The Survival Games / Survival Royale / Building Complex In The Woods?

I had several clear dreams that I remembered from last night but I forgot all of them except for barely part of one dream, because I slept pretty well/solidly through several dreams without waking up probably and I did not have to use the bathroom during the night until after the last dream, and so unfortunately all of those other dreams are now lost and my last dream is very unclear; and so it will not make much sense.

My memory is so unclear about this dream that it is very confusing and so I might make some mistakes typing it, I remember the dream taking place during the night in a fictional area that was in the middle of no-where, and I was with my family in an automobile maybe except for my brother CC probably.

The area probably had some trees around it, there was a road that passed a church-like building connected with many other buildings and that road led to another building in the distance, and I think that my family was headed to that other building in the distance; but I think we came across another family who can running to us for help, and so we stopped to see what they needed help with.

The family all had whitish colored skin and they were dressed like they were going to church, they were in a panic, and they said some crazy people in an SUV (sport utility vehicle) was trying to kill them and other people at the church; and then we saw the SUV driving from around the many buildings connected to the church building, and they started attacking us too.

During this part of the dream there were automobile chases, there was running on foot, there was hiding, there was fighting, and my family probably slowly helped drive some of the other people from the church to the safety of the other building as several people and I distracted/fought/et cetera the crazy people in the SUV.

At some point we found out that the crazy people in the SUV had a conventional/normal bomb and a nuclear bomb or a nuclear-like bomb, and at some point they ended our rescue efforts by crashing their SUV into part of one of the buildings; and they detonated the conventional/normal bomb trying to destroy the buildings/kill the people inside, and they might have killed themselves or some of them might have sacrificed themselves in this kamikaze-like attack.

The few people with me and I were shocked, we thought that everyone hiding inside the church building was now dead, but we went through the damaged building(s) to see if they were okay (only part of one building was destroyed surprisingly); and to our surprise they were alive in a gym-like building that was very close to the church building.

This series of buildings was like a building complex of only one-story buildings that all were connected except for a garage/storage-like building on the far left side next to a long narrow car-port, the rest of the buildings all had a function that would allow people to be able to live in the building complex and provide most of their needs, and so maybe some of the people at the church lived in this building complex.

Some of the buildings/rooms in the complex included: a kitchen/cafeteria, classrooms, bedrooms, church, gym/fitness room, medical rooms, scientific labs, recreational rooms, et cetera.

I think that the nuclear bomb or the nuclear-like bomb that the crazy people had was now in the building but I can not remember if all the crazy people were dead or not at this point or if we had to fight/kill the last of them to stop them from detonating the nuclear bomb or the nuclear-like bomb, I just remember our rescue efforts ending or mostly ending after the bombing, and we did not know what to do with the nuclear bomb; and something happened that I can not remember that caused most of us to stay in the building complex like we were under attack, and the dream became a long/slow survival dream that somewhat reminded me of the films The Hunger Games and Battle Royale and The Cabin In The Woods.

My memory is too unclear but I remember us being attacked by different threats over the time of days, weeks, probably months, and slowly people were dying and/or disappearing and/or escaping; and for some reason we stayed in the building complex like it was too dangerous to go outside or something like that, but I can not remember what kind of threats were attacking us (probably various types of threats, some of whom might have been zombie-like, but I am not sure) or where they were coming from.

The dream took place over a long period to where trying to survive was wearing us down, it was depressing, but we had to fight/run/hide/et cetera to survive; and the threats kept attacking us day after day, week after week, and month after month.

Eventually only one man and I were left in the building complex (I guess the others had died or left the building complex, and maybe my family was at the other building in the distance but I am not sure), the nuclear bomb was still in the building complex with us, and we were under attack again as usual; and at some point when I was separated from the other man/my teammate (we separated as part of a strategy to survive a certain attack) a male voice called me over a loud-speaker congratulating me for surviving this long/for being the winner or whatever, and that he wanted to talk with me in person.

An elevator came from underground up to a wall and the wall had two doors that opened up to the elevator, I was confused and I asked the male voice some questions but he said that he would answer them soon, and I went inside the elevator even though I was very suspicious; and it took me underground, at some point the elevator stopped and the doors opened to a modern/somewhat futuristic room that looked like a lounge with some couches & several people walking & talking, and the man who had talked to me over the loud-speaker was waiting on a couch near the door for me (the man was a somewhat older man with whitish colored skin with maybe blondish/whitish/grayish colored hair wearing either dress clothes and/or a lab coat and/or somewhat futuristic dress clothes, and he seemed very relaxed; and maybe he somewhat reminded me of the actor Alain Chabat).

He greeted me but I did not step out of the elevator because I was looking around trying to decide if it was safe to enter the room, I still did not trust the man, and I asked him about my teammate because I did not want to leave him alone on the above-ground part of the building complex; but the man said that he would be okay or that he did not matter or that he was dead already or that we could get him later or something like that, I refused to leave the elevator at first, but the man said that he only wanted to talk and so I decided to follow him to see what he wanted to talk about.

It seemed that we were in a secret somewhat futuristic underground facility with scientists/medical researchers/a few high level people/et cetera, and the man talked to me about some of the history of the place as he showed me around some parts of the facility; and I saw men and women in lab coats/uniforms/dress clothes/somewhat futuristic clothes in certain areas doing their various jobs, and the man explained that the crazy people who attacked us earlier in the dream used to work in this facility.

He said that something bad happened in the facility and some of the people went crazy and they left and stole weapons/that conventional bomb/that nuclear bomb/et cetera from the facility, and he wanted the nuclear weapon back because it was to be used to destroy the facility if necessary in extreme emergency situations; and later he wanted me to bring him the nuclear bomb.

I sensed that maybe some of their secret research had led to an accident that was so bad that most of the threats that had attacked us during the dream were from the facility as a result of that accident, and that even now the man was considering using the nuclear bomb on the facility if the situation got worse; and I could tell that some of the workers looked to be on edge, like they were afraid that the situation could get worse, and that the nuclear bomb would have to be used.

The man seemed to want to avoid using the nuclear bomb if possible but I still was not sure if I should trust him, and I wondered if he was lying to me about the accident; and I wondered if this was all an experiment/game, because the man admitted that he/they had watched our survival during the entire dream, and I wondered why did he/they not talk to us or help us over the loud speakers during all that time.

I wondered if they were testing some of their experiments on us and testing us, because the man told me that they needed someone like me who could survive and do some other things that I can not remember, and he explained some of the many traits that I had/shown/proved as I fought/ran/hid trying to survive all of those months in the building complex; and I started to feel like I/we had been test subjects, and that because of my survival I proved to be the best test subject and they needed/wanted me for something unknown.

Maybe there really was an accident that was so bad that they were still considering destroying the facility if things continued to get worse but maybe they decided to use this as a chance to experiment until they got their nuclear weapon back, and then maybe they would decide if the situation was worse enough to use it or not now still; and if not, they would probably still keep the nuclear weapon for any other future extreme situations.

I kept my guard up watching for any attempts to capture me but it seemed that they needed me to get the nuclear bomb first, so I felt that they would not do anything to me until then; and the man continued walking and talking with me on our way back toward the elevator as I continued trying to decided what to do next but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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