Helping / Working At The Job Center In D & Religious / Pagan / Magic Symbols / Statues / Rituals?

I woke up feeling a bit hot, my stomach was cramping, and I had to use the bathroom so I got up to use the bathroom with only part of my last dream on my mind but my memory of that dream is very unclear so it will be missing a lot of details and there will probably be some mistakes in my description of the dream; and I do not even feel like typing my dream today, but I will type it anyway.

I do not remember the beginning of the dream or most of the middle of the dream, I remember being in a slightly fictional version of D during late in the afternoon or early in the evening, and I was helping/working at the CS (or whatever the name is now because they changed the name so many times, and the names they pick are usually not clear or logical or easy to remember in my opinion) Job Center because they were starting to stay open until 8:00 PM – 9:00 PM on one or more days a week, but it was in a different location on the side of the road near where SW’s Paint Store should be and across from FF Bank.

I remember most of the real female workers from the real CS Job Center being there like Mrs. JN and there were some fictional women working there as well, the building looked different on the inside and the outside, but my memory of this part of the dream is so unclear that I can not make much sense of it unfortunately; but I think that most of the real female workers like Mrs. JN left on a lunch break or somewhere like that leaving me with a few of the fictional women working there, and these fictional women seemed to be connected with what I am guessing was a Pagan (yeah this is a vague term but my memory is unclear and this is the word that comes to mind) religious belief system and/or magic system that might have been Wicca or another modern belief system under Paganism but I can not remember.

Unfortunately my memory of this part of the dream is super unclear but I know that I learned more in the dream about their belief/magic/religious system that I can not remember from/by watching the women and/or from them talking with me about it and/or from me exploring the areas where they had their objects/rituals, and I saw some religious/Pagan/magic symbols/statues/candles/and maybe even living non-human animals/pets (like a cat maybe) during this part of the dream.

I think that one of the symbols/statues/whatever was of a circle with a pentagram in it that might have been a somewhat blackish color and there were some other statues/symbols of maybe non-human animals/beings and of non-living objects/things/symbols but I can not remember what they were or looked like or represented or anything like that, candles were lit on or near some of these statues/symbols, one or more living non-human animals/pets might have been in the dream, and it seemed that the real female workers probably did not know about this because the fictional women seemed to only reveal these objects/rituals when the real female workers left; and so I was probably a bit uncomfortable and/or suspicious and/or I just kept a bit of distance because I was not sure what was going on but I was curious.

At some point they probably hid the objects and stopped the rituals/whatever, they probably did this to avoid conflict with the real female workers who probably all follow the religion of Christianity, and the real female workers returned; and at some point I left because it was time to close the CS Job Center for the day as it was almost completely dark/night outside or it was completely dark/night outside.

My memory is unclear but somehow it looked like late afternoon or early evening as I drove my automobile down the street passed MD’s and I saw some people I know from Eastside like my former classmates TT and LT hanging out in a fictional public area not far from TB, and so I parked over there and I went to talk with them.

This fictional public area had a covered area where people could stand and sit, there was a sidewalk that went all the way to the CS Job Center, there were some stands where people could sit and hangout near maybe a basketball court and some kids playground equipment, and there was a brick welcome-like sign for the city of D almost connected with the sidewalk and a small flower garden.

I talked with my former classmates LT and TT and some of the other people from Eastside who were hanging out, I then felt like walking across town to a store whose name I can not remember that was probably near TS that was going to close soon instead of taking my automobile for some reason, and I started walking on the sidewalk.

I walked on top of the sign that seemed to almost be connected with the sidewalk and my former classmate LT told me not to walk on the sign but I told him that it seemed to be part of the sidewalk and that it would be okay, as I was walking past the stands I saw my cousin TE and her kid(s) and so I briefly talked with her, and then I continued walking feeling pretty good and maybe thinking about what I saw earlier in the dream at the CS Job Center and hoping that I would reach the store before they closed.

As I was walking close to or in the CS Job Center’s parking lot I saw a late middle-aged woman with short brownish colored hair with whitish colored skin who dressed and acted a bit middle-to-upper class in a dark-colored sports utility vehicle (SUV) that would not start, and then to my right I saw an old married couple (a husband and wife) with whitish colored skin with whitish/grayish colored hair in a car that would not start.

I stopped to see if either of them needed help (even though this would probably mean the store would close before I could get there), the woman’s SUV then started so she did not need my help, but the old couple’s car would not start; and so I asked them if they needed help, and I was going to ask the woman if she would let us use her SUV to jump-start the battery of the car of the old couple to see if that would work but I woke up before the old couple could respond to me and before I could talk with the woman.

The end,

-John Jr

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