A Saints Row 4 Virtual Simulation With Alcide Herveaux

I slept pretty well last night and I forgot most of my dreams except for part of one dream that I barely remember, and it seemed to take place in the Zinyak / the Zin virtual simulation of Steelport from the video game Saints Row 4; and so the dream world was probably always dark like it was night all the time.

I probably had powers like the main character from Saints Row 4 and so I could run very fast, jump very high, glide and dash through the air / sky, shoot fire / ice, et cetera; and I probably went around the city collecting items, completing missions, exploring, et cetera.

I seemed to live in a shared building that had a shared men’s bathroom with a strange semi-private layout that did not feel very comfortable / private, there was probably a shared woman’s bathroom in the building but I did not see it because I only used the men’s bathroom, and I shared this building/bathroom with a lot of other people.

I only got to see the men’s bathroom in the building and not the rest of the building, for some reason I was always going to the bathroom to urinate and / or to take a shower, and there was always other men using the bathroom every time that I wanted to use the bathroom because there were so many of us sharing this bathroom/building.

I knew or was friends with several people in the dream who I can not remember except for Alcide Herveaux from the TV show True Blood, I talked with Alcide and my other friend or friends a few times during the dream, and some of the other men who used the bathroom acted mean / like jerks and one these annoying men was a man who looked like the entertainment wrestler Dolph Ziggler; and he was so annoying that I felt like punching him in the face sometimes, he acted like a super jerk all the time.

I would always return to the shared building to the shared men’s bathroom when taking breaks from exploring the virtual simulation of Steelport, so I returned to the shared bathroom many times during the dream, and I remember talking to my friend’s like Alcide when I would be using the bathroom or taking a shower while they would be doing the same in another stall next to mine.

The layout of the bathroom was strange with a lot of semi-private stalls with toilets and showers arranged in a circular-like pattern with the middle of the room open with sinks and a place to stand to talk & wait for your turn to use a stall, and so there was always men coming and going barely clothed during the dream.

There was this slight homosexual-like vibe/feeling to the dream at times (which is very unusual and has probably only happened in a few dreams ever), probably because of there being nothing but men around all the time barely clothed and talking to each other while taking showers/using the bathroom and there was a time when Alcide was having some problems with his werewolf urge to mate with a woman or something like that but there were no women around so he was becoming frustrated and he would sometimes switch into werewolf mode in human form and into a trance-like state.

One time while I was talking with him from my stall while he was taking a shower in his stall he went into werewolf mode in human form and into a trance-like state that he could not control, he stopped talking as I was walking out of my stall, and he walked out of his stall mostly naked or naked (I did not look down so I do not know if he was naked or not) staring at me with his eyes glowing a bit showing that he was in werewolf mode.

I asked him if he was okay but he did not respond, Dolph Ziggler was watching this as he took a shower or something like that (the stalls had cracks/openings large enough to see what was going on inside and/or outside the stalls) and he said some insults calling us homosexual or something like that, and I responded angrily/annoyed denying that and telling him that Alcide was just in werewolf mode in human form in a trance-like state that he could not control.

After trying to talk Alcide out of his trance-like state a few times it finally worked and he apologized, and he told me the cause of the trance-like state; and I hoped that he would find some women soon, and I wondered where in the building were the women.

At some point one of my other friends brought some women with light-to-medium brownish colored skin with long black colored hair to the men’s shared bathroom oddly, I remember talking with my friend and the women but Alcide was not around this time, and at some point I went to try to fix a broke shower or water hose that someone needed help fixing; and so I told everyone to stay back to avoid getting wet, one of the women did not listen, and she got sprayed by the water hose.

It was not my fault but I apologized to her anyway but she got very angry at me, she started yelling at me and she started hitting me, but she would not stop; and so I started to get angry after she kept hitting me and yelling at me, I blocked her attacks causing her to stop hitting me, and I started arguing with her telling her reminding her that I had warned her/them to stay back several times and that it was not my fault.

As expected the woman still kept yelling at me and blaming me, I continued to argue back while I continued trying to fix the broken shower or water hose, but I woke up.

I woke up with the song Choke by The Black Cadillacs on my mind (which I first heard on a radio station in the video game Saints Row 4) and the song goes with the last part of the dream I think:

-The end

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