Trying To Walk Home & Trying To Help A Woman Escape & A Nuclear / Chemical Weapon / Bomb Explodes

I got in bed very late last night and I somewhat/almost went to sleep but I got up to use the bathroom and after that my brother GC started talking with me, and we ended up talking until 4:Something AM; and then I went to sleep, and so I only remember part of one unclear/somewhat confusing dream.

The dream maybe started in a fictional version of D on B Street where my former classmate DH’s parent’s live, actually it did not start there, I barely remember something about/involving my former classmate JC and maybe his sister JC but I can not remember that part of the dream; and I remember walking down B Street, it looked like the fictional version of B Street that is usually in my dreams, and even in the dream I had various memories of past dreams involving this fictional B Street.