Attending An Academy | A Surprise Fast Zombie Attack

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Dream 1

I somewhat remember part of two dreams with the first dream being the longest dream but also the most unclear because it was pretty long and detailed, and so the order of the dream might not be correct; but I will do my best to put the dream fragments in the correct order.

The dream took place during the day in a fictional city and I think that several people and/or I were approached by someone asking us to take part in an educational experiment where they were allowing some public school students, some lower class/low-income students, some badly behaved students, some students from D, and some mentally/physically handicap(ped) students attend a private middle-to-upper class academy for free; and so we agreed to take part in the experiment, and we went to this academy.

The private academy was a conservative/traditional-type academy that was stricter than most public schools with but it had a good educational system that combined normal educational subjects with teaching conservative/traditional life skills/manners/social norms/et cetera; and it looked nicer than your average public school, most of the students were middle-to-upper class, and so a lot of them did not treat us lower class students very well at first and/or they did not like us attending their academy at first.

I am not sure if we also had dorms or not, I just remember going to classes that actually tried to educate us and teach us life skills to my surprise, and I enjoyed most of the classes; but the conservative/traditional classes that taught us manners/social norms/dress codes/et cetera were a bit boring and too strict in my opinion, but I still learned some things that would help me around people who cared about that kind of stuff.

I was adjusting well to the academy but some of the badly behaved students were causing problems, one of them reminded me of the main character from the video game Bully and another one of them reminded me of King Bach (Andrew B. Bachelor) from YouTube and a few others reminded me of some of the members of the YouTube channel RoadToHollywoodTV, and I tried to talk with them/help them to start behaving better during the dream.

I remember going to one class that had my former classmate JP in it and our class was given an assignment/test/game to play where we had to follow certain strict/strange rules to play the game (it was not a video game, it was a game where we had to use our bodies & certain objects while following certain strict/strange rules, that is the best that I can explain/describe it or remember it), and we all had to work together to play it; and we each were given a different job/role in the game that we had to play, and we only could do certain things/move certain ways.

My role/job required that I watch out for something/threats that I can not remember while also protecting some of my teammates in a certain area while also stopping to make repairs on damaged areas when we were not being attacked and I could only move my head/body in a few directions because of the strict/strange rules of the game, my job/role was frustrating/stressful/difficult, but I did pretty good; and we all did pretty good, but we lost/failed the game at some point.

Even though we did good I did not feel that way, I was being hard/judgmental(?) on myself/us and I wanted to change to a less stressful role/job the next time that we played the game, and so I talked with my former classmate JP because he was the team leader for the class; but that is all that I can remember from this class.

Later in the dream I remember dealing with the badly behaved students who were being led by KingBach, they had a plan to make money, and somehow I indirectly/directly got involved even though I did not want to be involved but I probably made some suggestions; but they started setting up maybe fake donation stands around the academy trying to get people to donate to probably fake causes, and they were going to keep the money & divide it among themselves/us.

I did not know the exact plan at first or they changed from my/our legal plan without telling me and I kept trying to encourage them to only do legal things to make money, that is probably how I got involved, but they probably started the illegal activities/plans without me knowing about it at first; and I remember going around the academy (to classes, the cafeteria, et cetera) seeing some of their stands as they kept trying to get people to give them money and/or to buy stuff, and so I started to slowly get suspicious about whether they were doing things legally or not.

I remember going to a dark/dimly lit auditorium at some point with some other students for a small assembly or something, I approached KingBach and some of the other badly behaved students about my suspicions about their possibly illegal activities to make money, and they confirmed that I was correct about them illegally making money; and this annoyed me and I argued with them about how it was wrong, and how now that made me indirectly/directly connected with their crimes and I told them to give everyone their money back and apologize for their illegal activities and to not do it again.

KingBach and the others would not listen to me, they wanted to keep the money and divide it among themselves/us, but during the assembly/whatever a mentally/physically handicapped female student with whitish colored skin with long black colored hair gave a speech about how she had been negatively effected/affected in some way that I can not remember by KingBach and the others illegal money-making business; but she did not know who was behind it, and so this caused KingBach and the others to decide to close their current illegal money-making business and to start destroying the evidence before it could be traced back to them/us.

