Coffee Day With Grace Randolph

Dream 1

I barely remember part of two dreams from last night with the first dream being the most unclear, I just remember being with my mom at maybe my grandfather’s house, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

The next dream took place early on a somewhat foggy/misty morning in D or a slightly fictional version of D but I can not remember how it began exactly, I just remember being in a dark-colored SUV or van, and I felt like a guest of a guest or like I had somehow come along for the ride even though I did not know the man driving the automobile or his granddaughter.

A probably bald somewhat older man with medium-to-dark brownish colored skin was driving the automobile, no one was in the front passenger’s seat, Grace Randolph from YouTube was sitting in the middle row on the left side, I was sitting in the middle row on the right side, and in the back row in the middle seat was a cute/happy/smiling/full of life little girl with light brownish colored skin with short curly brownish and/or black colored hair who was sitting in a child safety seat (car-seat).

The older man was the grandfather of the little girl and it seemed that Grace somewhat knew them and/or had been invited to ride with them to what seemed like BK or where it should be to get something to eat and/or drink, and the little girl was very excited; and the little girl kept talking about and/or saying quotes/scenes from/about maybe the film Searching For Bobby Fischer and/or about Bobby Fischer himself, but I am not sure because I never seen the film & I do not know much about Bobby Fischer but I know that his name was mentioned several times.

Grace also knew a lot about that film and/or about Bobby Fischer, so they both went back & forth talking about it, and they kept finishing each other’s quotes/sentences; and I felt a bit left out like they had an inside joke or something that I knew nothing about, because I knew nothing about the film or about Bobby Fischer, and so I just quietly listened to them talking back & forth because I had no idea what they were talking about.

The grandfather was mostly quiet during the dream oddly, at some point we went to the drive-through window, and a male worker with dark brownish colored skin with short black colored hair took our order; but oddly they had me order even though I had no idea what I was supposed to be ordering, and so I sat there uncomfortably waiting for someone to tell me what to order.

The little girl smiled and she excitingly told me what to order so I repeated what she told me, and she told me to order three or four cups of front or something like that coffee (even I did not know what that was in the dream at first); and the male worker paused for a moment, and he disappointedly said that they had no special cups for front coffee (which was coffee that you could get in a real cup/re-usable cup only if you went inside the fast food restaurant, and after you finish the front coffee they kept the cup to wash it & re-use it) at the drive-through window because you had to come inside to get front coffees.

I sat there not knowing what to do next and then I looked at the little girl, she smiled, and her grandfather said something that I can not remember and she said something back; and then the little girl pulled out three or four foam coffee cups with lids, she handed them to me, and I handed them to the male worker who then went to fill the cups with front coffee.

The little girl sat there smiling/content like her job was finished, it seemed that her grandfather and her had special coffee days/mornings where they would go get front coffee & the grandfather would let the little girl order it because she enjoyed ordering the front coffee, and the little girl really enjoyed these coffee days with her grandfather; and now that I am awake I realize that the little girl’s enjoyment of coffee days reminds me of how I used to love occasional coffee days at my parent’s house/grandparent’s house/my dad’s job when I was kid when I used to be able to drink decaffeinated coffee with lots of cream & sugar until my mom stopped letting me drink any coffee whether it was decaffeinated or not, and once I got old enough to drink coffee I no longer really cared about coffee anymore and until this day I rarely ever drink coffee unless someone offers me some for free or something (which is rare, but I still only drink mine with cream & sugar).

Now that the little girl finished her favorite part of coffee day, besides drinking it with her grandfather (which I can not remember if she drank any or not, but I think that she did drink some later), she sat there smiling but she stayed mostly quiet for most of the rest of the dream like her grandfather; and so Grace and I sat there quietly waiting for the male worker to come back with the front coffee, and we slowly became a bit less comfortable in the silence but we tried to be polite.

I really wanted to talk with Grace but I decided to be cautious at first and I stayed quiet like everyone else because I was just a guest or a guest of a guest/whatever, at some point the male worker came back with our front coffee in a tray to hold the cups, and he handed the tray of front coffee to me; and I paused waiting for him to tell me how much it cost but he did not say anything, so I asked him how much it cost, and he told me that front coffee was free.

I was surprised and I thanked him and then I handed the tray to the grandfather or the little girl and everyone got a coffee except for me oddly (because I was a guest I did not say anything, I wanted a coffee too and there should have been an extra one, but I stayed quiet about it), then for some reason the grandfather parked the automobile in the parking lot, and we all went inside to drink our front coffee oddly; and the grandfather and the little girl/his granddaughter continued to stay quiet while enjoying their front coffee, and I continued to stay quiet like them even though it was making me even more uncomfortable and I really wanted to talk with Grace.

Some people who knew the grandfather came inside the fast food restaurant and they started talking with him as Grace and I continued to be ignored mostly, I could see that Grace was also a bit uncomfortable and that made me even more uncomfortable, and at some point I decided to start talking with Grace after I got tired of sitting their quiet being ignored (which I thought was a bit rude of the grandfather & the people who knew him), and then Grace and I both started to feel better/more comfortable; and we started to have a good conversation, and I felt very good and I started to feel almost like Grace and I were on a date or something like that.

At some point it was time to go and on our way outside Grace either gave me her hand or her arm to my surprise and we walked holding hands or arm and arm, I felt even better at this point and that strange on a date-like feeling got stronger, and Grace and I walked and talked toward the automobile slowly letting the grandfather and the little girl walk ahead of us enjoying their silence.

One or more automobiles parked next to the grandfather’s automobile and some of my indirect family members like my uncle CE, my aunt RE, and my aunt VE got out of the automobile(s) to greet the grandfather because they knew him; and I only waved & said good morning to them because I wanted to continue talking with/spending time with Grace, but I over-heard my indirect family members saying some negative things about my mom.

Some of the things that I heard was that my mom was too private and several other negative things, I remember laughing a bit at what they were saying about my mom, and I thought about how much I had in common or not in common with my mom in reference to the negative things that they were saying about her; but then Grace and I went to go inside the automobile to continue talking while the grandfather & the little girl talked with my indirect family members outside, and I opened the automobile door for Grace & she closed it.

Grace and I continued our conversation and it was nice spending time with her, I even found that extra front coffee that was for me still in the tray in the automobile and I started drinking it as we talked, but I could tell that Grace was late for work and that she had expected this trip to be shorter; and so maybe she was going to have to cancel work today or wait until later to work but she was trying to handle the situation politely and she was enjoying the moment and so she was not really worried about it.

I also felt that I was late for maybe college/school or something and I wondered if the little girl was in school yet or not because it was now 9:Something AM, but I was willing to miss school/college/whatever or some of it to spend more time with Grace; and so I was not worried about it, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

By John Jr

Hello, I am John Jr, welcome.

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