A New House & Getting Arrested By The Police

Dream 1

I barely remember part of two dreams from last night with the first dream taking place during the day on the side of a small fictional road/highway not far from a main highway that is sometimes in my dreams that passes several small fictional drive-through towns, and my family had a new house near the small fictional road/highway.

The new house was a nice maybe colonial style one-story house I think but I could be wrong and I think that it had a small front porch with rocking chairs, there was a back yard but there was no fence for the yard and maybe we had a few neighbors but we still had some privacy, and I remember the windows having nice thin yellowish colored curtains in the middle of the windows with maybe whitish colored curtains on the left and right side of the yellow ones that allowed you to see outside and have a bit of privacy; and the windows were open and probably had screens, and I remember the wind lightly blowing the curtains in a way that looked very beautiful and peaceful.

It seemed like/that my family and I (except for maybe my brother CC who probably was not in the dream) had just moved into the house for the first time and so we were excited/happy, we were all getting along and we were having a good time together, and so it was a very positive dream.

The house had a small living room at the front of the house with a lot of windows that had a nice view of the small road/highway and the main highway that had a hill blocking most of it and a view of the trees/grass on the left & right sides of the house, in the middle of the house was a large family room where we spent most of the dream that had computer desks and couches and room for everyone to be doing various things, the left and right sides of the house each had a hallway but I am not sure what was on those sides of the house but my guess is the bedrooms and bathrooms were on the left side and that the kitchen/dinning rooms and laundry/storage rooms were on the right side, but I am not sure what was on the back side of the house but I am guessing that outside of the back of the house was probably a porch/patio and the yard.

I remember briefly being in the living room looking out of the windows as the wind peacefully blew the curtains and soft wind/air and nice natural sunlight softly filled the room, I was enjoying the moment and my mom came into the living room as well, and we briefly talked about how nice things were; and at some point I went back into the family room with the rest of my family.

In the family room was/were one or more TVs, tables, couches, computer desks, bookshelves, et cetera; and I remember trying to decide which computer desk to use for my computer as my dad probably watched TV, my brothers TD and KD probably played a video game, and my brother GC probably was on his laptop.

I sat there once again enjoying the moment amazed that we now had such a nice home in such a nice location, we probably got the house for a very good price and/or free but I am not sure, and I imagined some of the many amazing things that I wanted to do at the house; but I woke up.

Dream 2

I do not remember the beginning of my second dream so it is unclear but I remember going to a fictional medical clinic to see a doctor for something that I felt needed to be checked/tested but I can not remember what I wanted checked/tested, the medical clinic was familiar like I dreamed of it before and been there before, and I remember waiting to see the doctor; and my dad was there with me for some reason.

At some point a somewhat over-fat late middle-aged nurse behind the front desk with dark brownish colored skin with black colored hair called me to the front desk, she asked me some questions and I answered them, and I remember her telling me that there was another medical clinic in SB and that she was surprised that I did not go to that medical clinic instead; and it seemed that we were in LC or I felt that I was in LC, and I told the woman that I did not know about that medical clinic or how to get to it.

It seemed that both medical clinics were part of the same medical system and so I could probably use both because they probably shared the same patients, I told her that I might consider trying it next time once I learned where it was and once I learned more about it, but the nurse acted like she wanted me to go to the other medical clinic in SB instead like the doctor at her clinic in LC was too busy to see me today or something like that; but I did not want to drive many miles to an unknown medical clinic when I was already at a medical clinic.

I let the nurse know that I wanted/needed to see the doctor today if possible at this clinic/the LC clinic, the nurse once again mumbled that she was surprised that I did not go to the other medical clinic, and I asked her if the doctor at this clinic could see me today; but I am not sure what she said or if she answered my question or not, I just remember telling my dad something, and we left the clinic.

It was daytime outside and my dad and I walked on a sidewalk toward a small park talking, in the distance I noticed some people who looked like undercover police, and then they started yelling at us; and I responded to them  feeling annoyed and I kept walking because I had not done anything illegal/wrong and I was annoyed/angry, and so they pulled out pistols pointing them at us but I kept walking because I was far away enough to where they would probably not shoot and where they probably would miss.

They called for backup, some of their backup were already in the parking lot hiding in vans dressed in actual police uniforms and some of them were probably dressed in SWAT-like gear, and they ran out of the vans with shotguns and rifles pointed at us yelling at us; and this annoyed me/angered me more, I started to slow down because I knew that their shotguns/rifles gave them enough range to where they could probably hit us if they started shooting, but I did not stop walking.

I started telling them that we did not do anything illegal/wrong and I asked them why were they yelling at us and pointing guns at us, but they kept yelling at us and pointing their guns at us; and then they threatened to shoot us, and so finally I stopped and I put my hands in the air.

They yelled for me to get on the ground and so we got on the ground slowly keeping our hands in the air, once on the ground I kept my hands where they could see them, and then they ran toward us still yelling and pointing their guns at us as they handcuffed us; and all of this felt/seemed real just like how I would expect it to happen in real life (except that now-a-days they would probably shoot us, but in the dream they came close to shooting us), I could even feel the handcuffs and them twisting my arms behind my back, but I was still annoyed/angry/defiant and not really afraid as they lifted us off the ground; and I kept telling them that we had done nothing illegal/wrong and I kept asking them why they were arresting us but they would not respond, and I told them that I just wanted to see a doctor and I asked them was that illegal now or something but they still would not respond and I woke up as they were taking us to their undercover police vans.

The end,

-John Jr

By John Jr

Hello, I am John Jr, welcome.

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