Release The Kraken / Jabberwocky / Whatever? | Investigating The Death Of My Cousin TE

I went to bed feeling a bit hot and I woke up after the first dream that I can remember part of needing to use the bathroom, and I was itching like something bit me.

I got back in bed keeping part of my dream in my mind but I did not voice record it unfortunately, and I could not go back to sleep until the itching stopped.

I went back to sleep and I woke up remembering part of another dream with my first dream still partly on my mind, and I had to use the bathroom again and once again I did not voice record either dream unfortunately.

I went back to sleep and I woke up various times until I finally stayed awake, I went to bed early last night, but I woke up a bit late because it was nice and cool; and so I did not feel like getting out of bed, but somehow I still barely remember part of those two dreams.

Dream 1

My memory of both dreams is very unclear now and I can not remember the beginning of the first dream but both dreams were a bit similar and they both seemed to have two different versions of the same house/building, in the first dream I might have come across or near a class or meeting or something like that where maybe my cousin TE and Angry Joe (Joe Vargas) from YouTube and several other people were at but I am not sure, and something happened that I can not remember as I was walking back to a fictional building/house where my family lived near or connected to the school-like area; and I remember an unknown male voice saying release the Kraken or Jabberwocky or a strange name that might have started with a J, this creäture was released in response to something that happened at the class/whatever and it probably looked somewhat like a warden from the video game Saints Row IV but I could be wrong (I know that it was large, strong, and scary-looking), and so it was going to probably kill everyone who was there and unfortunately I was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

I am not sure if the creäture came into my family’s building/house or not, I just remember running into the house closing doors and waking up my brothers (except for my brother CC who was not in the dream) to warn them so that they could quickly pack some supplies so that we could hide upstairs and/or escape, and my brothers KD and TD were younger and elementary age age(d) again oddly; and I woke my dad up to warn him and we went to warn my mom who was taking a bath in a bedroom/bathroom that seemed to be for her, and I remember my mom taking too long to get ready and so I ran upstairs with my brothers to get our two fictional brothers who were barely old enough to walk while my dad stayed with our mom.

The house/building seemed to slightly be inspired by my grandfather’s house, especially the upstairs, and there were no windows on the house and it was dimly lit inside the house; and we found our two fictional brothers wearing only diapers in a long narrow rectangular shaped bedroom that was obviously inspired by my grandparent’s now abandoned bedroom, and it seemed to be my parent’s room even though my mom had her own bedroom/bathroom on the first floor that/which she probably used for baths only and when she wanted to be alone.

One of our fictional brothers was called Whitey (a somewhat terrible and somewhat offensive name or nickname) and he had powdery/ashy/dry-looking pale whitish colored skin/light brownish colored skin, and our other fictional brother was called Browney (another somewhat terrible and somewhat offensive name or nickname) and he had light-to-medium brownish colored skin; and our fictional brother Whitey needed a diaper change, so I changed his diaper as my other brothers got them some clothes and packed their supplies, and I dressed my fictional brothers Whitey and Browney.

My parent’s ran upstairs to the bedroom that we were in and we did not know where the creäture was so we did not know if we should keep hiding upstairs or try to escape through the only entrance/exit downstairs, and so I told them to keep hiding and be ready to run if they saw the creäture and I would sneak around the house closing all the doors while trying to find out where the creäture was; but I woke up.

Dream 2

This dream is very unclear in several important parts of the dream and so I will have to guess and/or leave a lot of uncertainty in my description of this dream, and the dream took place in a similar building/house as the first dream but this time it was heavily inspired by my grandfather’s house combined with a very small school and several other very small buildings (very small as in not much space, but everything was of a normal size).

I remember walking down a hallway like the hallway where my grandfather’s room is but there was at least one classroom on this hallway and an auditorium-like room, and I saw my cousin TE in the hallway outside a classroom looking disturbed; and so I asked her what was wrong, I might have seen a woman who was a teacher going around the corner of the hallway who glanced at us before going around the corner but I could be wrong, and my cousin TE said that one of her teacher’s and maybe some of her classmates were dead in the classroom that she was standing outside of or that they were found dead not long ago.

She was the person who found them dead and she was possibly the only eye-witness but murder and suicide was not suspected, but the police were still investigating; and my cousin TE was disturbed by the entire situation and so we briefly talked, and a female lawyer who had whitish colored skin with maybe blondish/grayish colored hair wearing dress clothes (maybe a suit) offered to be my cousin TE’s lawyer as maybe the prosecutor and even though murder/suicide was not suspected/there were no suspects and there was another female lawyer ready as the defense maybe who slightly reminded me of the supreme witch Fiona Goode from the TV series American Horror Story: Coven but she had long curly silverish colored hair I think.

My cousin TE probably left to talk with her lawyer and later maybe we talked again, my cousin TE was afraid of someone/something, and she warned me about a certain woman or women who I was not to trust (maybe the defense lawyer who might have approached her about the case) and a woman/teacher/maybe the defense lawyer who(m) she might have seen leaving the hallway when she found her teacher dead and maybe some of her classmates dead in the classroom.

