A Store-Like House & A Woman Who Reminds Me Of Tyler Perry’s Character Madea

I slept well/solidly last night and I forgot all of my dreams except for part of one dream that I barely remember part of, and this dream took place during the day in a fictional Eastside-like area/neighborhood at a fictional narrow rectangular shaped one story house that looked a bit like a store inside some parts of the house.

The house seemed to belong to an obese woman with dark brownish colored skin who wore a dress and who always had her hair covered with a wave cap or a hair cover/whatever because maybe she had rollers in her hair and/or she wanted to protect her hair, and she acted like/sounded like/reminded me of the character Madea played by the actor Tyler Perry but she looked a bit different than the real Madea.

There were a few other adults there as well, probably one or two women, and maybe one or two men; and there were kids there who all had brownish colored skin with blackish colored hair, and at some point the other adults left me there to babysit the kids maybe.

I remember exploring the store-like areas of the house with the kids and playing games with them, the house had sunken areas and shelves and clothing racks and freezers and refrigerators and other store-like things in certain areas, and at some point we probably played hide-and-seek because there were so many places to hide inside the house.

During our game of hide-and-seek I thought that I saw an unknown boy with dark brownish colored skin with short blackish colored hair quickly run behind me toward a clothing rack or something like that to avoid being seen, I glanced around looking for the boy and I listened to see if I could hear him move, but I did not see or hear anyone; and so I assumed that maybe I was imagining things, but I decided to ask the kids if they saw anyone just in case.

None of the kids had heard or seen anyone, so I assumed that maybe it was my imagination, and we started back the game; but then slowly some of the other kids said that they thought that they saw the unknown boy as well, and so we stopped our game to search the house for him.

The woman who reminded me of Madea and the other adults came back, we explained that we were looking for an unknown boy who(m) several of us thought we saw in the house, but they thought that we were imagining things; but eventually the woman who reminded me of Madea said that she saw the boy, and so she joined our search until we found the boy hiding in the house.

The woman who reminded me of Madea questioned the boy and the boy said that his dad was outside waiting inside an automobile and that his dad had sent him inside the house but I am not sure why he sent him inside the house, and so we walked outside and we saw an unknown man with dark brownish colored skin with blackish colored hair sitting in an automobile across the street looking forward like he was waiting on someone/something but he did not see us; and so the woman who reminded me of Madea said that we would wait inside the house with the boy until his dad decides to come look for him, and then we would question the dad about why he sent his son inside the house.

I remember the woman who looked like Madea complaining/talking about the situation with us in an aggressive but also comedic way like the real Madea, which I thought was funny/interesting, and I remember talking with the boy asking him how was he so good at sneaking and hiding; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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I really like the new font and size. It is much easier to read. Although I need new glasses and have to lean forward to read my screen easily, the larger font was still too few words per area, thus uncomfortable to read. I really enjoyed this crisp font today. Easy for my old eyes. Sometimes contrast is as important as size, and this was excellent.

Boy, I really gotta get stronger glasses!

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I agree, the font size on the Ryu theme was a bit too big (especially for the title/header/headings font size, the title/header/headings font was also a bit too fancy/hard to read, and the tagline font size was too small), and I also like the font for the Twenty Thirteen theme (it is not too small, though I would like it to be a bit bigger, but the current size is acceptable); and according to the Twenty Thirteen theme page ( the body font is called Source Sans Pro ( and the headings/title/header font is called Bitter (

Welcome to the club 😉 , I need new eye glasses as well and I need to see the eye doctor to have my prescription checked, and I am glad that the fonts for the Twenty Thirteen theme are easier on your eyes and easier for you to read than the Ryu theme; and I agree that sometimes contrast is as important as size.

Thank you for the feedback Ingidisa, this kind of feedback helps me to make improvements on my blog, and it helps me to know what people like and what they do not like about my blog.

There are many themes (free and paid/premium, I only use free themes) on for us to try, you can even try a theme without activating it to see how your blog looks with that theme using the Live Preview option from the Dashboard | Apperance | Themes (, or you can just view live demos of themes (

Anyway, thank you for commenting Ingidisa. 🙂


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