11-4-2013 | Dream Fragment | Memories In A Field And Saul Berenson From Homeland Gets A Pep Talk And My Former Classmates CB And HT And DF Are Dead?

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I woke up remembering part of one dream from last night (I forgot my other dreams but I know that I had more dreams) but instead of thinking about the dream to remember all the details of it, I divided it into three main parts in my mind to think about later (hoping that I would not forget all of it by then, and for some reason I did not think about voice recording it), but I did not feel like typing the dream and I did not bother to think about the dream much somewhat surprisingly; and so I probably have forgotten parts of the dream because of that, but I will try to type what I can remember even though I still do not feel like it.

The dream took place during the day in D and I remember standing in the field where my dad used to keep a female cow, a male cow (bull), and a horse back when I was a kid; but like in real life now the field was empty with just grass and flowers/plants now, and I remember thinking about and somewhat seeing and/or somewhat re-living some real and fake past memories from the field and from that time period.

I can not remember the details of this part of the dream but it was nice/interesting I think and at some point a few of my former classmates and/or several unknown people, CIA agent Saul Berenson from the TV show Homeland (I  watched the latest episode last night), and a man/teacher who looked like/acted like/sounded like my former high school Civics/Political Science teacher Coach L combined with another man whose name I can not remember was there in the field with me; and the teacher/coach/man was giving us all a pep talk/teaching us something.

I remember the coach trying to encourage us to follow our dreams/goals/plans/purpose(s)/mission(s)/et cetera in life and to not to give up/to not give up on those things, it seemed that the others and I needed encouragement, especially Saul who looked/acted a bit depressed/sad like he was giving up; and I remember most of us feeling a bit better after the coach’s pep talk, except for Saul, and I remember most of us thanking the coach and walking off (I stayed to talk to the coach) to do something positive now that we were inspired again except for Saul who was walking away like he had given up.