A Dream With 4YallEntertainment

My memory of my last dream is super unclear for a variety of reasons and so all I remember is random unclear fragments of the dream; and so the dream will not make much sense.

I know that several members of the YouTube channel 4YallEntertainment were in several parts of the dream, and they are part of the reason that I can not remember this dream because in the dream I thought that they were recording my dream along with their video skits that they were filming; and so I kept thinking that it was not necessary for me to bother remembering my dream because of that.

One part of the dream took place at a restaurant that probably had a buffet, members of 4YallEntertainment were there filming a video skit while I was there eating and/or trying to remember parts of my dream, but somehow I thought that my dream would also get recorded along with their video skits; and I probably talked with a few of the members of 4YallEntertainment.

4YallEntertainment members appeared in various parts of the dream, I watched some of their videos in the real world before going to sleep, and so that is probably why they appeared in several parts of the dream.

One part of the dream involved me driving from the restaurant during the day in a fictional version of maybe the city of D with something in my automobile that certain people would notice when they drove by me, and they would give me positive compliments about whatever it was; and I recognized one of the automobiles of people who gave me a positive compliment from the restaurant, and it was a family (grandmother, mother, daughter) with whitish colored skin with long blond colored hair except for the grandmother who had whitish/grayish/maybe blondish colored hair.

I also remember seeing my former coworker CG in an automobile leaving and/or doing something in the parking lot of the brick building near the SB Shop, and I wondered what he was doing there.

At some point members of 4YallEntertainment were uploading their video skits but for some reason YouTube kept failing to upload some parts of their videos, so they kept trying, but it was not working, and so they complained to Google about it; and they were going to possibly have to re-film some skits, and I was going to have to try to remember parts of the dream.

I remember trying to remember parts of the dream while they were trying to remember parts of their video skits, but our memories were incomplete/unclear.

I also barely remember something involving nuclear weapons and/or chemical weapons and/or bombs again, maybe I told someone about yesterday’s dream about the nuclear/chemical weapon/bomb explosion near the end of the dream and/or something similar happened in this dream, but I can not remember.

There was more to this dream and I had other dreams, but I can not remember them at this time.

The end,

-John Jr

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