and/or several negative things like that & that I thought that I was the only family member with a right/reason to do those things, and I said this in a part joking but also part serious way.”

I told my cousin DE about my various failures/problems/et cetera and I told him that his situation was probably better than mine, and that he probably had more potential than me to reach some of his goals in life; and so I basically tried to encourage him to not give up or to end up like me, and I listened to some of his reasons for feeling/thinking the way that he did.

I remember being honest with him, telling him that life is not easy at times and that bad things happen, and sometimes you might not want to live anymore; but I reminded him that life is not all bad, and that you can usually find small/simple positive things in life that can help remind you that life can be worth living or something like that; but I can not remember the rest of this dream fragment unfortunately.

Dream 5

The fifth/last dream fragment took place during the day in a slightly fictional version of D that has been in a few of my past dreams, and my dad took me to or near the SB Shop where he works; and a fictional indoor/outdoor swimming pool building that serves some food & drinks from one or more of my past dreams was there, but it was larger with restaurant/diner/bar/recreation areas.

I can not remember where my dad took me or showed me or what we did, I just remember him leaving at some point, and then I walked to the new larger version of the indoor/outdoor swimming pool building; and I went inside but I probably did not go to the swimming pool area or see it, but I could be wrong.

There were a lot of people eating, drinking, talking, playing pool, watching TV, and just enjoying the various forms of entertainment; and I saw a large number of police/state troopers eating as well, and there was an underground floor that was mostly for more relaxed/quiet entertainment away from the bar areas where the people were more rowdy/aggressive.

I walked to a seating area with tables not far from the bar and I sat at a table near some men with whitish colored skin who were drinking beer and having a good time, and near my table were two objects that I can not remember that might have been boat-like or something related to boating maybe that belonged to someone else who was not around at the time.

The men sitting at the table next to me were very rowdy/aggressive, probably because they were a bit drunk, and they decided to start bothering me but I ignored them; and they were making fun of me and the two objects near me, they incorrectly thought that the two objects belonged to me, and they started to get more aggressive as I ignored them.

I decided to put my head down on the table like I was sleeping but they started threatening me like they were going to attack me soon, I kept my head down ignoring them but slowly preparing myself for possible violence, but an old man who was clearly drunk walked/stumbled over to us; and he was the person who owned the two objects near me that the group of men were also making fun of or he pretended to own them, and so the drunk old man started to argue with the group of partly drunken men.

I tried to calm them all down to avoid a fight but they were too drunk & aggressive to listen to me, and so I started to walk away; and they started fighting each other, but the fighting started to spread to other drunken people in the room & even non-drunken people & so I escaped to the underground floor where it was quieter/safer.

I was not worried about the situation because I expected the police/state troopers to handle the situation because so many of them were eating at the building and I expected the bouncers/security to also handle the situation, and on the underground floor I saw my former classmates TA & MJ; and I sat at a table with them, and I told them about the situation.

The underground floor was relaxed/quiet & more family friendly with a wall of screened windows to the outside on the right side of the room oddly even though we were supposed to be underground, alcoholic drinks probably were not served on this floor, and so no one was drunk or aggressive in this area; and I started to have a conversation with TA & MJ, but the fights from the upper floor started to reach the underground floor to our surprise.

The situation had spread like a wild-fire and so many people were fighting now that the police & security could not handle the situation, it was chaos, and people were running/screaming/panicking/fighting/et cetera; and TA, MJ, other people on this floor, and I got a bit scared.

I saw some small openings in the screens on some of the windows, I opened one of the windows, and I told TA & MJ to escape through the window while I held it open; and I helped TA through the window first, and she escaped outside.

I helped MJ escape through the window outside next, he held the window open for me as I tried to escape, but I was bigger than them with more muscles & firmer muscles than them; and so I was having a hard time trying to fit through the small openings in the screens.

My leg muscles were firm/strong enough to start bending some of the screens making the openings bigger, and so I was slowly able to get more of my body through the window; but I was still struggling as the chaos got closer to us, but I woke up as I was still trying to squeeze through the openings in the screens to get through the windows.

The end,

-John Jr

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