Malebolgia Wants Lt. Colonel Albert “Al” Simmons To Become President?

I barely remember part of one unclear dream that took place over a period of several days mostly on gray/dark evenings and at night in a slightly fictional version of my parent’s neighborhood, and my family and I seemed to be moving to another house across the street where Mr. S’s abandoned mobile home should be; and this house was an old two-story house with an attic and a basement, and it seemed that the family who lived there before us had recently moved but they were not done moving all of their stuff yet or they had left some of their stuff.

We still had our normal house but we were moving some of our stuff to the new house and it was going to be our new main home, but I kept noticing strange things happening at the new house during the evenings and nights; and I kept finding old stuff that belonged to the family who was there before us and old stuff from others who had lived in the house many years ago, there seemed to be many mysteries in the house possibly involving crimes committed in the past and I believed that one or more dead bodies were probably in the house hidden somewhere, and it seemed that the house might be haunted and/or that somehow it attracted negativity/evil because at night it seemed that criminals would come to commit crimes near our new house and/or run to it after committing crimes and other strange things would happen.