Malebolgia Wants Lt. Colonel Albert “Al” Simmons To Become President?

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I barely remember part of one unclear dream that took place over a period of several days mostly on gray/dark evenings and at night in a slightly fictional version of my parent’s neighborhood, and my family and I seemed to be moving to another house across the street where Mr. S’s abandoned mobile home should be; and this house was an old two-story house with an attic and a basement, and it seemed that the family who lived there before us had recently moved but they were not done moving all of their stuff yet or they had left some of their stuff.

We still had our normal house but we were moving some of our stuff to the new house and it was going to be our new main home, but I kept noticing strange things happening at the new house during the evenings and nights; and I kept finding old stuff that belonged to the family who was there before us and old stuff from others who had lived in the house many years ago, there seemed to be many mysteries in the house possibly involving crimes committed in the past and I believed that one or more dead bodies were probably in the house hidden somewhere, and it seemed that the house might be haunted and/or that somehow it attracted negativity/evil because at night it seemed that criminals would come to commit crimes near our new house and/or run to it after committing crimes and other strange things would happen.

At night I would notice things being stolen/missing and/or moved and/or I would discover new old objects in the house from many years ago, I would sometimes see criminals trying to get into our yard through the fence and/or leaving our yard through the fence and/or committing crimes outside of our fence where there is a field and forest, I would sometimes hear strange noises/voices like something/someone was haunting the house, and other strange things like that.

I discovered possible evidence of murders that probably were committed in the house many years ago along with other strange things that possibly involved negative religious/magic/science-like experiments/rituals/whatever, and I told my family about what I found; and I told them to be on the lookout for hidden dead bodies.

Whenever we found old stuff that belonged to people who used to live in the house we usually put that stuff in empty crates/chests/boxes/et cetera that had been left by the previous family/families if they wanted to come get the stuff one day, and I forgot to mention that at this point the dream reminded me of the TV show American Horror Story; and I even found what I thought was a dead body in a gimp suit / bondage suit that was hanging in the basement on hooks like in the TV show American Horror Stories, but like in that TV show it was not a dead body in the suit.

It was very creepy/strange finding that bondage suit hanging on hooks in the basement and so I put it in an old chest, and I locked the chest or hooked it; and I also find other strange things in the basement as well including maybe some old journals/books/et cetera that seemed to imply that many strange things had went on inside this house over the years and that maybe one or more people had been murdered in the house and maybe their bodies were still hidden in the house, but there still was not enough evidence to go to the police yet probably.

One or several evenings some of my dad’s coworkers from the BP School Board Shop came by the house to either a covered outdoor carport-like area along the side of the house by the fence where criminals would come/strange things happened at night and/or somewhere in the house; and I remember us talking about me trying to get a job at the BP School Board and/or just a job, and they gave me some advice and encouragement.

It seemed that maybe some of the equipment from The Shop was being stored at our new house maybe and so on work days they would come to pick up and/or drop off some of that equipment at our new house maybe, and I would talk with them sometimes before they left work for the day; and so this part of the dream involved job searching and jobs mostly but I probably mentioned some of the strange things that happened to them as well, but I can not remember most of this part of the dream really except for that it did not seem that I would get a job at the BP School Board.

The third part of the dream seemed to be inspired by the Spawn film and the animated TV show Todd McFarlane’s Spawn, and we found out that Lt. Colonel Albert “Al” Simmons/his wife Wanda Catherine Blake/their young daughter Cyan Fitzgerald were the last owners of the house before us it seemed; and one day/evening/afternoon they came to get some of their stuff that they left, in the dream Al Simmons was not Spawn (he also looked somewhat like the actor Michael Jai White who played Al Simmons in the Spawn film), but it still seemed that he had made a deal with the Devil and/or Malebolgia.

In the dream Al Simmons either did not die or almost died and he made a deal with the Devil and/or Malebolgia to avoid dying and/or he made a deal with the Devil and/or Malebolgia to advance his career, and so now Al Simmons was a politician who was quickly rising and who was probably about to run for president probably because of his deal with the Devil and/or Malebolgia.

Mr. Simmons regretted his deal with Malebolgia now but it was too late and the Clown / the demon Violator probably often came to torment him and give him orders from Malebolgia, and Malebolgia wanted Mr. Simmons to become the president it seemed; and so it was clear that Malebolgia had big plans for Mr. Simmons.

After giving Mr. Simmons and his family some of their stuff, they were going to get the rest another day, it became clear to me that the house was probably attracting evil/negativity to the house after Mr. Simmons made his deal with Malebolgia back when he used to live in the house and because of the other strange things that happened at the house in the past; and so now it was a hot-spot for evil/negativity it seemed.

It seemed that the family of Mr. Simmons did not know about his deal with Malebolgia but somehow I knew or found out about it somehow when he came to the house with his family, maybe I saw/heard him talking to Violator/the Clown alone in the basement, but I am not sure; and I remember wondering what evil/negative plans did Malebolgia have for Mr. Simmons if he became president.

I also realized that the situation with our new house was even more serious than I thought if a high level demon/whatever was somehow connected to it, and so I wondered how could I/we deal with the situation because I was not going to give up the house that easily (when you are poor/lower-class/low-income your entire life and you get a free or cheap nice home, you usually do not give it up very easily, and so I was willing to fight for it if necessary even against powerful evil/negative entities).

Mr. Simmons and his family left to attend a political dinner or something that might have involved raising money for his presidential campaign, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


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