The female student did not remember or know who she gave the money too or who took her money or who tricked her or whatever happened, but it took money away from the handicapped student fund or something like that; and this made me feel terrible, and even more annoyed at KingBach and the others.

I argued with them again about letting the truth be known and about giving the money back, they would not listen to me and they were already destroying the evidence, and they reminded me that I was indirectly/directly connected with them (even though I did not know about the illegal activities at first); and so this put me in an awkward position and because they were not listening to me, I told them to make sure that they destroy all the evidence properly because they were already destroying it, and I told them to make sure that they delete the electronic records that were on several memory cards.

I told them to make sure that the memory cards were not locked first, run several/the maximum amount of passes over them deleting the data several times over, then check each one to make sure that the data is not recoverable, and then let me check myself; but they said that they had it under control, but I felt that they were going to make a mistake & leave a bit of evidence that would trace back to them/us and so I was worried for the rest of the dream almost.

Because they refused to give the money back to the people, I refused to take my share of the money that they divided, and I told them that I wanted nothing to do with them/their money-making business again; and I walked off.

Later in the dream there was an open house where some of our parent’s came to tour the school (my parent’s came) and there was a small outdoor assembly with our parent’s outside on a stage covered in a way where rain would get through if it rained; and I remember us watching a video or some videos, and one of the students was handling the playing of the video.

That student was a male student with whitish colored skin with freckles with orangish/brownish colored short-to-medium length hair who wore glasses, he was good with computers/programming and he was the one who KingBach had erase the memory cards for him, and so I feared that he had reused the memory cards to play the video(s) for the assembly; and I feared that some of the evidence that was not fully deleted would accidentally play, and that it would trace back to them/us.

It started to rain a bit outside and the covers over the stage were doing a back job keeping out the rain, so we got a bit wet even when we tried to adjust the covers, and at some point my fear(s) partly came true; and some undeleted evidence started to play, fortunately it was not enough to trace back to us, and the student stopped it before too much was shown.

The rain got worse and the assembly was moved inside, during this time I had a talk with the student about his failure to erase the memory cards properly, and I made some suggestions and/or I helped to erase the memory cards and/or I completely destroyed the memory cards myself; but I am not sure, and that is all that I can remember of this part of the dream.

Later in the dream I went to visit the grandmother or great-aunt of someone I knew at the academy or she was related to me, I am not sure which, and it seemed that a nursing home or hospital was connected to the academy; and all students were required to volunteer to help at the nursing home or hospital a certain amount of time each week, and it was a good way to help others/to learn history & life skills from our elders/to practice life skills that we were learning/et cetera.

I remember entering the room of the old woman and I did not see any nurses/workers to my surprise or maybe medical equipment, the old woman had dark brownish colored skin with whitish/grayish colored hair, and she was blind or mostly blind; and she had a stove in her room to my surprise, and she was cooking something on the top of the stove & inside the stove while she was in bed.

I greeted her and I asked her what she was cooking, on top of the stove in a cast iron pan covered with another cast iron pan were some triangle-shaped double-sided pancake-like dish cooking that looked good, but I am not sure what was cooking in the stove; but I knew that it would taste good and I wanted to learn some of her recipes and to learn how to cook like her and to learn some history, and so we started to talk about some of her recipes and cooking techniques and history/things from the past.

She was a very nice woman and I was very comfortable around her like I had visited her before in the dream, but at some point she started talking a bit incoherently & talking about stuff that had nothing to do with our conversation like my grandfather does sometimes; and so I did not get to learn much, but I looked forward to visiting her sometimes to learn more.

I remember asking her if she was timing her food with a timer because I felt that the food on the stove was finished and I did not want it to burn, but she was still in her incoherent state; and then she fell asleep as she was mumbling/talking about something that I could not understand.

