Getting Hit With A Tennis Racket? | Being Rick Grimes & Getting Stabbed? | Military Classes & Vomiting & Scandinavia?

My memory is fading and/or is unclear, and so I will hurry to type my short dreams that probably were inspired by the new episodes of The Walking Dead and Homeland before I forget more details from those dreams.

Dream 1

The first dream took place during the day in a fictional city inside a small fictional one-story building with mostly glass windows/walls in the front of the building with light-to-medium blueish/grayish colored carpet and in a mostly empty/unfurnished unlit (except for natural light from the windows) open room with probably a few areas/rooms in the back like this building used to be a store, but I could be wrong; and standing in the open room in front of me was a female nurse with whitish colored skin wearing scrubs and another woman with whitish colored skin who was not a nurse, and the woman who was not a nurse had a tennis racket in her hands looking uncomfortable/afraid.

We were talking and a main nurse was mentioned during our conversation, the main nurse was in the back of the building waiting for the other nurse to do her job/part, which was to hit me in my forehead with the tennis racket to make a cut and to cause bleeding for a certain reason(s) that I can not remember exactly; but my guess is that it was an experiment to test a vaccine/cure against the zombie virus or another type of experiment of some kind but I could be wrong because this dream seemed slightly inspired by the newest episode of Homeland when Carrie was in the mental hospital.

I started preparing myself mentally and at some point I told the nurse and the other woman that I was ready, the other woman was so uncomfortable/scared that she would not get any closer and the nurse had to take the tennis racket from her, and then the nurse walked in front of me with the tennis racket as I stood there being still with my head down so that she could get a direct hit on my forehead; and the nurse asked me if I was ready, I said yes, and the nurse did one big swing with the tennis racket and hit me across the forehead with it to try to make a friction-like cut at almost a forty-five degree angle across my entire forehead.

The hit from the tennis racket felt somewhat realistic and I could feel the pressure of the hit and how the strings on the tennis racket felt but it did not hurt me very much, and I could feel the friction-like cut across my forehead and the blood pouring from my forehead; and I could see my blood dripping to the ground, it bled a lot at first which caused the other woman to almost faint, and even I started to feel a bit faint because I hate having my blood taken and seeing blood sometimes.

It seemed that we were supposed to let my forehead keep bleeding until it stopped and then the nurse was supposed to call the main nurse to do her part/job, there was a time jump in the dream, and the main nurse was in the room with us and she had already finished doing her part/job (whatever that was exactly); and I had metal staples/stitches on my forehead on the long cut that was across my forehead, I probably saw this in my reflection on the glass windows and/or later in my rear view mirror in my automobile, and the nurses said a few things to me that I can not remember and I left outside to my automobile to call my family with my mobile phone and to leave probably.

I probably called my brother GC or he answered the house phone and I started telling him about what had happened and about the long cut and metal stables/stitches on my forehead, but I woke up.

Dream 2

The next dream is unclear and short but I remember seeing Rick Grimes and Daryl Dixon from the TV show The Walking Dead alone in a dimly lit room talking about trying an experiment that seemed to be about testing a possible way to become immune to the zombie virus, Rick wanted to test the idea on himself and he wanted Daryl to help him but Daryl thought that it was risky and he said so, but he still agreed to help Rick with the experiment.

My memory is unclear but I think that the experiment involved getting stabbed in the eye to possibly hit the brain to temporarily kill yourself or only in the eye and then do something that I can not remember quickly and then bring the person back to life somehow or something crazy like that, and so Rick wanted Daryl to stab him in the eye with a sharp object like a pencil or something while he laid down on a couch or bed and then he wanted Daryl to continue the rest of the experiment.

I probably was not in the dream at first but at this point I was in the dream as Rick and I laid down on a couch or bed preparing myself mentally as Daryl got a sharp object like a pencil, Daryl got a sharp object and he stood over me looking a bit uncomfortable and he asked me if I was sure about this and if I was ready, and I said yes and so he stabbed me in the eye; and unlike in the first dream, this hurt a lot and it felt terrible, and it once again seemed/felt a bit realistic.