My cousin TE still had not talked with the police yet oddly, she talked with her lawyer first, and she was going to talk with the police later after her last class; and so she left to her last class, and later I went to the class to make sure that she was okay because I was afraid that someone might try to kill her because she was the only possible witness; and I might have seen a woman glance at me again or for the first time while going around the corner of the hallway, I looked in the classroom that might have been the same classroom where the teacher and maybe students were found dead, and my cousin TE was dead and maybe her teacher and maybe a few of her classmates; and this really disturbed me and the police probably were called to start their investigation.

Their was a time jump in the dream where many of my indirect family members from my mom’s side of the family had come early to prepare for my cousin TE’s funeral later in the week, so they were having basically a family reunion around the building/house having a good time, but I was still disturbed by my cousin’s death and I suspected that she was murdered but all the evidence so far showed that she died of natural causes without a struggle like the other death(s); but I did not believe it and so I was doing my own investigation.

I talked with the police who probably had an office in the building and I probably talked with the coroner who had a hospital-like area upstairs and they found no evidence of a struggle, no fingerprints/hair/skin/body fluids/objects et cetera from any possible suspects, no poison, no gas or chemical leaks, the deaths seemed to be from natural causes, and so they once again did not suspect murder or suicide; and so soon both cases would be closed probably because my cousin TE, the only known possible witness, was now dead.

I was not going to give up and I continued my investigation, at some point I went back to the auditorium to think, and some of my indirect family members like my cousin CE/my cousin ME/some of my aunts and uncles/et cetera were in there hanging out; and I found it a bit annoying that they were having fun and not even suspecting that my cousin TE was murdered.

The auditorium was small like most areas in the building/house and it had long wooden benches to sit on with stadium-style seating with steps, I sat there thinking hard about my investigation feeling that I was missing something, and then each of my indirect family members in the auditorium took a moment to say something about my cousin TE; and so I listened and then it was my turn, I started talking but then my emotions/feelings of sadness/frustration/confusion/anger/et cetera over-whelmed me, and I broke down after trying to stop myself from crying and I started crying in a heavy realistic way without tears at first but then tears came out.

I am not sure if any of my indirect family members tried to comfort me or not or if they just let me cry/let it out, I just remember feeling like I was failing my cousin TE with my investigation and that I failed to protect her, and at some point I stopped crying; and then I got approached by the defense lawyer from earlier, I recognized her as the lawyer who was against my cousin TE and her lawyer earlier in the dream, and oddly/surprisingly she offered to be my lawyer after hearing about my investigation it seemed; but I refused her offer because she had been against my cousin TE and her lawyer earlier, and because I think that my cousin TE told me not to trust her and/or I just did not trust her.

She was very confident and once again she reminded me of the supreme witch Fiona Goode from the TV show American Horror Story: Coven, I sensed that she had watched me and my investigation very closely, and I wondered why was she so interested in both cases when they would be closing soon probably.

The defense lawyer probably gave me her card and/or she told me to call her/visit her if I changed my mind and she walked away, and then I recognized her as possibly being the woman/teacher who my cousin TE described seeing leaving the hallway after the crime and/or the woman/teacher I saw one or two times after both crimes, and I wondered if it/she was the same woman in all of those situations or if there were one or more other women who looked similar involved; and I suspected that she might be a supreme witch (a powerful witch with various powers/talents) and that the teacher who was killed was probably a witch as well, I suspected that the teacher/witch was probably killed by another teacher/witch for some reason, and that my cousin TE was killed because she was the only possible witness and her death would lead to the cases being closed soon and so the crimes would then be successfully covered up.

I wondered was it possible for the defense lawyer to also be a teacher and to have one or more other jobs as well or if she used her powers to slightly disguise herself each time, but as I was thinking this I got approached by my cousin TE’s lawyer the prosecutor and she also made an offer to be my lawyer.

I told her that the defense lawyer just made the same offer to me, she asked me what my response was and I told her that I turned down her offer, and then she told me that I did the right thing; and because I trusted this lawyer for trying to help my cousin TE earlier, I told her my suspicions about the defense lawyer, and she said that she had some of the same suspicions.

She said that my cousin TE had also been approached by the defense lawyer and that she also possibly recognized the defense lawyer as the teacher/woman leaving the hallway after the crime, and that my suspicions that she was behind one or more of the murders might be correct.

She also thought that maybe the defense lawyer was a witch, that the dead teacher was a witch, and that the murder was witch-related/a dispute between witches; and I started to suspect that she was a witch as well, and so she probably knew more about the dispute/situation but I still trusted her or hoped that I could trust her (I had nothing against witches, I just was not sure which ones were behind the murders or not).

We needed evidence before we could go to the police and the cases would be closed soon, so we had to hurry, or we could announce that I was a possible witness; but then we both felt that I would be killed just like my cousin TE, and so we were going to have to try to hide our investigation/knowledge from the defense lawyer/anyone until we had enough evidence to have her/them arrested.

So we were in a very difficult/dangerous situation up against a probably powerful witch/the defense lawyer/teacher/whatever, who was probably more powerful than the dead teacher and the prosecutor (who was probably also a witch), but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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