Directing A Film With Shia LaBeouf

I went to bed late last night and I slept pretty good but I got awakened by a timer so I forgot some of my dreams except for part of one dream, I voice recorded that dream and I went back to sleep, and when I woke up again later early (I wanted to stay in bed) I barely remembered part of another dream as well.

Dream 1

Both dreams were probably inspired by the video game Saints Row IV but I could be wrong because my memory is too unclear, the first dream probably involved me being in the Saints Row IV video game world or a video game world similar to it doing various things around the game world while also maybe directing a film at the same time, and so I was probably directing the film and acting in the film at the same time.

I was going around the video game world doing various things that I can not remember exactly but I think that the last thing that I did involved me being inside of a bank in maybe a bank heist-like mission, and at some point I stopped for a break; and the bank was a film set where I saw the film crew, an unknown actress waiting on my instructions because I seemed to be the director, and the actor Shia LaBeouf was waiting on my instructions as well standing next to the unknown actress.

It seemed that Shia LaBeouf and the unknown actress were going to have an important role in the film probably but for some reason it seemed that they were not in the beginning part of the film with me, oddly, but I can not remember what the film was about or what happened in the beginning of the film or anything like that; but it seemed that I had a plan on how I wanted to direct the film and on my acting role in the film.

I had to use the bathroom pretty bad so I gave everyone various instructions/orders on what I wanted them to do and I gave instructions to the unknown actress and Shia LaBeouf explaining to them what I wanted them to do in the next scene of the film, and I told everyone that we were going to take a break; and I told them that I was going to the bathroom, and that the break would probably end once I returned from the bathroom.

I ran to the bathroom because I had to use it very badly, I sat on the toilet, and I started to defecate very fast/strong almost like I had diarrhea but I did not have diarrhea; and it felt/seemed pretty realistic with sounds and everything, but I got awakened by a timer in the real world.

The end of the dream felt so real that when I went to the bathroom I checked to make sure that I did not use the bathroom on myself in my sleep, and fortunately I did not 😀 ; and oddly I only needed to urinate in the real world, but in the dream I had to defecate(?).

Dream 2

My second dream is so unclear that it makes no sense because I forgot too much of it but I am guessing that I was once again in a Saints Row 4 video game-like world doing various things, and then I started to play a game with another unknown person who I can not remember and my little/young cousin JE.

I remember one game involving a freezer with a hole cut into the top of the lid on the left side and my cousin JE was inside of the freezer, the game seemed to involve my cousin JE having to move back and forth between being all the way in the freezer and standing up in the freezer with his head out of the hole, and maybe he would start freezing when inside the freezer but he would start unfreezing when standing up through the hole in the freezer.

My guess is that we had to help him avoid freezing while quickly telling him what position to move too as the game gave us instructions on which position he was supposed to move to, and at some point we won the game; and the unknown person with me and I were going to move to the next game, and I told the unknown person to make sure that my cousin JE got out of the freezer and back to my aunt ME.

I did not want my cousin JE to get left in the freezer and freeze to death, I left to the next game, but then I turned back to make sure that the other unknown person did not leave my cousin JE behind in the freezer; but I woke up.

I woke up with another song from a radio station on the video game Saints Row IV on my mind (I have not heard the entire song yet) called Promises by Nero:

The end,

-John Jr

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