Sleep Paralysis In The Real World & In The Dream World | A Free Vaccine | A Revolutionary War Film? | Natasha Latasha Tasha?

Last night I experienced an interesting new sleep/dream/semi-awake phenomenon for the first known time (for me) where I briefly woke up from a dream that I can not remember (but maybe it involved me deciding to run for political office or something like that, but I am not sure), then I went right back to sleep quickly right into another dream, and this is what happened:

Dream 1 And Sleep Paralysis

In this dream I was in a slightly fictional version of my parent’s room or a version of it from when I was a kid back when I still had my bed in their room, the room was dimly lit and I was laying on my back on a twin sized bed (like the one I had when I was a kid, but I was not a kid in the dream) that was against the wall near the door, and to my right across the room was my mom sitting on her bed and my brother GC sitting on a chair or something like that; and I was talking with them about maybe the dream before this, and maybe I was telling them that I had decided to run for political office or something like that but I can not remember (it probably involved the dream before this dream, but I am not sure).

I was excited about my plans and my mom walked over to congratulate me and sit in a chair next to the bed that I was laying on, but as we were starting to talk about my plans or before we could start talking I suddenly felt like/that something was not right/like something or someone or a presence had entered the room or the dream/like I could feel/sense someone or something or a presence in the room that I did not recognize/like something in the room or dream world changed like a state change/a change of state of waking/sleeping/dreaming/et cetera (almost like flipping a light switch from off to on)/et cetera.

I asked my mom if she felt/sensed that change and a presence and she said yes, we could not see or hear anything but we sensed it and I felt that strong feeling of fear and of a presence like when I have sleep paralysis, and suddenly the dream world froze/became still and quiet and we became mostly paralyzed but I could not see my brother GC because he was out of my view; and I asked my mom if she was paralyzed as well and she said yes, and my fear grew for myself and my mom/my brother GC and the feeling of a presence like aliens/something/someone was going to abduct/take us/me or were trying to stop me or something like that.

My mouth started to paralyze as well so that I could not talk but before this happened I probably said some things like:

“I am not going to let Them take/abduct us/me.” (It was almost like I had been taken/abducted before but I am not sure, and I am not sure who Them referred to) “I am not going to let Them stop me.” (In reference to my political/whatever plans, but again I am not sure who Them referred to)

My mouth then became mostly paralyzed to where I could only barely mumble where you could not understand or hear me, the fear and panic grew and I still sensed the presence, and I started fighting to move and yell/scream but it was not working; and I started feeling like a kid again/broken/afraid/hopeless like I was started to regress into a child-like state (once again almost like something like this happened to me before that had been repressed/hidden from/in my memory/mind or something like that) and I probably mumbled while almost crying: “Mommy, help me.”.

I then decided to try using my dream ability to wake myself up and I woke up in the real world still slightly paralyzed but able to jerk my head/body up a bit and I heard myself make a very loud snoring/yelling-like noise that sounded like I had been snoring but tried to yell at the same time, it was so loud that I know that someone had to hear it, and I realized that it seemed that I was having sleep paralysis in the real world and in the dream world at the same time (which has never happened to me before as far as I know, but I have had sleep paralysis several times before while awake)

I also wondered if the presence that I always feel when I have sleep paralysis could really be my subconscious or part of my mind/brain that is active but separate from my normal consciousness/me, and so it feel external/foreign to me and I sense it but I can not see it because it is really part of myself?

Or is it really an external presence/something external and outside of me?

I also found it interesting that my mom and probably my brother GC were effected/affected at the same time as me, possibly showing that them as dream characters were probably part of me/myself and/or from my mind, and so they were internal not external probably.

After this experience I got up to use the bathroom, to think about what just happened, and I finally stopped being lazy and I voice recorded it; but I failed to record the parts where I talked during the experience, so I lost some of the things that I said or tried to say during the experience and I did not record the order which things took place.

Dream 2

My memory is unclear but I think that I was in a fictional city or a fictional version of D during a gray day driving near a hospital when I saw what looked like a demonstration/protest outside the hospital, and so I parked my automobile and I walked over to see what was going on.

Some people were talking about a vaccine and they were trying to get everyone to get the vaccine to help stop the spread of a sickness that I can not remember, they said that the vaccine was being given inside the hospital for free right now, and they asked me if I had the vaccine yet or not; but I was not sure and I said probably not, they asked me to join them and get the vaccine, and so I joined them inside the hospital to wait my turn to get the vaccine.