I waited for a while but then I decided to turn off the stove to avoid any of the food burning, I wanted to eat some of the food but I did not want to eat without her permission so I decided that I would leave and come back later because she was sleeping, and maybe I went to find a worker/nurse to tell them about the situation; but that is all that I can remember of this part of the dream.

Later in the dream I remember going to an area in the academy that looked/felt a bit like being inside part of W in the entrance area, there were many other students hanging out in this area, and I remember hearing more reports of some of the badly behaved students causing a lot of problems around the academy; and that the academy had never experienced this many problems until now.

While I was hanging out with the other students a fight started between two badly behaved students and one of them was a former classmate of mine who might have been MJ and the other student was a student who I think was named Tony, and so I ran over to stop the fight; and I separated them, but Tony pushed me like he was going to fight me and so I asked him what was his problem.

He told me that he was fighting because MJ/whoever had shot him, I looked down at his leg/thigh and I saw a hole/wound with blood coming out to my surprise/horror, and then he started to collapse so I helped him to the ground; and I told the others to call 911/emergency services, and I put pressure on the gunshot wound with my hands as other students watched in shock.

I talked with Tony trying to keep him conscious, it was a sad/bad situation, and a teacher came to help; but I can not remember if Tony survived or not because that is all that I can remember of this part of the dream.

After this situation and the other situations with the badly behaved students, the academy’s head mistress/head master/principal decided to speak to each class and/or the entire school, and the head mistress was an older thin somewhat tall woman with long blondish colored hair pinned-up/whatever in a Pentecostal-like style wearing maybe a Pentecostal-like skirt with dress/professional clothing for her upper body.

She was a strict, conservative, traditional, somewhat cold, somewhat mean, somewhat generic, et cetera woman who looked & acted a bit serious/confident; and she spoke to my class about the current situation(s), but to my surprise she was positive about the situation.

She acknowledged the problems but she said that overall most of us new students were adjusting well and she reminded us that the academy was doing overall better than the average public school, she was hopeful that the badly behaved students would slowly adjust as well, and if not she was ready to deal with them; and she surprised me/us by quickly giving a demonstration to prove her point, and she called my name and she asked me to stand up in front of everyone to demonstrate her point.

She asked me some quick questions testing/proving if I had been learning and adjusting to the academy or not, I seemed to be her favorite new student/pet who she felt was adjusting very well to the academy and she had high hopes for me, and I quickly answered most of her questions without hesitating even though I was a bit nervous. (My answers to the Head Mistress’s questions were from the rules/codes/opinions/beliefs/et cetera of the academy that were taught to us, not my own, and so it was like taking a verbal/oral test.)

I remember part of two questions and part of my responses:

Head Mistress: John, what is the proper length for a female skirt?

Me: Yes Head Mistress, the proper length for a female skirt is at least to the knees, and I put my hands to my knees as an example.

Head Mistress: Well done John, that is correct, now John what is the proper length for male pants?

Me: Thank you Head Mistress, yes Head Mistress, the proper length for male pants is at least to the ankles; and I put my hands to my ankles as an example.

Head Mistress: Well done again John, that is correct, you have answered all of my questions correctly, congratulations; and she said a few more things that I can not remember encouraging other students to follow my example, and she let me sit back down.

At some point she finished her speech, I remember feeling hopeful about the academy and myself and her speech surprised me, but that is all that I can remember of this dream because I probably woke up to use the bathroom.

Dream 2

The next dream seemed to be inspired by the first dream and I was going to a school/academy/college in a W-like building oddly where there were shoppers and students, and there were dorms there as well.

It was my first day and all of my dorm suite-mates were women and maybe I was the only man on our entire hallway/aisle oddly, and one of my suite-mates was my former classmate AR; and I remember meeting each of the women in my suite.

Our suite was in a section of the school/academy/college like where the grocery section at the D W is located, so you could walk down a straight walkway/aisle on both sides of each hallway/aisle, and each hallway/aisle was the same length & lined up the same; and so it could be confusing finding the correct hallway/aisle.

