My Dad’s Idea For A Christian Film

I slept well/solidly last night and I had several dreams but I forgot all of my dreams except that I barely remember part of the end of one dream, but maybe I will remember part of one or more of my other dreams later if I am fortunate.

The dream took place inside of a medium-sized (but large compared to what I was used and bigger than any church that my dad has pastored) Christian church I think and almost all if not all the people at the church had brownish colored skin with blackish colored hair, and I know that my dad and I were there but I am not sure if the rest of my family was there or not.

I only remember part of the end of the dream, I remember being in a room away from the main church area that was like an open meeting room with glass doors and maybe walls for the entrance with chairs in a half circle inside the room and my dad was in the middle of the half circle sitting in a chair telling some of the church members about his idea for a Christian film.

I was probably sitting slightly outside the end of the half circle on the right side, I remember my dad sharing his idea for a Christian film, and he talked about the plot/characters/dialogue/et cetera; but I can not remember his idea for the film other than the setting being in a modern-day time period, and that it was covered several Christian themes and that taught several messages to the audience.

The church members and I were impressed and my dad was really excited as he explained his idea, but at the end he made the mistake of saying that he felt that the film could make $10 million; and then the church members and I had a negative shocked/surprised reaction being we seriously doubted that his film idea could make that much money, and the church felt that would mean that making the film would cost too much money.

The film was not about making money as far as I know and I thought that it was only going to be a small play-like film that they church could make for free or super cheap, and so it was odd that my dad said that at the end when everyone was liking his idea until he said that and because my dad cares about sharing the message of Christianity and not money.

I felt slightly bad about joining in the negative reaction to my dad’s film idea but I was just trying to inform my dad that his hopes for the film were too high in my opinion but that it was good that he had positive feelings for his film idea, and I mentioned Movie Math from Grace Randolph’s YouTube Channel Beyond The Trailer as my source for how much films like that usually make.

My dad was very positive at first and he felt very strongly about his movie idea, so it was a bit painful watching him sitting there having everyone react negatively to his film idea and watching him look a bit uncomfortable/sad/embarrassed/et cetera, but he still was not going to give up.

Other than that the church liked his film idea but they obviously were not going to spend much if any money on making a film if they did decide to make one, a man (maybe the pastor or a church elder if my dad was the pastor) told my dad that they would have a meeting about the film another day, and that they would let him know their decision.

I gave my dad some words of encouragement and I explained our negative reaction to what he had said at the end, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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