Some of the people were talking about the vaccine and the sickness to every person they saw and probably handing out pamphlets to people as we waited in line, it was a long line of people, but after a while it was my turn; and I was called into a hospital room with female nurses standing and a female doctor who was sitting at a table with papers/folders, and the female doctor asked me to have a seat and so I sat down.

She asked me my name and I gave her my name, she looked through the folders until she found a folder with my name on the tab, and she opened it and I could see some of my medical records/papers inside the folder; and she told me that my immunization card shows that I have already had the vaccine, and so she asked me why would I want to get the vaccine again if I already had it.

I told her that I did not know if I had it or not and that I did not even know the name of the vaccine or what sickness it was for, I told her that the crowd of people outside recommended that I get it and it was free, and so I decided to get it because it was free/I do not have much money/I did not think that it would hurt me/and it could help stop the spread of a certain sickness.

I told her that because I already had the vaccine that I did not need to have it again, which she agreed with, and so I asked her if their were any free vaccines that she had that I have not had; and she stopped to look through her records, but again she said that all my vaccinations were up-to-date and so I thanked her and I said goodbye and I left the hospital but that is all that I can remember.

Dream 3

The beginning of this dream might be part of the end of the second dream but I am not sure, and I just remember driving my automobile during a gray day again in what seemed to be a fictional version of D on a fictional version of Eastside near the BA School or a fictional neighborhood that is also poor/lower-class/low-income(d); but my memory of this dream is unclear and so I am confused about it, and so I might make mistakes typing this.

I think that I saw people in this neighborhood outside talking about a serious situation, a threat(s) that was/were coming to/for their neighborhood, and so I stopped to listen to them; and I offered to help them prepare for the threat(s) by helping them come together and form a militia/an united community that works to help and protect each other, and I think that this dream was probably inspired by this We Are Change YouTube video:

I can not remember what the threat(s) was/were but I am guessing it was a gang or drug cartel, that is just a guess, but I do remember that the neighborhood surprised me by coming together and working hard to learn as much as they could to help each other; and so they were very good students and they worked together very well as a team, and I felt that we could defeat the threat(s) and that this neighborhood would be able to help and protect itself far into the future.

I taught what I could to the people in the neighborhood (defensive skills/strategies/combat/equipment/survival, exercises, teamwork, et cetera) and various other people in the neighborhood (military veterans, former nurses, former teachers, former carpenters, and various other professions or people with various skills) taught what they knew, we prepared ourselves and the neighborhood for attack, but I am not sure how many hours/day/whatever this all took; and I just remember that at some point it was time for the battle, and the threat(s) came and attacked but our defenses and teamwork were so great that we won pretty easily forcing them to flee.

Everyone celebrated and it felt good to have helped them and to see a community come together, and at some point I left in my automobile after wishing them well and saying goodbye; and I remember driving to what seemed to be my grandfather’s house but the neighborhood was clean/organized like a middle-class neighborhood, and I saw a film crew preparing the neighborhood as a film set for a film/movie.

It seemed like what had just happened in the other neighborhood except this was to be a film and it seemed to be also inspired by the American Revolutionary War because I saw people in old fashion clothes from that time period like the British Red Coat/The British Army uniforms, and I parked my automobile at my grandfather’s house at the bus stop; and I watched and listened to the film crew to learn more.

It seemed that the film was going to be about a neighborhood that comes together to form a militia to defend itself against a military/army (the British Red Coats/the British Army it seemed), and some military veterans/soldiers/et cetera joined the people in the neighborhood to help train them and fight with them; and the actor Leonardo DiCaprio was playing the role/part of one of these military veterans/soldiers helping the neighborhood form a militia.

Mr. DiCaprio was dressed in an old style military uniform or just old style clothing from that time period and he had an old style rifle with a bayonet, he was taking a break underneath my grandfather’s carport near the bus stop, and so I walked over to greet him; and we started talking about the film, and he was looking for some advice/inspiration to better play his character/role.

