Comodo Group Inc. / Mr. Melih Abdulhayoğlu Buys A Ring Business & Office Space Inside An Office Building & Offers Me A Job

Going to bed too late, 3:Something AM, feeling slightly sick, having gas, sleeping pretty well/solidly, not being able to jog the last two days because of the weather, rain, tornado warning for part of yesterday, and waking up earlier than expected because I needed to use the bathroom were/was not enough to stop me from remembering at least part of one dream from last night.

I did forget the rest of my dreams and I forgot a lot of the talking/more boring parts and some major parts of the only dream that I remember part of.

Dream 1

The dream took place during the day, and I was driving in my automobile from D to LC for some reason(s); but I forgot why I was driving to LC.

There was road construction taking place on parts of the highway, some lanes were closed, and it slowed down traffic a bit.

At some point, I got to a bridge that was completely blocked/closed by construction.

So I parked my automobile to go ask the construction workers for directions to get around the closed bridge.

A man with whitish colored skin with a bald spot and a receding hairline with short brownish colored hair wearing a whitish colored t-shirt and pants parked his small old single cab truck next to my automobile.

He got out of his truck to ask for directions as well.

I talked to some construction workers, both of whom were men, with one with whitish colored skin and one with dark brownish colored skin, who both wore yellowish/orangeish colored safety hard hats and yellowish/orangeish reflective colored safety work vests.

They gave me the directions that I needed.

I told the other man who was looking for directions what the construction workers told me, he was going to LC as well.

For some strange reason, I think that I offered him a ride because we both were going to LC.

I think that he accepted my offer, and that he rode in my automobile with me to LC.

At some point we reached LC and I remember stopping at a car wash off the main road when you enter LC, not far from the abandoned bowling alley.

I am not sure why we stopped, but I think that the man was to meet someone else there.

A young man was the person who came to meet him, I think, but I can not remember exactly.

I remember going to a multi-story office building where various businesses owned and rented office space.

Maybe the man and the young man were there too, maybe some other people were with me now, but I am not sure.

I remember a man, probably the same man who possibly rode with me to LC.

Who owned a small business and some office space inside the office building who made/sold high school/college class rings and military rings online, and who showed me around his small business/office space that he owned.

The man’s ring business just went out of business, and he had just sold the ring business and the office space to Comodo Group Inc., the security software and SSL digital certificate company.

So him and one or more of his employees were basically saying goodbye to the business/office and each other.

They let me join them as they talked about memories and the history of the business/office/office building, looked around the business/office one more time, packed up some of their stuff, and we ate/drank in a cafeteria inside the office building that all the businesses inside the office building had a contract with.

The cafeteria was paid a monthly fee by each business inside the building and/or by their workers.

So all the workers could eat inside the cafeteria without having to pay each time, and/or they only paid a very small fee each time.

All the workers in the building used this same cafeteria for their lunch breaks, I was not a worker, so I had to pay probably or someone paid for me.

After eating and drinking in the cafeteria, we went back to the ring business/office to meet the CEO and president of Comodo Group Inc., Melih Abdulhayoğlu.

Mr. Melih had some of his workers from Comodo already moving their stuff into the now former ring business/office.

He greeted us, and he told us of his plans for the office/former ring business.

To our surprise he wanted to keep the ring business open but under the Comodo brand and the rest of the office was going to be for normal Comodo software/certificates/research/development/et cetera operations.

He wanted to hire the former owner, his former workers, and me to work for Comodo.

We all needed jobs, and so we thanked Mr. Melih, and we agreed to his offer.

The former owner and his workers were going to continue the ring business under the Comodo brand, because I am pretty good with computers/support for someone without certification or a degree yet, and because I have some experience as a computer technician.

I was going to work with the normal Comodo operations, helping with online support/research/development/computer and network maintenance/et cetera.

I thought that it was risky for a company like Comodo to try also running a ring business.

I felt that Comodo had/has a bad habit of trying to do too many things at once when they are not prepared to properly handle that many things at one time.

I thought that it was interesting/creative, and I was glad that the former owner, the former workers, and I got jobs.

I hoped that we could make our branch/office profitable enough to avoid being closed by Mr. Melih / Comodo.

I woke up as I was going to meet my new co-workers and start my training.

The end,

  • John Jr

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