Having Lunch With Grace Randolph

I woke up during the night to use the bathroom and I remembered a dream, but for some reason I did not voice record it; and I went back to sleep, and later I forgot that dream but I do barely remember part of another dream that I had after going back to sleep.

I think that most of the dream took place inside a large warehouse-like building with no windows that was mostly one large open room that had a restaurant, a cinema, a video store/a place where some of my memories were stored, an area where I played a game using the telekinesis power from the video game Saints Row IV and somehow I had this power, and there may have been more things in this large open shared room.

I think that the first part of the dream might have involved me playing a game using the telekinesis power that I somehow had, I think that the game involved me picking up objects with my mind and throwing them through/to certain areas and/or putting objects in certain areas to match them with similar objects, and I played this game several times during the dream.

At some point I remember being with and/or thinking about some of my former classmates like DH, JC, MT, JB, and SS; and one or more unknown people were with us hanging out I guess and I probably showed them the telekinesis game , and then we probably went to the cinema part of the room that had a big screen on the wall that could be watched by anyone in the building in the large shared room.

We probably watched a film but I can not remember what the film was about, and then we went to a video store area in the large shared room to look for some films; and there were some shelves with maybe video games and films on DVD and maybe some on VHS, and oddly most of them were Japanese anime (animated) films/TV shows.

I noticed something even more strange in the video rental store area, there were floating and sometimes moving mostly animated characters/people from various films/TV shows/video clips/et cetera that I have seen over the years that included Japanese animated characters and probably some real people from various videos I have seen, and so these were some of my memories of various videos in a holographic form; and I remember some of the holograms involved one or more characters from the videos/memories that they represented acting out certain scenes and/or performing certain actions (some of which might have been sexually suggestive).

The holographic images usually only had one or two characters/people from the memory/video that they represented, some holograms were like advertisements and/or like cover art on the front of video box/disk/tape and/or like a scene from the video/memory, and some of these holograms represented videos/memories that I did not want anyone to see and so this made the situation go from interesting to awkward/uncomfortable/embarrassing ; and so I tried to distract the others and move them away from this area to focus on the DVDs, and then I moved them away from the video store area completely.

I think that most of them left the building and/or some of them went to the restaurant area in the large shared room, and I went to this area as well or I went to this area alone; and I saw Grace Randolph eating alone at a table in the restaurant area, and I said something to her as she was leaving and we briefly had a conversation.

The conversation went so well that Grace decided to meet me again the next day to have lunch and to talk, there was a time jump in the dream to the next day, and I met Grace at the restaurant area again; and we sat at a table and we had lunch while talking, watching a film on the big screen on the wall, et cetera.

Once again we were having a great conversation and we talked for a long time, we talked so long that it was time for Grace to leave soon, and so we walked and talked a bit; and I showed her the telekinesis  game, and we probably made plans to meet again in the future but I can not remember the rest of the dream or I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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Your holographic images remind me so much of the five mind files I once dreamed. They were printed out on a poster. In fact, the cover image for my blog is a painting I did of one of the files. Yours are different in that you don’t describe a physical disk or file. Yours seem to be on playback, the hologram being projected into the store. Is that correct or am I reading that askew?

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I am not familiar with the five mind files and I do not see the cover image for your blog (silly me 😀 ), do you have a link to that dream and to your painting of the five mind files, because I am interested in reading it/seeing it?

Thank you for that question Ingidisa because I see that I need to edit my dream to explain that part more clearly 😉 , and yes you are correct; next to the section with physical disks/tapes was the section with holograms, and some of them were animated/moved and some probably did not.

Some holograms were one or two people performing certain actions and/or doing certain scenes from their film/TV show/video clip/et cetera, and there probably was no sound but I could be wrong; and some holograms were more like cover art and/or advertising for the videos.

Thank you for commenting Ingidisa. 🙂


If I had not read your dream, been reminded of my own and mentioned it to you, and if you had not then told me you couldn’t see the mind files dream or the picture that goes with it, I would probably have never known that I did not make that blog post public when I switched my blog over from the private version I was keeping. So here it is in public form,


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Wow! I am glad that I indirectly helped that to be known 😀 , the first link did not work, but the second link did work and I got an email alert about it (because I am subscribed to your blog) 😉 ; thank you for sharing that Ingidisa, I will try to read/view it soon. 🙂


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