Carrie Mathison Working At A Video / Video Game Rental Store

I once again woke up feeling like my memory/mind had been erased so I could not remember any of my dreams even though I know that I had some dreams and I had just awakened from a dream, I went to the bathroom and I went back to sleep, and now I barely remember part of one dream that I had after going back to sleep; but the dream is very unclear and so it will not make much sense.

The beginning of the dream is the most unclear and confusing (it was clear enough in the dream but now I can not remember most of the details and so I will probably make some huge mistakes trying to explain it) but I think that part of it took place outside during the day and maybe a small battle took place between some people from an intelligence agency (probably the CIA) and/or the military and/or I against one or more people who might have been part of a group who had some unique abilities/powers/skills/whatever, I either helped and/or worked for an intelligence agency it seemed, and the battle might have been over some intelligence/some objects but I am not sure.

The one or more people from the unique group probably were former soldiers/intelligence agents and/or they seemed to know a lot about the military/the intelligence agency, so they seemed to have the advantage during the battle because they knew what to expect, and they probably took some of the intelligence/objects and escaped with it/them; and I barely remember one person from the unique group who seemed to be possibly leading it and he seemed to know that leader of the intelligence agents and/or soldiers like they used to work together years ago or something like that, he had whitish colored skin and he maybe wore strange mage-like clothes, and maybe he could float/hover in the air.

Not many people with the intelligence agency/military were left after the battle probably, I only remember the leader of the intelligence agents (who was probably my boss) and/or the leader of soldiers and I being left, but there might have been a few others; and my boss probably contacted someone about the situation and we talked about it, and we moved on foot to a building/house to probably wait for a package to be dropped off to us.

The building/house was dimly lit and I remember my former classmate DH coming to the building/house with an old military veteran who he introduced us to, the old military veteran had whitish colored skin with whitish/grayish colored hair, and they sat on a couch; and DH was in the military and somehow him and the old military veteran were friends now it seemed, and the old military veteran did most of the talking while DH was mostly quiet/serious again.

Once again my boss made some calls and talked with us about the situation, the old military veteran told us about his life in the military and life in general, and we talked about other things; and the old military veteran seemed like a nice man who was ahead-of-his-time in his beliefs/ideas/thoughts compared to many people his age in my opinion.

At some point we got the package which included gear/equipment/weapons/supplies/et cetera needed by intelligence agents/soldiers in the field during missions along with probably some intelligence/objects that we had to protect and delivery to someone, and I remember having to carry a bag that had the intelligence/objects in it along with my supplies and some of my personal letters/games/film/et cetera; and an automobile was left for us, we came up with a partial plan, and we drove to a fictional version of the shopping center in D near W Park.

My boss wanted to make it harder for his main enemy to be able to steal more intelligence/objects this time so the plan was to meet in a public place and either divide the intelligence/objects and go our separate ways to confuse the enemy or we would hide the/some of the intelligence/objects and go our separate ways pretending that we had it/them, and one of us would return to get the it/them while our enemy was distracted with following the others or something like that.

We went inside of a fictional video/video game rental store where S should be, we finished our plan and I left some of my letters/video games/films/et cetera in the rental store for some reason(s), and we all went our separate ways probably with different bags; and I had a black nylon bag that had some of my equipment/personal items along with maybe some of the intelligence/objects or all of them or none of them, and at some point I went back to the rental store because I wanted to pick up some of my stuff that I left (which might have been part of the plan, but I am not sure).

I found some of my letters on a shelf and I put them in my bag, and then I went to the front counter to ask about my video games/films/et cetera that I left; and CIA agent Carrie Mathison from the TV show Homeland was working at the front counter, and we both recognized each other as intelligence agents but we did not say anything about it to each other.

Carrie looked surprised/afraid because she did not know why I was there and she assumed that I was there about her, she had recently been either fired and/or force to temporarily leave the CIA until she got her bipolar disorder under control again and she had recently been released from a mental health facility, and so she was now working at the rental store; but her boss did not know about her past with the CIA or that she had just been released from a mental health facility, and her boss was a woman with whitish colored skin with long somewhat curly brownish colored hair who was also behind the counter.

Carrie looked like maybe she was not taking her medicine again and she was making her usual facial expressions that she makes when she is not taking her medicine, and seeing me made her come close to losing control/having a breakdown; but I quickly asked her a question like a normal customer acting like I did not know her to avoid her having a breakdown or something.

I told her that I had left several video games and films earlier, and I wanted to know which ones I left and where they were because I wanted them back; and I was willing to pay for them if necessary, my questions surprised her and left her unable to speak for a few seconds as she started to regain control again, and so her boss said something in response to my question.

Carrie then spoke and said that she would try to look up that information for me, so her boss went back to what she was doing, and Carrie continued to slowly regain control again; but she still recognized me, and she wondered why I was there but she did not say anything about it.

I found it interesting/odd that a CIA agent was working at the rental store and I found it odd that Carrie was working when she was not mentally stable enough and I wondered if the CIA knew about her new job, but it was a less stressful job than working at the CIA and so I assumed that it was probably a good thing for her; anyway she seemed to be having problems finding my items in the system/on the computer, probably because I had left them not long ago, and so they were not added to the system yet.

I told her that I would look around for some of them even though I could not remember the names of some of the films or video games, I then wondered and/or remembered that some of the intelligence/objects or all of them were probably hidden in them, and that I was supposed to get them and delivery them while the enemy was distracted following the others; but I woke up.

And here are the beginning credits for the TV show Homeland which I think is pretty interesting and somewhat goes with my unclear/confusing/incomplete dream:

The end,

-John Jr

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