I explained to him that I had just helped a neighborhood form a militia/an united community to defend itself and that they/we successfully defended the neighborhood, Mr. DiCaprio was very interested in learning more, and so he asked me a lot of questions trying to learn all that he could to play his character/role in a realistic/authentic way; and so I took the time to explain everything that I could that could help him and the film crew improve the film to be more realistic/authentic, but I woke up.

Dream 4

This dream took place on another gray day, possibly in the same fictional version of D from the second and third dreams, and I went to a hospital (maybe the same one from the second dream) or somewhere like that because one of my cousins from my mom’s side of the family was supposed to be sick and/or dying; but my memory of this dream is unclear, and so I am a bit confused about it.

I remember seeing my aunt ME and a few of my other aunts and a few of my cousins there, maybe my mom was there but I am not sure, and the situation was not good and maybe my cousin (who I never got to see directly in the dream) died but I am not sure.

I just remember my aunt ME telling me about a fictional female cousin of mine who died, either in the past or the cousin in this dream who I never got to see directly, but I did not remember this fictional cousin; and my aunt ME was pleading with me to try to remember her (the fictional cousin) but I could not remember her even after listening to my aunt ME tell me about her, and so my aunt ME showed me a photograph of my fictional cousin who I still did not recognize but she looked like a combination of my cousin CE and maybe her sister/my cousin ME and/or someone else.

There were some other photographs as well and they all looked like high school graduation photographs, at the bottom of the main/largest photograph was a small whitish colored rectangular shaped graduation-like name card (the card with your name on it that can be put inside someone’s year book/graduation book/et cetera) that had the year 2006 (either above the name card or on the name card) with a first name and a middle name and a last name in an unknown order that might have been: “Natasha Latasha Tasha”.

I found this name to be confusing and still unfamiliar and so I kept saying the name out-loud trying to remember it and/or make sense of it, but I woke up trying to remember it; I know that Natasha was in the name and maybe Latasha, but I am not sure about the Tasha part.

The end,

-John Jr

7 replies on “Sleep Paralysis In The Real World & In The Dream World | A Free Vaccine | A Revolutionary War Film? | Natasha Latasha Tasha?”

Your first dream exemplifies the idea of an unconscious that exists and operates independently of the conscious “I,” the ego. It also nicely demonstrates what I believe about most dream figures, that they are aspects of ourselves, whether they are strangers, family, friends or even animals and objects in many cases. It was Jung’s work that explained the process of integrating the conscious “I” with the unconscious or, at least, forging a relationship between them, what he called “Individuation.” If you haven’t been reading Jung’s works, I think you would find them highly illuminating for an understanding of your dreams, JJ.

Liked by 1 person

Yeah it seems that way usually (though some dream characters seem external sometimes, rarely but sometimes), I have only indirectly read/learned a bit about Jung’s work/ideas through bloggers like yourself/a few other places/Sociology/Anthropology/Psychology 101 in college, but I have never directly read/learned much about his work/ideas.

Is there a particular book/video/audio/website/whatever that you would recommend that gives a good overview of his work/ideas that you think that I might find helpful Ingidisa?

Thank you for commenting Ingidisa. 🙂


There’s a vast amount of material so looking at the first book or first website is bound to produce false impressions. I find it difficult to recommend something introductory for fear that it will put you off the topic. You might try Jung’s Memories, Dreams and Reflections (MDR). You might also like reading the articles at Tony Crisp’s website, Dreamhawk. He is not a strict Jungian, but I don’t care about that. What matters to me is the correspondence between Jung’s work (and offshoots like Tony’s) and the way it brings meaning to otherwise random dream images. What matters to me is that it makes sense out of my dreams.

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Yeah 😀 , thank you Ingidisa. 🙂

I was fortunate to remember them as well (at least part of them), probably because I finally stopped being lazy and/or over-confident in my dream recall and voice recorded (using my MP3 Player) part of my first dream, and when I went back to sleep this probably inspired my brain/mind to try to remember part of my dreams later; and that sleep paralysis in the real world and in the dream world at the same time had its effect/affect as well. 😉


Thank you Ingidisa, I have bookmarked that website, and I will look around to see if I can find that book; and I will probably check them out one day, and finally learn more about Jung and his ideas because they seem to be so popular. 😉


Ingidisa, I now have a .PDF file of Memories, Dreams and Reflections, and I hope to start reading it in the future hopefully; thank you again for the recommendation, and I will try to remember to let you know when/if I finish reading it one day. 😉


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