This area had classes, dorms, bathrooms, store shelves, et cetera on each hallway/aisle and at some point I went to the bathroom to take a shower; but after I took my shower I could not find my clothes, and so I had to walk around naked with only a short bath towel with a few holes in it to cover myself while I tried to find my dorm suite so that I could go to my room to get dressed.

There were lots of students/shoppers walking around, probably glancing at me sometimes as I walked around naked with only a towel, but I could not find my suite; and so I walked around lost until my former classmate AR found me, and I think that she helped me find our suite fortunately so I could stop walking around naked & lost with only a towel.

I probably put some clothes on but I can not remember exactly and somehow I ended up going through a door that led outside, the outside looked like a nice fictional version of the field outside of the D Junior High School gym during the day, but there was a small beach with a boardwalk and dock area; and so I walked to a building nearby with steps and patio-like areas to look out at the beautiful scenery as mostly tourists walked around probably.

This area was nice and I remember a tourist family (a husband, wife, and young son) with dark brownish colored skin with black colored hair standing near me in the patio area enjoying the scenery as well, and at some point we saw a strange custom-made-looking ship and submarine approaching the beach from the water; and everyone stopped to stare at them.

The ship went toward the dock area but the submarine went close to the sands of the beach and it dropped off several custom-made-looking armored transport carrier vehicles with several all-terrain tires on each side, and we all watched as the armor transport carriers drove up on the sand and to the field; it was a dramatic entrance like it was for entertainment or something like that, the submarine started to back away from the beach to probably go to the dock area, and the armored transport carrier vehicles continued driving forward to the field.

One of the armored transport carrier vehicles drove in front of the stairs near our patio area, but somehow it flipped over on its back; and the engine stopped, but no one got out.

We all watched in confusion at first and then in shock, and I walked over to the vehicle to look through one of the small windows; and I saw the people inside upside-down and unconscious or dead with some wounds/blood, and I told the others to call 911/emergency services.

A crowd started to gather and the drivers of the other vehicles probably came to help me try to open the armored doors but we were having a hard time, I saw one of the people inside somewhat move like he was alive, and the others helping me decided to wait for emergency services to come; and so I started to walk away to let emergency services handle it with special equipment, but as I was walking in the field back toward the entrance/exit to the building I heard screams & strange noises.

Suddenly to my right side either coming from the building or behind the crowd near the building I saw at least five fast-moving scary zombie-like beings running full speed at me and/or the others, and there were screams from the people and maybe strange sounds coming from the zombies.

This caught me by surprise and I had almost no time to react as one of the zombies was running full speed at me, and in a panic I jumped in the air trying to use my dream powers to fly/float; and I jumped higher than a normal human can jump (about three stories high), but the zombie jumped the same height as me to my surprise/horror and he grabbed my arm trying to pull me down as I tried to fly/float higher.

I struggled to keep floating/flying while trying to get my arm free, eventually I got my arm free and the zombie fell back to the ground, and I struggled to float/fly higher; and I started trying to glide/float/fly away, and I did everything that I could to get higher in the air (it is usually hard to start floating/flying/gliding in my dreams at first, but eventually I usually get better at it as I keep trying).

I started to float/fly/glide high enough to where the zombies could not jump to catch me, and the chaos of their attack continued on the ground; but I am not sure how many zombies there were because I was too busy trying to fly/float/glide away, and I woke up during the panic/attack.

The end,

-John Jr

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I agree with John Jr. on the proper length for a female skirt and for male pants. Knees look like big knuckles! So covering them up is good. Once upon a time, women wore skirts to the ankles and that was mighty proper back in those days. I have little to add for male pants, except that too many women are wearing clothes/pants that are meant for men.

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Thank you Flynn for the comment and for indirectly helping me remember that I forgot to clarify that part of the dream better, during that part of the dream I was answering the Head Mistress’s(?) questions based on what they taught us at the academy/their rules/their codes/their beliefs/their opinions/et cetera, and not my own personal beliefs/thoughts/opinions/et cetera on the issues(s). 😉


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