My eye turned red and was bleeding and I stumbled to my feet in pain and then Daryl waited a moment until it was time for the second part that probably had to start once the person dies and becomes a zombie/walker, at this point I was no longer Rick and was no longer in the dream again, and then Daryl did the second part of the experiment quickly (whatever that was); and maybe he stabbed dead and/or zombie/walker Rick again, and then he was normal and alive again except for his eye being reddish and bleeding a bit.

I am not sure if I became Rick again at this point or not, I just know that their experiment seemed to have worked, and they celebrated in shock/surprise; but I woke up.

Dream 3

My third dream is a bit confusing and it started from the first dream again either repeating or continuing where the dream had ended, and I had to get hit in my forehead with the tennis racket again to cause the bleeding again because it seemed that bleeding would help stop the cut/whatever from swelling/busting and/or it was just part of the experiment; and so I knew/remembered what was going to happen and what I was supposed to do but I was not looking forward to the bleeding part again and so the nurse, the other woman, and maybe the main nurse did their parts again but after this there was a time jump and a jump to another area.

I was on what seemed to be a slightly fictional version of the second floor at the D High School and students were at school, I remember being on a hall that had mostly military classes it seemed with most of the students wearing military combat uniforms with/in the multicam camouflage pattern and they were talking about which branch of the military they might join and what MOS (job) they might have in the military and other military related topics, and I talked with some of them and some of my former classmates like MT were walking through the halls but they probably were not dressed in military combat uniforms but I could be wrong; and so I talked with MT and some of the others as students walked through the halls and talked.

MT and I talked in a slightly fictional version of the area near where most of the science classes are near the glass doors that lead to the stairway that leads to the courtyard outside, but there was a fictional girls bathroom not far from us; and at some point a sick looking woman or young woman with whitish colored skin with long blondish colored hair came out of the girls bathroom coughing heavily not far from us, and then she started vomiting near us.

It was pretty nasty and we wondered why did she leave the bathroom to come vomit in the hallway, we tried to avoid her vomit, and she fell to the ground a few times and she stumbled around vomiting in the hallway; and she looked very sick like she was dying or becoming a zombie, and I probably asked her if she needed help and/or I told some students who might have been her friends to take her to the school nurse.

MT made some negative comments about the situation and then we said goodbye and we went our separate ways, and I walked outside under a catwalk/covered walkway to another building that slightly reminded me of the 2nd grade hall(way) at C Elementary; and this building had its own school and classrooms and students and teachers, and they/it seemed to be considered in/from a Scandinavian country (Sweden, Norway, Denmark),  but I can not remember which country.

The classrooms were very small and had a style different from any classroom(s) that I have ever been in, this meant that there were only a few students per classroom and so the teachers could focus more on each student which I thought was a good idea, each classroom had enough natural lighting which was nice, the style of the desks/furniture/decorations/supplies/et cetera were nice, the teachers/how they were learning/what they were learning/et cetera seemed obviously better than what I have seen/experienced in real life, and so I was very impressed; and I wished that I had been educated like this back when I was in school, and I wished that this kind of education system would be spread to more places in the world.

Most of the students had whitish colored skin, probably had bright/lighter colored eyes, probably had mostly blondish colored hair, they probably spoke one or more non-English languages and English, and maybe one of the students looked a bit like my former classmate AK and/or AK was there and/or another one of my former classmates was there like BF or K(C)W but I am not sure; and at some point I either walked to another building that was dimly lit inside like in the second dream or there was a time jump and a jump to this building again, and Rick and Daryl from the TV show The Walking Dead were there again; and it started in what looked like the inside of the middle room at my grandfather’s house, and then they moved to the family room.

The second dream either repeated and/or continued where it had ended like the first dream did at the beginning of this third dream, I once again knew what was going to happen and what to expect and I was not looking forward to getting stabbed in the eye again, and once again I became Rick when it was time for the experiment; and once again I had to experience getting stabbed in the eye again, which was terrible once again, but I can not remember if everything went according to plan or not and I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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